Lady Luck update Wednesday 15 January 2020


Lady Luck update Wednesday 15 January 2020

Lady Luck update Wednesday 15 January 2020; Vasundhara wakes up hearing Ansh crying. Ansh cries vigorously and says her that he cannot forget Bhoomi. Latha enters and asks him to come back home and informs about an imposter coming home as Bhoomi. Ansh goes to Bhoomi’s room and shouts that he knows she is not Bhoomi and will prove it in 5 days.

Pavitra gives blank cheque to Bhoomi and asks her to take it and leaves as she knows she came here for money. Bhoomi accepts it at first and then tears it saying when she knows her nature that she will not budge for her money, why is she creating a drama. She challenges Pavitra to take back her power of attorney and will get back this family their pride.

Bhoomi sees Latha preparing food and enters kitchen. Latha asks why did she come here. Bhoomi stops her from adding amchur/dry mango powder into daal and reminds her that Inder is allergic to amchur and if she would have added it, Suman would have shouted at her again. She says she remembers everything and starts preparing food. Latha is surprised. She then serves food and says she has prepared everyone’s favorite food and tells what everyone. Nobody sits on dining chairs. Pavitra enters with Varun and says without her permission, her servant will dare not to sit. Bhoomi says she will break her rules and get back pride of this family. Pavitra fumes and brings Ansh down. Lady Luck update Wednesday 15 January 2020

Door bell rings. Ansh opens it and greets Divya’s (Bhoomi’s hospital roommate)’s father. He asks him to tell the truth that Bhoomi who looks like Divya now is his daughter. He says she is not his daughter. Pavitra shouts that he is eyeing on Prajapati family wealth, so he sent his daughter here. He says he is so rich that he can buy 100s Prajapati’s in a minute and he gives salaries to his servant more than the bank balance they have. Varun says he cannot fool him with emotional talks as he is Bhoomi’s brother and a doctor and knows how a surgical face looks like. He says he found her burnt and in coma in Divya’s room and with many medical treatments, he fixed her face with plastic surgery, but when she woke up, she told she is Bhoomi and not his daughter. He took her to US for plastic surgery and shows video clip of Bhoomi’s plastic surgery. After bandages are taken out, Bhoomi calls Ansh and Badimaa and asks him who is he. He says she is Divya and he is his father. She says she is Bhoomi Prajapati and asks him to call her husband and badi maa. When he realized that he lost his daughter, he promised Bhoomi that he will unite her with her family.


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