Lady Luck update Wednesday 22nd January 2020 on Zee World


Lady Luck update Wednesday 22nd January 2020 on Zee World

Lady Luck update Wednesday 22nd January 2020 on Zee World; Yuvraaj fumes seeing Divya with Yurvaj and moves towards Ansh. Pavitra stops him and asks to wait for right opportunity. He relaxes. She thinks this man is a beast and she does not know how to control him. Divya/Bhoomi nervously pops in her anxiety pill seeing Yuvraj. She turns back afraidly thinking it is Yuvraj, but relaxes seeing Ansh.

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Real Bhoomi’s condition gets more critical. She requests nurse to call Divya right now. Nurse tries, but Divya is busy in celebrations and does not pick call.

Divya invites Surbhi’s friend to make Varun jealous. Friend comes and meets Surbhi. Surbhi is surprised to see her friend. Badi maa announces people that her family is back on track because of her bahu Bhoomi and Ansh. She asks Ansh and Bhoomi to dance. They both hesitate at first but then agree and start playing dandiya. Suman gives Surbhi and her friend dandiya and asks them also to dance. They also join other couples and dance. Bhoomi gets nervous seeing Yuvraj beating drum and injures her finger with dandiya. Ansh sucks her finger. Yuvraj fumes in anger and rushes towards Ansh, but Pavitra holds him again and says she brought him here, so he should listen to him.

Divya/Bhoomi tells Ansh she has some work and nervously goes to kitchen. Yuvraj follows her and holds her hand. She asks to stay away from her and asks how did he come here. He says she is his begum and he will come whereever she goes. She says she is Ansh’s wife and Prajapati family bahu, not his begum, so he should get out from here. He tries to hold her again. She throws things. Servants enter in and ask what happened. She says this dholwala came here by mistake, so they should show him door. They all catch Yuvraj and throw him out of house. Pavitra taunts Yuvraj that she told him that his plan will not work and asks him to do as she says now.

Waiter informs Divya/Bhoomi that badi maa is calling her outside to meet someone. Divya walks outside. Pavitra gives money to waiter and sends. Divya searches badi maa outside house. Yuvraj comes and asks how is she. She calls watchman. He forcefully smells her chloroform and she falls unconscious. He puts her in truck. Pavitra says now he got his begum and should go from here and never come back or send back his begum.

Varun gets jealous seeing Surbhi dancing with her friend and walks out of house jealously. He sees Bhoomi in a truck and runs behind it.


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