Lies of the heart update saturday 30 May 2020 on zee world


Lies of the heart update saturday 30th May 2020; Lies of the heart update saturday 30 May 2020, While chatting with shaurya, meena is shocked to find that urmi’s husband always is angry at her, and that shaurya doesnt love his father due to that. She distracts him and takes him out for icecream, while he is super excited.

Lies of the heart update saturday 30 May 2020 While the manager is briefing urmi, she is more concerned about samrat’s reaction now, and hopes that he doesnt create any drama. urmi is tensed as samrat smirks throughout. urmi is unable to control herself, and is very tensed, as she finds samrat smiling and smirking, while he is in the conference discussing his business deal, with his clientele. the manager comes in and assigns her a work, while she is distracted by samrat. She decides that she would leave aside, so that samrat doesnt see her, and doesnt create any drama. The manager continues to brief But she is unable to take her eyes off samrat. Just when the manager starts telling urmi, about her day’s routine, urmi starts getting jumpy as she sees samrat’s meeting being over and he moving out of the meeting hall. She excuses herself in the middle of the briefing, saying that she urgently needs to use the washroom. the manager says that its really weird.

Lies of the heart update saturday 30th May 2020 zee world As urmi begins to pass, samrat stands in the way, and slowly progresses towards her, with an evil glint in his eyes. He passes by her, and as urmi is about to leave, samrat stops her. she is tensed and worried. samrat turns around and confronts urmi, while she looks away. samrat congratulates her, for her job finally, and that he is happy to see her here and she is surprised. he asks her to do her job diligently, as he always wants to see her be at the top always. he bids her goodbye and leaves, while she is boggled at his utmost decent behaviour, which was completelely unexpected. later, the manager comes and calls her to his cabin saying that he wants to talk to her about soemthing. urmi is tensed.

zee world update on Lies of the heart saturday 30 May 2020 Outside, samrat finds the detective lurching around. Samreat tauntingly asks him if he had any progress. the detective says that he would just find out in another few days. samrat says that he would himself join, and then insult him everyday. Samrat tells him that urmi works in this very hotel. the detective is confused. samrat starst insulting him, saying that he got a solid idea, and asks him to escape in the next five seconds, or else he would kill him. he throws him out, while satisfied that he fianlly got what he wanted.

Lies of the heart saturday 30 May 2020 update Saroj asks devi that he didnt get fruits and his meds, and devi lashes that till gaurav doesnt get a new job, they would all have to cut down on the luxuries and manage with the bare necessities. Saroj says that she’s completely right. saroj complies and asks her to call granny. asha is scared when she has to do that job, and says that granny is actually a ghost when she doesnt respond. she again goes on a rant, while saroj and devi are frustrated at her foolishness. Granny is super irritated when she wakesup from sleep, and finds asha desperately attemtping to find out and prove that granny is actually a ghost. devi and saroj are exhausted with asha’s nonsense.

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Lies of the heart saturday update 30 May 2020 When urmi comes back tensed, shaurya excitedly tells her that he went out with meena to get icecream. urmi starts getting angry at shaurya for going out. meena is tensed, while shaurya says that he went with meena, but urmi lashes at him. urmi says that she is managing everything, him and her work, and what more does he want. shaurya apologises and says that he would never go. urmi hugs him, and he asks her to stop crying, as he would always listen to her now. Meena gets shaurya busy in a puzzle and then comes to urmi. Meena gives her a glass of water, and asks her whats the matter, as she is taking her frustration on shaurya. urmi says that she lost the job. Meena is shocked. urmi says that when a lady goes against the rules and traditions, and tries to preserve her self respect, the closest people become the biggest enemies, and laments at the societal structure, where a woman voicing her opinion, is considrede revolt, and a woman’s self respect dpesnt stand anywhere in between a male ego. She tells about samrat’s atrocities on her, just because she refuses to be dependant on him. meena is shocked. urmi starts telling meena about what happened in her marital life. She tells that samrat got her out of her job, and that wherever she lays her step, he starts taking the ground from unde him, trying to prove that she isnt able to live without him. meena asks why is he doing this. urmi says that she doesnt care, and that she wont let him be successful in his attempts and wont step back fearing him.

Lies of the heart zee world 30 May 2020 meena applauds her, and asks her not to worry, as she would soon get a job. meena says that noone shall know in the hostel, that her job is nomore, as if the warden gets to knwo, she wont be able to stay here. urmi is shocked. meena tells her to stay out, from 9 to 6, so that noone doubts her, till she gets another job. urmi wonders how would she land another job, as she doesnt have any money too, as she got this job too with much difficulty, without any experience. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

At Samrat’s place, his niece is making poster of her family tree. She told her Dadi that Urmi will always look beautiful than her. Dadi say few awful words against Urmi. Mandari stare at her Dadi.

Same moment Samrat walks in drunk with two girls supporting him. Family shock! Samrat say few misbehave words to his family. Urmi come to her place tensed.

Lies of the heart 30th May 2020 zee world She doesn’t know how to survive without job after loosing her old job. She share her problem with Meena. Meena gave her paper and ask her to search up jobs. Urmi calls one person uncle seeking for job. Uncle ask Urmi to come and meet him. Urmi share news with Meena.

Next morning, Amirt calls his wife and express his emotions. Samrat wake up and ask for lemon water. He check the phone and lift up newspaper to read. Father and son have argument on right and wrong. Urmi goes to meet her uncle..

zee world update on Lies of the heart She get the job at first, but after some moment uncle ask Shaurya to leave and tries to get physical with Urmi. Urmi give him lecture on humanity. Samrat get happy finding letter that contain Urmi’s adderss. He call her hostel and come to know about the rules. He feel happy.


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