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In Lies of the heart 31 march 2020; Lies of the heart tuesday march 2020 update, Samrat notices that urmi isnt at the dining table, and is topld that she isnt feeling well and refuses to eat right now. His father tells him that he didnt do right in not sendibng urmi to her father’s place. kanchan too tries to agree, and says that urmi must have been angry. Samrat is unable to take it any longer, and hollers at her to come down in two minutes. shashi reprimands kanchan for angering samrat. Samrat lashes out at her. urmi finally descends dopwn, while he eyes her angrily. As she comes down, he asks her whats the matter, and to say it face to face, and not immature behaviour behind him, and asks what is she trying to prove by this. Urmi finally says that she doesnt want to make any point. he asks her to stop the drama and get down to eat. shashi tries to intervene, but he shuts her up too. Lies of the heart 31 march 2020 update He asks her to come along, and finally she listens and starts walking followed by samrat. He sees to it, that she eats. samrat sits down himself too. As the waiter begins to serve, she tells him not to. But samrat says that she would have to eat. his father asks whats he doing. he says that he is feeding her food, and would see how she wont, as if anything happens to her, who would take the blame. They are shocked at his callous behaviour. His father asks him to stop. He instead shuts him up anf forces urmi into eating. she is highly hurt but eats nevertheless. Samrat gets trisha’s call, and is shocked to see it. Trisha calls up samrat, while he’s eating, that her opnion about him, prior to the marriage was absolutely correct, and that he is still a selfish and self centred person, and now everyone knows it. She tells him that if he had so much problem with her, then he should have said so pl;ainly, instead of hurting urmi and her family. trisha tells him that he would have to pay for every tear that he is making urmi shed. she says that he may treat urmi as a servant, but he doesnt know how much he is being insulted in her eeys. while samrat listens nonchalantly, he signals urmi to eat. While trisha vents out her frusteration, samrat doesnt bother to say anything, and doesnt even let anyone know who is it. He finds urmi crying incoherently.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Lies of the heart tuesday 31 march 2020 update There is visible tension in the house, and buaji notices it and tries to cheer them up asking whats for breakfast. but saroj is far from salvation. devi too sits with a stoical face. Buaji goes to gaurav, and starts trying to initiate a conversation. gaurav too starts in getting the hint. Finally trisha comes out, with her suitcase packed. Buaji is the first to notice it. Soon others notice it too. All are shocked and ask where she is going. Devi doesnt say anything. trisha makes up an excuse, but they ask why is she going today. She says that she was informed that she hostel is open today and she would take this time to adjust nicely. she takes everyone’s blessings, while all try to hide their tension. granny advises her what to do. gaurav and saroj still ask her to stay back, but trisha smilingly refuses. trisha hesitates and goes to devi to take his blessing, butv he asks her not to, and looks away instead. All are hurt, but devi is unfazed. buaji tries to stop her, but triosha doesnt respond. Rashmi asks her not to force, as trisha’s work too is important. Granny too tries to say that she would come later too. gaurav and saroj are tensed. Trisha hugs saroj anbd starts crying. Saroj asks her to take care of herself. Gaurav asks her to always tell if there’s any problem. Saroj and buaji insist that gaurav would leave her off. anu hugs trisha too, while devi pretends to be indifferent.

Scene 2:
Location: Police training Academy
Gaurav leaves trisha off to the hostel. Gaurav asks her to take care of herself, keep calling and come on holidays. He leaves, seeing her off at the gate. After he leaves, she talks to the guard, and tells about her problem but the guard says that its against rules and hence she has to come two days later, when she is asked to report. She wonders where to go now.

Scene 3:
Location: Hotel
Trisha is shocked to find that the rates are beyond affordability, and wonders what to do now.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s and annu’s residence
Lies of the heart tuesday 31 march 2020 update The next morning, urmi does her routine work, while samrat tries to tease her into smiling, and finally says that she shoudl call and tell her family that they would go today, and that he doesnt have any problem with her family, and actually cares for her smile. urmi asks why to call. He says that they need to find that trisha isnt there, and then they shall go to celebrate her father’s birthday. Urmi is tensed to hear this. urmi calls up and saroj picks. urmi asks how is she and everyone else. saroj asks about her and not bother about them. urmi asks her hesitatingly if trishs is okay and where is she. saroj says that she went away today only. urmi is surprised to hear this. saroj asks what happened and everything is okay. urmi says that there’s something urgent, and she would call later. After canceliing the phone, samrat is happy to know from urmi that trisha is gone. He is very happy. He asks her to be dressed in the evening. urmi says that it would sound very awkward, that they didnt go yesterday and today they shall, when trishas isnt there.He asks her not to bother, as he already took care of that, and told her family that they didnt come due to trisha. urmi is stunned. After that, samrat tells urmi that they shall go to her parents home tonight, as he is in a mood to make them happy. He asks her to get dressed and prepare a beautfiul cake, while he gets some expensive gift, and they shall go to wish her father on his birthday. He says that he would forever remember this birthday, because of Samrat himself. Urmi is tensed but smiles. samrat leaves. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face, who says that they indeed would remember this due to him only.

Deception update tuesday 31 march 2020 on zee world

urmi and samrat come and wish devi a very happy birthday. samrat tells him that urmi has made a cake today too and asks if he didnt feel bad about yesterday. Buaji sternly answers to samrat’s teasings. Anu and gaurav too behave very stern. rashmi eases samrat for surprising so plesantly. granny asks them all to sit down and talk. Some servants come and get a huge gift package. Devi is told by samrat that its a small gift from his side. He pays off the workers. saroj asks anu to go and get water. samrat is told that this wasnt needed. As they sit down, samrat tells devi that he has brought a special gift for him. Buaji and saroj are unimpressed. Lies of the heart update tuesday 31 march 2020 devi thanks samrat. urmi tries to keep a happy face. anu gets them water. On everyone’s insistence, Devi finds that the gift samrat gave, is a very expensive watch and exclaims on it. samrat says that its a gift, and they shouldnt place a price tag on gifts, nevertheless mentioning that its platinum crusted. Saroj too says that he shouldnt have overspent. samrat says that it should feel like he is samrat’s father in law, and hence this is the rightful gift. all get tensed, but rashmi supports him. devi too goes with the flow. Granny asks what about the other gift. he says that one is for the one day delay. samrat says that this gift would be more useful to saroj and rashmi. samrat asks anu to do the honours. she is tensed, despite urmi telling her. finally rashmi opens to reveal a washing gift. Gaurav asks samrat why was this needed as this is over. samrat says that he should get habituated to that, and its for their utility only. rashmi favours it, but all others are tensed. gaurav mumbles into buaji saying that he thinks that everything cant be bought with money. Granny thanks samrat, while saroj refuses to accept the gift, as they cant accept so much. samrat says that he maybe be angry with the son in law, but can take from the son. saroj distracts the topic saying that she would get something to eat, but he gets everyone to cut the cake, and doesnt leave any chance to point out its triviality in front of his expensive gifts. Anu says that there’s nothing like that, and its as special. samrat says that its okay and begin to light the candles. urmi is hurt with samrat’s callous comments. He gets gaurav and buaji too. all join in with much resigning. He tries to cheer everyone up at the dining table, but they are far from redemption. Lies of the heart 31 march 2020 He asks urmi to come along now to go home. later, samrat asks devi if he’s happy. devi says that he doesnt have any reason not to, and thanks him. samrat thanks devi profusely that he respected his wishes and sent trisha off, and if he conitnues this trend their relation shall be strengthened. There is visible tension, as saroj, urmi and others eye each other.

Later, in their room, devi is super pleased with samrat, while saroj eyes him anrgily, while he gloats about samrat’s expensive gifts. She finally says that he celebrated the fact that he got everything done and trisha out, and bribed their way into happiness. lies of the heart full story zee world But devi didnt accept and is saying that only true relations come to sense. He speaks volumes in praises of samrat. They get into a heated arguement, as to how they are of different opinions about samrat and his stance. She says that trisdha was right in not liking him. Lies of the heart tuesday 31 march 2020 devi says that she’s overreacting. she asks if he cant actually see or doesnt pretend to see, and asks why cant he see anyone’s pain. Lies of the heart update 31 march 2020 But devi still sides with samrat, and says that she’s siding with her own niece. She says that he is doing so, and he cant even see that urmi wasnt happy today. Finally devi asks her to shut up, and stay in her limits. Saroj says that she never thought that he could be bought or turn so greedy, that he forgets the truth. Devi asks him to shut up.

Samrat and urmi arrive home. As urmi gets down, samrat says that money is everything. Samrat tells urmi that money can buy everything in this world, as he just showed how the birthday became special, even when it wasnt on that day. He says that money can remove all troubles and problems, and also get rid of all stains and ruins. Lies of the heart tuesday 31 march 2020 update urmi is shocked at his heartlessness. The eveteasers begin to cast lewd comments as trisha passes by. As she enters the hotel, the receptionist eyes her lustily. she takes a room for two days, and is asked to fill out the name and address. She gets to doing so. He says that money is next to god. Urmi stands hurt as he enters the house.

Lies of the heart 31 march 2020 update samrat is very excited about winning the next level of game, but finds that urmi is saddened, despite him winning over everyone in her family. urmi asks how can he expect after sacrificing a relation, that everyone be happy. He asks if she’s talking about trisha. Urmi is tensed, and eyes her back with tears. she comes to face him, wiping the tears. urmi asks samrat how easily he can snap off relations, like a fruit on a tree, highly gullible, and if he doesn feel any pain. Lies of the heart update tuesday 31 march 2020 He says no, as its seems foolish to him. She says that this means if something happens tomorrow between them, he wont think twice about breaking off his relation with her too or feel any pain or be bothered. samrat eyes her stoically. He then says that this is certain that he wont change. urmi is shocked and hurt, as he continues that now the ball is in her court, to keep things normal and not let that situation come ever, that he has to think about her like that.urmi is shocked at this answer. the screen freezes on her face.


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