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Lady Luck Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Zee World, Varun gets Surbhi’s call and happily picks it. Bhabhi maa speaks instead and says even she is coming to Indore with him as she has an official work there. Surbhi takes phone and says they will reach his home in 1 hour.

<<Lady Luck Update Tuesday 26th November 2019 on Zee World

Varun asks what is she planning. Surbhi does not listen to him and cuts call. He thinks Bhabhi maa must be going to Bhoomi’s office, so he should stop her. He calls her, but her phone is busy. Bhoomi gets tensed hearing Saurabh and Ria’s marriage without their parent’s consent and tries to call Ria to stop her, but her phone is busy.

Varun continues calling her. Bhoomi then calls Varun and asks why is helping Saurabh and Ria marry without their parent’s consent and they cannot live happily. Varun says there is nothing seen in love and she will understand it later.

Bijender and Rajender enjoy breakfast. Varun informs Rajender that Bhabhimaa is going to Indore. He asks to call Bhoomi. Varun says she is not picking call. Rajender says he will call Shanti and asks him to go to Indore right now. He tries her phone, but even her phone is not reachable. He get tensed.

Varun calls Bhoomi again. She picks, says she will call later and cuts call. Bhoomi informs Daada and Daadi about Ria marrying Saurabh by eloping without parent’s consent. Daadi says Ria is so careless, but her brother is very good. Bhoomi murmurs he is the mastermind. Daaada asks what does she mean. She says Ansh is not Ria’s brother, but Saurabh’s friend and he had come home to return phone when daadi saw him, so ria lied. Daadi asks if she saw Saurabh. Bhoomi says he is very good and loves Ria. Daadi says he is characterless that he is eloping.

Varun reaches Badi maa’s car and gets in. Surbhi starts messaging him and asks him to send badi maa out so that they can spend time together. He says he cannot. She thinks she wanted to spend time with Ajay, but this idiot and badi maa came along.

Saurabh gets tensed not seeing pandit on time. Varun asks him to relax and console ria while he brings pandit. Saurabh asks Ria to stop crying and smile. She says marriage happens in front of family. He says they can remarry in front of family and asks her to smile.

Bhabhi maa gets her assistant’s call and says she cannot come at this time. Surbhi insists her to go and Varun says he will take care of Surbhi.

Lady Luck Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Zee World

Bhoomi takes Daada and Daadi to Ria’s parent’s hotel room. She introduces herself as Ria’s roommate and gets in. Sarabh’s parents also come. She says Saurabh and Ria love each other and they should permit their marriage. Saurabh’s mom says she knows what is best for Saurabh and knows where he is. Daadi asks then she should tell where he is.

Bhoomi and Daada/daadi wait for taxi on a road. Bhabhi maa stops car and asks what are they doing here. Daaadi/daadi get tensed. Bhabhi maa asks if they came for marriage. Daadi says yes.

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