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Lies of the heart 16 July 2020: Lies of the heart thursday 16th update July 2020, Damini asks why isnt she ready, and whats the problem, and where would she get a better husband. He looks at urmi, saying that she is perfect for him, and is just waiting for the right time. Urmi is baffled. Urmi asks him to drop the suspense, and atleast tell her name. damini asks him to make them talk to her parents atleast. He gives the ball in urmi’s court, saying that since she has been given the responsibility, its her duty to find out about her best friend’s girlfriend. Damini too asks urmi what kind of a friend she is, that she doesnt know, who is in his life. He tells her that if she is his true friend, she would definitely find out. Sandhya is frustrated. urmi is amused. he leaves.

Lies of the heart 16 July 2020: Asha tensedly tells gaurav about ishaan’s girlfriend. urmi is amused. Gaurav too joins in with their conversation. Urmi narrates everything. Gaurav is amused at ishaan’s smart move. Chiku meanwhile, is frustrated with asha’s useless rant. he says that urmi has searched for such a girl for gaurav, that his life has been ruined. All are amused, while asha asks who is this lady. They are all amused, while asha gets angry and gets after him. gaurav asks urmi to find out so that he can marry. Shaurya asks urmi to check ishaan’s call list, to find out who he talks to and messages frequently, and that person would be his girlfriend. Urmi likes the idea and wonders why she didnt think of this before. Gaurav thinks that now its ishaan’s turn to save himself.

Lies of the heart update thursday 16 July 2020: The next day, while ishaan comes to her talking business, she continues to pester him, to know about his gf. urmi asks him how can he hide from her, while he pretends to be indifferent. He says that he is in love and wards off. She is teased and doesnt take no for an answer. He says that he isnt obliged to answer. he again rings up the topic of the flowers, sent anonymously. She says that she doesnt have any idea who sends these, and he mubles thats the problem. But she doesnt hear it. She says that he always says that they are partners, and says that she has a right to know. But he continues to distract her, while she keeps insisting. He is adamant and says that she should find herself, as he wont say. He says that he isnt hiding, but she isnt able to understand. She pretends to be tensed, and then seeing ishaan’s mobile, she stealthily takes it and starts going through the call list. She finds the call list full of urmi, and doesnt understand, thinking that he must have erased after talking. He finds her going through his phone, and then snatches it from him. She tries to see, saying that she had almost reached it. He says that she cant reach her, even if she does, as has put on a veil. She asks what does this mean. He says that he is getting late, and leaves, saying, that she shall find out, if she keeps her heart and mind too open. He leaves. she is determined to find out.

Samrat surfs through the newspaper, to find some place where he can make his next move. Samrat’s eyes fixate on a particular newsbyte, of a painting exhibition, in the newspaper, and he thinks that this the place where the high class people, and the high flying socialites would be there. Samrat thinks that he needs to land just one bait, and if it gets through, he would return to his old grandeur. He goes through the list of special guests, and thinks that this is a buffet of baits for him. He starts noticing the names of the girls, attending the event. After he is done, he starts taking out the biodata, of all the girls, and starts rejcting them all on the basis of their age, marital and professional status. Finally, he fixates on Parvati Goenka, who is single, and fixates on her, as the bait, and thinks that he would have to spend too, to become high class to match her standards.

Lies of the heart thursday 16 update July 2020 As ishaan comes out of the bathroom, after freshening up, he finds his room in a mess, and urmi surfing through his stuff. He is shocked, and scared too. She starts rummaging through all his stuffs, while he asks whats th matter, and if there’s anything that she is looking for, he can help. But she doesnt listen. He asks her to be a good girl, and behave herself. she says that its simple, and that its better that he himself tells him the name of that girl. ishaan remembers that the drawer of his dressing table, has urmi’s protrait, and stands inf rotn of it. She asks why is he worrying. He says that its but natural that he would be tensed, after seeing his room, in such a mess. urmi says that she would get the name, at the slightests hint. she tries to see through the drawers, but he doesnt let her. She says that definitely there’s something inside it, and damini too comes in, enjoying his plight. Sandhya asks why doesnt he let her go through it. Urmi says that she doesnt know, as he just acts. Sandhya wonders what beautiful drama is urmi doing. Damini and urmi get on finding out. ishaan finally lies, that it contains his unclean undergarments, and asks urmi if she wants to see them. Urmi gets embarassed and asks her to see it. Ishaan takes pleasure at her nervousness. She says that she is going for now, but he wont be able to hide for long, and he wishes her all the best. she leaves, with damini. Sandhya thinks that there’s some problem, and maybe there’s something very disastrous. But she doesnt say anything, and leaves.

The guests start admiring and critiquing the paintings. Samrat arrives in the enhibition, in much grandeur, as in the past. He eyes the whole crowd. He finally eyes Parvati Goenka, and thinks that she is the one he has to land, to become a millionaire. He thinks that he is going to come in her life, and she shall have to make him happy. the screen freezes on his face.

Samrat tries to sensually flirt with Parvati, while she just casually entertains him. She gets irritated and then frustrated, when he piles on. She starts reprimanding and insulting him in front of everyone. others too start humiliating samrat, and this gets him infuriated. The organiser begins to call the security. He frustratedly asks whats the matter. She says that he has to be thrown out. He gets enraged. They shut him out, while he asks them not to be extra smart and walks out fuming.

Lies of The Heart update wednesday 15th July 2020 zee world

Screen 2:
Location: Urmi’s Hotel
Lies of the heart update thursday 16 July 2020: In the night, urmi is doing out the last minute business talks, with the head butler, when ishaan isnt around. While going out, a person comes in. He comes looking for ishan, at the hotel, and urmi asks whats the matter. He says that he has to give him a

bill. She asks him to give it to her, but he says that he always comes to the shop, to take them, and pay the bill, but this time he didnt, and hence came himself instead. But Urmi receives it instead, when he says that she doesnt need to pay him. urmi finds thats its a monthly bill of orchids, and remembers that she received flowers everyday, and that too orchids, and ishaan teasing her time and again about the sender. She is shocked and boggled.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Tani sneaks inside damini’s and anirudh’s room, when they arent around, to steal her car keys. she starts searching for the keys. Finally she gets them, and takes the car, but is confronted by anirudh in his car. they both get out, one angry and the other scared. tani tries to clarify, but he shuts her, and asks for the keys. She gets tensed, but hands them nevertheless. He says that he would have given the keys, but now he wont, now that she tried to steal. He finds it disgusting, asking if his talks dont mean anything to her. He asks her to forget the keys, and she says that he cant be this angry. But he shuts her up. She resignedly gives in. He goes inside. she says that she would get the car keys back, at any cost.

Lies of the heart thursday 16 July 2020: Meanwhile, Urmi arrives tensedly at Ishaan’s house, and he asks why is she here at this time, and if everyuthing’s okay. She just hands him the bill, seeing which he is surprised. she asks whats all this. He says that its a flowers’ bill. She asks why he sent it and to who. He fumbles, and says that he got flowers every month, and hence the bill came. she asks him to be direct, and asks why she takes flowers, and that too orchids, which she too receives everyday. she asks if he doesnt send her flowers everyday. she says that she cant believe this. He says that a stranger sends orchids everyday to her, but he cant send them to his girlfriend. She is surprised. He says that he got the idea from her admirer. He teases her what she felt, and why was she here at this time, if she was jealous of his girlfriend. Sandhya walks past and see them both together, and gets the wrong idea. She says that Damini can be easily befooled, but not her, as she finds urmi laughing with ishaan. she says that she would expose urmi in front of damini, today. She goes to Ishaan’s room, and finds urmi’s portrait, in the drawer, and is happy that her doubt was correct. She is excited. She wonders what a big drama queen urmi is. she decides to show this to damini and outsmart ishaan in front of Damini.

Lies of the heart 16 July 2020 Damini and rati come inside, to find tani dancing on loud music. rati and damini ask whats she doing. she says that she is irritating them, and since she cant go to the disc, she thought that she would party here, and this is all due to Anirudh Sinha. She says that they should get used to this, when Damni asks her to shut up. Ishaan comes and asks whats the nonsense. damni and rati frustratedly relay. Tani too starts beahving oversmart, saying that she has invited her friends too. ishaan asks her to stop shouting, as this is ill mannerism, and his dada punished her, for doing wrong. He says that he would talk to him, for her car keys. she gets excited and hugs him, out of love. She says that till he isnt successful, she would continue with the partying at the house. damini and rati leaves angry and frustrated. Ishaan tells them that he shall handle it.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Lies of the heart 16 update July 2020 Venting out his frustration, at the lack of money, and deciding to teach everyone a lesson, and ruling the world yet again, Samrat is walking irritatedly on the road, when he angrily breaks a glass of someone else’s car, and scared of paying the remuneration, he runs off dishevelled, when he is hit by urmi’s car, and he falls on the floor. Urmi, asleep in the car, wakes up with a jerk. urmi asks whats happened, and the driver says that it was an animal. she asks him to drive cautiously. They drive past. Frustrated and shocked, Samrat starts cursing, and asks what do they want. He is shocked as someone gets out of the car, a young lady, concerned for him and his safety. Samrat pretends to be highly hurt and in pain, while the girl attends to him. He thinks that he doesnt have that bad luck, and that he finally got his win. the screen freezes on his evil face.

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