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In Lies of the heart 13 march 2020, lies of the heart 13th march 2020 update While Kanchan talks to urmi that she should also go, urmi tells her that its no use, as she has to take carte and samrat’s descision to go is a good one too, to save on money. urmi leaves to get food for shashi, while kanchan goes on her jibber jabber. samrat comes down discussing business with diwaker. Urmi and they all are shocked to see shashi come down normally, after her husband’s coaxing. kanchan asks her how  did she get alright in one night. shashi is at a loss of words. As urmi asks her to relax, samrat asks shashi point blank as to how did she miraculously got cured. Diwaker too asks it. Her husband eyes shashi angrily. Shashi places it on the miracles of the lord, and the superstitious ways that her husband tried on her. Samrat tries to ask wt happened, but shashi diverst the topic. shashi resignedly tells urmi to get dressed and pack up for her honeymoon with samrat to goa. samrat too is happy, thinking that there qwont be any monetary loss. ishaan cheers her up, while urmi is asked if she’s happy now. she starts smiling shyly. samrat teases her and asks her to start packing. she happily leaves. Shashi is irritated.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s and samrat’s residence
Anu is getting impatient to talk to ishaan. she calls up urmi to ask her first, and urmi excitedly tells her how she too is going now. She asks about ishaan and is told by urmi that he is in his room packing. she hangs up and calls ishaan instead. ishaan gets anushka’s phone and is tensed. but he cheerfully picks it up and says that he is going. anu asks if he wont meet her before leaving. Lies of the heart update friday 13th march 2020 on zee world He apologises saying that he has too less time and too much work. anu insists, and gets frantic. Ishaan is tensed at such ferocity. Anu begins to plead saying that its very urgent for her to meet him today. Lies of the heart update Friday 13 March 2020 he asks her why would she go out to meet him. but anu cancels the phone saying that she would be waiting at a particular spot. ishaan is boggled.

saroj is tensed that anu is taking off the palster while anu distracts her by saying about urmi’s plan to go to the honeymmon. Lies of the heart update Friday 13 March 2020 Saroj is very happy for urmi. later, anu sneaks out before anyone can see her, to meet ishaan.

urmi is excitedly packing up stuff, while keeping the diary that ishaan gifted her, to keep as a memoire of her time with samrat. Lies of the heart 13 march 2020 update samrat finds her singing while packing, and teases her to control her happiness. he asks her if she’s happy now. Seeing her packing, he asks if she isnt thinking of taking sarees. She says that she isnt that big a fool. He says that she is a little. she gets emotional and runs to him, as he gets busy in his work. he teases her to save her romance for the honeymoon. Urmi hugs samrat, and he too responds romantically. Shashi sees him and her like that and goes onto tease them. they compose themselves, while shashi tries to advise urmi to keep him attached just like that. samrat however ruins her mood by asking her to go to rest and not take too much strain. Shashi leaves fuming with rage.

Lies of the heart update friday 6th march 2020 zee world

Scene 3:
Location: In the temple
Anu is waiting impatiently, and gets happy when she finds ishaan coming through and composes herself. ishaan is tensed to see her. He asks her why did she call him here. She is about to talk, when she finds buaji coming in. Lies of the heart update friday 13th march 2020 on zee world she tries hard to get them to hide. She tells ishaan about it, and makes him take off his shoes, and they hide behind the peepal tree. ishaan is tensed and is shocked when he finds her hugging and clutching at him. Meanwhile, buaji decides to take pious circles around the tree much to anu’s horror. ass he begins and anu is tensed, ishaan is worried to find this change in anu’s behaviour. the screen freezes on his face.

Lies of the heart update Friday 13 March 2020 As buaji retreats, anu heaves a sigh of relief. Ishaan is angry with anu, saying that this was the reason he wanted her to meet at home. Anu says that she couldnt have talked this at home. he asks her to hurry up as she knows that he has to leave. she says thats why she urgently wanted to talk to him. He asks her to go on. Anu says that she thought how does she say this to him, by message or by a letter, and then thought that she would talk personally. Ishaan is tensed. She finally, after much hesitation, blurts out, that she has fallen in love with him, shocking the wits out of him. he asks her to come back to her senses as she is too young. She stands hurt. He tells her that she doesnt even understand the true sense of this term, and its her time to study, and not get distracted, and should focus on her career, and think about these things later on. Lies of the heart update Friday 13 March 2020 Anu starts crying. he caresses her saying that when she grows up, she would find lots of good guys, much better than him, and when she grows up and remembers this day, she would laugh at it.

She says that she likes him. he says that he too likes her, and even loves her, but not in the same manner that she likes him. lies of the heart full story zee world he tells her that she misinterpreted his emotions, and asks her to concentrate on her studies, as he wants to see her self dependant and strong. He asks if she would listen to him. she complies and asks if they can be friends. He says of course, as they already are, the best of friends. She says that he’s very nice and he too reciprocates. he says that she shouldnt cry, and send him off like this. he wipes her tears and asks her to smile. She finally cheers up for him. Lies of the heart 13 march 2020 update He asks her to go home and then he would call her. He offers to drop her home. As he moves ahead, she eyes him teary eyed herself.

Meanwhile, samrat and urmi board on their luggage in the car. They wait for ishaan. kanchan again goes onto her stupid talks, and shashi too joins in. lies of the heart final episode Samrat breaks their bubble, as to what they are thinking as juice, to be brought from Goa, is actually alcohol. ishaan joins them, while he is asked what took him so long. Lies of the heart update friday 13th march 2020 on zee world He dodges the question. He greets everyone goodbye. diwakar comes in with sweets, and samrat gets tensed to see him. while he and ishaan chat on, samrat asks him that he could have sent it through the servant too. Diwaker says that he thought that he would see him off too. Samrat lashes out at him, as it wasnt really urgent, and he stopped work for that, just to greet everyone goodbye, as they are still on the same planet. He questions diwakar’s efficiency, while they all try to cool him down. His father says that its only a matter of half an hour. samrat fumes up more, saying that he is leaving the work in the reins of irresponsible people. Shashi asks him to calm down, and leave happily. samrat says that they dont let him be so. urmi and all are tensed. ishaan lightens the mood and asks him to freshen up too, and prepare himself for Goa’s fun. He asks diwaker not to mind samrat’s talks, and makes a joke at samrat, that he would gift him a silencer. They take everyone’s blessings and after having waved goodbye, they finally sit in the car and drive off. After they are gone, shashi leaves.

As the entire family is bantering around, while the talks brews around romance, anu is lost in ishaan’s thoughts. Lies of the heart Friday 13 March 2020 update devishankar tells them that they all left. Anu is barely able to control her tears knowing that ishaan also went off. Co incidently, a sad romantic number plays on the Tv, and she gets all the more emotional, tears streaming down her cheeks. All are tensed to see her like this and ask what happened. they think that its for urmi, and say that urmi has gone for just a few days. They all comfort her for the same.

While samrat and urmi sit on different ends of the car, ishaan teases them to sit tight, as their honeymoon has officially started. samrat lends his hand to ask her to come nearer. Lies of the heart update friday 13th march 2020 on zee world she shyly accepts his hand and on his coaxing, she slides near to him and places her head on his shoulders, and her arms around his chest. She is highly romantic. lies of the heart full story She eyes Samrat, as they stop for snacks. Lies of the heart 13 march 2020 update She begins to eat, but then by an idea, she stops him from eating himself, and instead feeds it to him. ishaan nudges him to reciprocate the same to urmi. she eats shyly too. samrat too complies and eats, while ishaan is happy to see them romancing. They continue with their journey.

At the Bhopal Airport, Ishaan leaves for the trolley for the luggae and when samrat asks for the tickets and ID, and urmi tells him that she hasnt got any, samrat thinks that she is joking. he says that he had just given it to her in the white envelope to keep in her purse, when she was dressing up. urmi says that she forgot and it must have slipped her mind. samrat loses his mind and lashes out at her in front of the entire public, saying that she is illiterate and of no use whatsoever, and is just a mindless and dumb girl. Urmi is hurt to find him like this. friday update on Lies of the heart 13 March 2020 the passesby stop at this drama scene. he asks her to be a little bit smart, if she has to stay with him. ishaan is boggled when he returns with the trolley. Samrat tells him the same. ishaan says that he has a message, of their flight details and thats enough to get them onboard. urmi wipes off her tears. the screen freezes on her face.


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