Lady Luck update Wednesday 12th February 2020 zee world


Lady Luck wednesday 12 February 2020; Samarth calls police to investigate Muskan’s missing case. Inspector with constables checks room carefully and asks family if they doubt someone. Samarth, Bhairavi, and Mansa allege Kavya. Kavya says why will she kidnap her own sister. Vasundhara and Kuhu back Kavya. Inspector asks them all to stop shouting and maintain their class.

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Samarth asks inspector to arrest Kavya and interrogate her. Inspector asks Kavya if she fought with her sister as she demanded high reward for hiding groom’s shoes. Kavya says Muskan is also Samarth’s wife. Inspector says Samarth when people cannot handle 1 wife, he is handling 2 and he can be arrested for polygamy. Samarth says he was about to divorce Kavya soon.

Lady Luck wednesday 12 February 2020

Shraink enters home with bandaged Sambhav and asks what is happening. Mansa tells him whole story. He says he cannot believe mami saa can kidnap her sister. Inspector asks Sambhav how did he get injured. Sambhav says he saw someone jumping from Muskan’s room and followed him and heard him taking Kavya’s name, then someone hit him from behind and he fell unconscious.

Lady Luck: Samarth says inspector it is clear Kavya is culprit and asks him to arrest her. Inspector arrests Kavya and drags her out while Vasundhara and Kuhu run behind them.

Lady Luck wednesday 12 February 2020

Shrainik asks Sambhav why did he lie that he was here at home when he found him near temple. Sambhav says he is not lying. Samarth shouts Kavya is culprit and orders to go and rest.

Sambhav goes to his room, calls his friend, asks to keep money and clear all evidences against him. Shrainik passes by and hears his conversation and asks what he is talking about. Sambhav says nothing. Shrainik says he nows him since childhood and knows he always tries to manipulate things in his favor.


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