Law of the Heart Full Story Telemundo, Plot Summary, Casts & Teasers


Law of the Heart Full Story Telemundo, Plot Summary, Casts & Teasers

Law of the Heart Full Story Telemundo, Plot Summary, Casts & Teasers: The second season of the Mexican legal Colombian Movie where lawyers: Sofía Alcocer, specialist in criminal law; Javier Rivas, criminal lawyer specializing in criminology.


Vega y Asociados is suffering an attack that puts the lives of all its lawyers at risk. After the death of Isabel and the kidnapping of Jaime, a new attack against Alonso makes everyone alert and worried about taking care of each other. Despite the aggressions they have suffered, the lawyers do not stop and continue the search against Jacinto Dorantes, who continues to be a fugitive. Alejandra is vulnerable because of her father’s kidnapping, not knowing that Carlos, in order to help her free Jaime, is committing himself more to El Ciego. Gustavo is immersed in a deep depression that does not allow him to glimpse the thin line that exists between justice and revenge. Alonso does everything possible to do the justice that has sought so much, taking Jacinto Dorantes prisoner.

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Law of the heart telemundo cast: Despite all the problems they have to deal with, the team of lawyers continues to help their clients, victims of shocking cases. The office is strengthened with the arrival of new lawyers: Sofía Alcocer, specialist in criminal law; Javier Rivas, criminal lawyer specializing in criminology; Adrián Carvallo, specialist in international law; Lorena Fuentes, a recent graduate; and Manuel Durán, a young lawyer who is just doing his professional practices. The rivalry with Carlos’ office is increasing. He hires Nancy Muñoz, an attractive criminal lawyer who does not touch her heart in order to achieve what she needs, to show Carlos everything she is capable of.


  • Ana Brenda Contreras as Alejandra Ponce
  • David Zepeda as Ricardo Bustamante
  • Julián Gil as Carlos Ibarra
  • José María Torre Hütt as Roberto Morelli
  • Sergio Basañez as Gustavo Soto
  • Altair Jarabo as Victoria Escalante
  • Guillermo García Cantú as Alonso Vega
  • Kimberly Dos Ramos as Sofía Alcócer
  • Moisés Arizmendi as Alan Páez
  • Geraldine Bazán as Elena Fernández
  • Víctor García as Juan López
  • Marco Méndez as Javier Rivas
  • Axel Ricco as El Ciego
  • Alejandra García as Lorena Fuentes
  • Mar Zamora as Nancy Muñoz
  • Julio Vallado as Manuel Durán
  • Mauricio Rousselon as Raúl
  • Marc Clotet as Adrián Carballo
  • Azela Robinson as Paula Ortega
  • Roberto Ballesteros as Jaime Ponce
  • Leticia Perdigón as Susana López
  • Alejandro Tommasi as Nicolás
  • Arlette Pacheco as Carmen
  • Karina Ancira as Sonia
  • Nataly Umaña as Tatiana
  • Elías Campo as El Chivo
  • Diego Val as El Cuervo
  • Lourdes Munguía as Lourdes
  • Polly as Alicia
  • Daniela Álvarez as Fer
  • Lucía Silva as Michelle
  • Juan Carlos Barreto as Jacinto Dorantes
  • Ivonne Montero as Miriam
  • Mauricio Abularach as Samuel
  • Nora Salinas as Raquel
  • Federico Ayos as Julio
  • Thomas Victor Procida as Phillip
  • Rafael del Villar as Sergio Cervantes
  • Jeffrey Milton Pearson as Jacob Robbins
  • Regina Castillo as Annie
  • Manuel Lugo as Joe
  • José Montini as Ramiro Dorantes
  • Dayren Chávez as Eva
  • Marcia Coutiño as Luisa
  • Eugenio Cobo as Téllez
  • Arsenio Campos as Gilberto
  • Alfredo Herrera as Rafael
  • Silvia Lomelí as Verónica
  • Marlene Favela as Mónica
  • Daniel Rascón as El Gato
  • Laura Ferretti as Ariadna
  • Diego de Erice as David
  • Agustín Arana as Damián
  • Erika Buenfil as Camila
  • Claudia Lizaldi as Valeria
  • Bea Ranero as Tania
  • Raquel Olmedo as Astrid
  • Lucero Lander as Irma
  • Francisco Calmillo as Gerente Rebolledo
  • Omar Germenos as Andrés Camacho
  • Albi De Abreu as El Gringo
  • Yahir Romo as Claudio
  • Mimi Morales as Violeta
  • Stephanie Slayton as Megan
  • Tania Nicole as Sol
  • Tamara Henaine as Sra. Ortega
  • Tania Lizaldi as Srita. Ávila
  • José Luis Cordero as Sr. Martínez
  • Ricardo Crespo as Sergio
  • Frank Medellín as Eduardo
  • Luis Uribe as Dr. Ramos
  • Solkin Ruz as Beto Ramos
  • Blaine Burdette as Blums
  • Chiquinquirá Delgado as Cristina
  • Danielle Muehelen as Sharon
  • Yamil Yaber as Federico Bustamante
  • Karime Yaber as Natalia Bustamante
  • Lilia Aragón as Gabriela
  • Luis Couturier as Uriel
  • Dalilah Polanco as Fanny
  • Claudia Sophia García as Karla
  • Gloria Sierra as Janet
  • Norma Herrera as Lucrecia
  • Roberto D’Amico as Felipe
  • Anthony Álvarez as Trevor
  • Eugenia Cauduro as Josefina
  • Manuel Balbi as Leonardo
  • Ilithya Manzanilla as Olivia
  • Rodrigo Virago as Camilo
  • Ferdinando Valencia as Víctor
  • Erick Díaz as Ramón
  • Chris Pacal as Erick
  • Elvira Monsell as Eugenia
  • Arturo Carmona as Daniel
  • Marisol del Olmo as Rocio
  • Jorge Poza as Fabián
  • Mar Contreras as Lorenza


Kimberly Dos Ramos played Sofía Alcocer

After the confirmation of a second season. On 23 May 2018, it was confirmed that Geraldine Bazán and Issabela Camil would not be in the second part of the series. After the departure of some actors from the main cast, on 2 August 2018, the inclusion of Spanish actor Marc Clotet was confirmed. On 4 September 2018, it was confirmed that Kimberly Dos Ramos, who participated in the previous season as a guest, would be part of the main cast during the second season, and also confirmed the inclusion of Erika Buenfil who shares credits with Dos Ramos.

On 17 October 2018, it was confirmed that the Venezuelan actress Chiquinquirá Delgado would resume her acting career during the second season playing Cristina, her participation “is about a woman who has to make a firm decision about an experience of sexual harassment”. Much of her participation will be in English and she shares credits mostly with Kimberly Dos Ramos, Ilithya Manzanilla, Marc Clotet and Manuel Balbi. The filming of the participation was filmed in Boston and New York and part of forum 15 of Televisa San Ángel and Mexico City. 8 November 2018 it was confirmed that Arturo Carmona and Marisol del Olmo would participate in a case “where a couple fights for the custody of their children, with a tragic outcome in which the mother kills the children and tries to commit suicide”. The filming of this story was made in Mexico City and in the Televisa San Ángel forum.


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