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Trust needs to give up control and permit Josie and the Super Squad to order a hazardous arrangement that could save Landon. Landon and Cleo meet in Malivore’s haziness and more deeply study each other. In the meantime, Lizzie, Kaleb, and Ethan volunteer together, and all doesn’t work out as expected.


Season Number: 4

Episode Number: 2

Episode Title: There’s No I in Team, or Whatever

Air Date: Oct 21, 2021

Source: Legacies.S04E02.1080p.WEB.h264-GOSSIP



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Cleo reviews the day she learned wizardry. She shows Hope her memory. Trust imparts to others. She has an arrangement and she isn’t attempting to make major decisions yet this could work. They all concur.

Kaleb visits Ric to let him know he lied about Landon to Hope. Ric lets him know he needs to run the school pledge drive. They need cash gravely. In the interim, MG tunes in to Josie and Lizzie talk about Ethan. Lizzie shares her rundown of what she is searching for in a person. MG observes.

Trust gets Clark from the psychological well-being office. He owes her some help. Landon goes to Cleo’s guide. Trust lets Ryan know how he needs to give Malivore access to his body. She has an arrangement. He isn’t up for this by any means.

Lizzie plays with Ethan at the pledge drive. After she tells Kaleb he is amazing on paper however doesn’t feel anything. Clark appears at the school. On the off chance that they cover his medical clinic bill, he will do it.

Clark encounters Malivore who Ric and the others have affixed in the school. He is utilizing Landon’s body. Clark certainly needs to help in the wake of perceiving how liable Malivore appears. They all meet and will work utilizing Clark as a vehicle. It appears as though it was a triumph up until now.

MG vents to Kaleb about Lizzie and how they have become separated. He is vexed with regard to Ethan and her.

They start the speed for Clark. In the meantime, Landon and Cleo walk and talk. She is disturbed. Malivore needs to realize how to kill Hope.

Landon recommends they talk about something different. Malivore can get into his head. Cleo has a thought.

Ric chats with Hope. He comprehends her inconveniences. She cherishes these individuals and she is placing them at serious risk. She simply needs to turn into the Tribrid and they will all be protected. All of a sudden, something turns out badly. Clark and Malivore don’t trade bodies/minds. Rather Malivore places a beast into Clark.

Clark advances out to the film night piece of the gathering pledges and transforms into a beast directly before every one of them. He stands directly before Lizzie. Ethan attempts to secure her yet is tossed aside. Ric gets a bow to take out Clark if necessary. Trust lets him know he guaranteed she wouldn’t hurt him. Trust takes Ric out. She will settle on the hard decisions.

Landon needs to save Hope and to do this he can’t be close to Cleo. He sends her coming. They say their enthusiastic farewells. As a beast, Clark holds Lizzie prisoner. Kaleb attempts to save her. No karma. Trust moves forward straightaway and does a spell. She saves them.

Kaleb and Lizzie have a candid conversation. Kaleb truly ventured it up today. Trust converses with Clark. He is the emergency clinic by and by. He is happy he could help and that Hope stayed faithful to her obligation. She gives him his cash and a ticket away. Clark trusts she kills his father. On the off chance that they don’t, he will seek retribution on every one of them.

Ethan wakes on the lounge chair. He hears Landon hollering for help. Not understanding it is Malivore, he allows him to be free. Malivore kills him.

Ric chooses he needs to tell the truth to Hope about Landon.

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