Lies of the heart Tuesday 25 February 2020 update zee world


Lies of the heart 25 February 2020 update; The entire family is engagng in family banter, while the groom, samrat and his friend are getting restless. urmi’s young sister asks whats he getting for her as a gift. He defiantly says that all this is from his side only, then whats the need for a new one. All are tensed at such a rude answer. His friend makes up for it, by saying that he has planned something special for her later, and asks urmi to tell him what she wants, as he is a little weak in this matter. He decides to give her his gift. A relative tells him to address her as Bhabhi. While he talks of preserving a woman’s individuality and her self existence, he says that he wont do. all are impressed. the lady says that its true, but a new identity is born too. He says that whats the use of While she continues, samrat’s mother tells her to stop arguing as he wont let win. samrat is getting restless, while urmi is shyly and happily accepting the gift.

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Lies of the heart 25 February 2020, Ishaan gives a diary to urmi, to pen down every memeory of her new life that is to start. all are excited at the idea behind it. urmi too likes it. Ishaan sits by samrat’s side. Samrat’s mother gets rose infused milk for urmi, for her to bathe till the day of marriage. Urmi’s bhabhi doesnt let this chance go by to emphasise that its all due to her. Samrat gets restless, and trisha is tensed.

Lies of the heart 25 February 2020 update

All sit down and discuss as to how much they have spent in the gifts and they have to reciprocate it too. They tease urmi a little on that too and marvel at urmi’s luck. They continuously marvel at the expenditure. urmi’s brother says that he is in tension, as to how would urmi carry all this, and tease her by breaking ito fits of laughter. All start guffawing. urmi sits by her brother’s side, while he talks of her going away very soon, and gets nostalgic at the thought of missing her after she gets married and is gone. Urmi says that she wont forget them, and wouldnt leave him, as she is in the same city. All get emotional. All find trisha tensed and ask her what happened. But she makes an excuse and says that everything is alright. She is asked how did he like samrat. They start talking about how urmi is very lucky to have landed such a god catch, while her bhabhi doesnt stop taunting and teasing her, in the garb of sarcasm. Lies of the heart 25 February 2020

Lies of the heart 25 February 2020, Trisha says that only finances dont determine what kind of a man he is. All are tensed and ask what does she mean. bhabhi takes it personal, and is asked not to do so. Urmi is tensed. Her mother says that as he doesnt talk much, hence she must have got that opinion. Bhabhi again gets to defending him. Trisha says that she just wants urmi to be happy with him, and money cant buy tht. For a relation, money doesnt matter, respect and trust does. She leaves, while urmi is tensed.

Lies of the heart 25 February 2020 update, While all return home tired and exhaisted, samrat returns home nonplussed. They discuss if there were any shortcomings. Samrat says that there wasnt anything, as all has been already given, and there’s not much space too. His mother favours him too. When samrat finds what they have been given, his mother starts comparing that they gave much more than what they have got. ishaan tries to get their mind off the money, and think about the quality of the bride that she’s getting. Samrat teases him for changing sides, aftre having been there. While samrat is told that urmi would bring a change, samrat is furious and says that he would never change for anyone. Ishaan says that he would have to, and he wont even know it. On his opnion, ishaan says that he cant handle arranged marriages. Samrat says that love isnt for him. ishaan says that once he marries, he would fall in love. They keep discussing about marriage, each teasing the other.

Lies of the heart 25 February 2020, As trisha goes to the roof, urmi comes too and joins her. she asks trisha what happened. Trisha doesnt respond. Urmi asks if she didnt like him. Trisha says that she didnt, as she thought Ishaan was Samrat, but when she got to kn ow the truth, she didnt like it. Urmi asks how did she find out in the first glance.

Lies of the heart 25 February 2020

Trisha says that she knows samrat better than her. She says that samrat isnt the right man for her. urmi asks how. She asks if she can be happy with a man who always values money, over relations, and canmt respect woman and her dignity. urmi asks her to explain everything. Trisha tells urmi that samrat was the same man, who she was talking about erarlier. urmi is shocked. The screen freezes on urmi’s shocked face. Lies of the heart 25 February 2020 update


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