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Lies of the heart 22 July 2020: Lies of the heart update wednesday 22nd July 2020, Ishaan asks whats she talking about, but she is adamant, while sandhya taunts that she knew that ishaan wont agree. Damini shuts her up, saying that he cant even go against his mother and shall never disappoint them. Damini asks him not to take stress and just prepare for the evening. he leaves hastily, and straight to Anirudh’s room, and asks what happening, as he knows that his son loves urmi, and wants to marry her. His father says that he knows his benefit. Ishaan asks him one reason why this girl is good for him. As he narrates the qualities, ishaan says that urmi also has these qualities, and infact is one step ahead. Anirudh points out her marital status, and her motherhood. ishaan asks if that dampened her qualities, and he has never thought this way. Anirudh says that marriage isnt a joke, and he wont be able to be happy in the long run. Ishaan says that he hasbeen happy wiht his love for so many years. Anirudh asks him not to be selfish and thinks of the family too. ishaan says that urmi would bring happiness to their household too, along with him, and reminds him how much he has praised urmi. He says that he loves urmi be the heart and wants to spend his life with her. He says that he doesnt know if marrying someone else would make his father happy or not, but he knows that he wont be happy or be able to love anyone else, other than urmi, and asks if he justifies the injustice that he does with any other girl. ishaan tells him that he knows his father wont do anything wrong, or make his own son unhappy, and has the faith in him, that he takes the right descision. Ishaan says that he wont go against his wishes, and marry urmi, nor would he marry anyone else other than urmi. Ishaan leaves.


Lies of the heart 22 July 2020: Later, downstairs, sandhya keeps pointing out that ishaan hasnt said yes. damini says that ishaan wont go against her. he passes out, while damini asks him to get ready, as she doesnt want him to be late. While ishaan stands dazed, anirudh comes in asking if they are all set to go. damini happily says yes. He asks her to pack some chocolates as well. damini is confused and asks why, as they have already packed enough sweets. Anirudh says that children like chocolates and not sweets. damini is confused and asks why would there be children. He says that shaurya is still a child, and when they take stuff for urmi, and nothing for shaurya, he would feel bad. ishaan is shocked to hear this and turns around to face his father. Anirudh assures ishaan that the bahu of their house shall be only urmi, and compliments his choice. Sandhya and damini are enraged, while ishaan is shell shocked. he hugs him, saying that he loves him. She asks anirudh how can he agree, and he says that this is due to ishaan, who managed to convince him, that he needs to prioritise his son and not social acceptance. sandhya doesnt like it. Damini tries to speak, but anirudh says that he has finally decided, and urmi and only her shall be ishaan’s wife, as his happiness is with his son, and his son’s happiness is with urmi. She says that if he doesnt have a problem, then why would she, as she was only thinking about this familys’s repute. ishaan asks if she really doesnt have a problem, and if urmi is here, then she would accept her. she resignedly complies. He overwhelmingly complies. She thinks that she wont accept urmi so easily, and that she is determined that urmi wont be this house’s bahu. sandhya continues to taunt while anirudh is too happy, and rati too enjoys this. Damini says that now since they have changed plans, and the shagun is to go to urmi, then they should prepare well in advance. ishaan thinks that even his parents accept, then only urmi needs to give her acceptance now.

In her room, damini is angry, while sandhya comes trying to taunt and instigate her all the more, by pointing out her big claims and then falling flat on her face. damini says that she didnt want to go against anirudh, as it wouldnt have helped at all. sandhya keeps taunting her, with smirk, that her son and husband are out of her control now, and soon everything shall be hers, and under her control, instead of Damini’s. She refuses to believe this, saying that she wont succumb to defeat so easily, as as long as she is alive, urmi wont come in this house, as noone can steal her ishaan from her.

Samrat is tensed, and decides to call the waiter, who had got his meeting with the moneylender. After he recognises samrat, and then samrat gives him a task, to follow urmi and get every detail about her, including every background of hers. He complies.

Lies of the heart 22 July 2020: Urmi is shocked to find shaurya advocating for ishaan, that he loves him and her very much, and hence she should marry him. gaurav and asha is tensed. urmi asks who brainwashed him, and he says that there’s nothing wrong in what he is saying. she asks how dare he talk to her like this. she is flustered and embarassed, and asks him to go inside and study. He says that he knows and hence he is saying so, and is stuck that he wants to make Ishaan only his father. She is shocked at his audacity, and gaurav asks him, if he is sure that he wants ishaa as his father. he complies. urmi asks him to shut up, as this wont happen. He asks why cant this happen, as he wants to stay with ishaan and only ishaan, and hence she would have to marry him. She asks why is he talking like this all of a sudden today. He says that he wants that like other kids, he also needs a father. she asks why did he need his father all of a sudden, and if his mother was insufficient. He jerks her hand away, and says that its indeed right. He says that he never says, and is teary eyed, and says that his friends’ fathers come with them, and celebrate their birthdays and are always together as a family, and he too wants that, and hence she would have to get ishaan as his father. she says that he wont get a father. He asks why. she says that this is because, a father isnt a commodity to go and buy. he tries to speak, but she says that she wont have anymore of this nonsense, and he should get this straight. He says that he has talked to ishaan already. before he can finish, she slaps him, unable to shut him. All are shocked and tensed. shaurya rushes inside.

Later, gaurav asks urmi whats the problem now that shaurya too wants him. Urmi asks him not to bother and start this over again, as its isnt possible, and she is extremely at discomfort to even imagine that. Just then, Asha comes in saying that shaurya has high fever. they both are shocked. The doctor comes and says that shaurya would be okay and she has administered the injection. urmi asks what caused this problem. The doctor says that it could be due to mental and physical harassment, and asks them not to worry. asha leaves the doctor to the gate. While urmi stands by shaurya, he keeps murmuring ishaan in his sleep. she is shocked. Gaurav says that she shouldnt have been so strict, and asks her to understand his problem, as he wants a father, and sees a father in ishaan, and that he has been in their life for so long, that he has almost become a family member, and asks her if they ever notivced both of them together. she stands tensed. gaurav says that they just need to formalise it. Gaurav tells urmi, that shaurya needs ishaan right now, and they should call him. She says that shaurya’s demand is illegitimate, and it isnt necesssary to fulfill all demands. She says that ishaan wont become the weakness of her house. She adds that ishaan wont even come to her house, nor their life too. The screen freezes on her face.

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Lies of the heart 22 July 2020: Urmi is tensed to know from the doctor, that the medicines arent working and the fever isnt remitting, and that generally such things dont happen. urmi suspects an infection, but the doctor rules it out. Shaurya keeps muttering out ishaan’s name. the doctor says that this may be psychologically induced, as he must be in depression due to something thats been bothering him lately, and he hasnt been able to cope with it. Gaurav tries to tell the doctor about shaurya’s fight with urmi. urmi asks why is he bringing this up, as this has no relation . Gaurav narrates everything to the doctor, who complies, and says that she was also asking for the same reason. she says that she wont tell urmi what to do, but she has found the problem, and that urmi herself would have to find the solution. she tells how she can deduce that there’s a big void in his father’s place, and now that he sees an oppurtunity, he wants to fill that void. she asks urmi to understand, that if he has gotten so adamant, then the void must be pretty large, and asks her not to ignore this. When she leaves, both urmi and gaurav eye each other tensedly. They are relieved when ishaan comes and cheers shaurya, and takes proper care for him, while she stands awkwardly, liking their bond, but tensed as to what this means. Finally shaurya doses off, and the fever too come off, and she is happy. Ishaan continues to take care of him, and urmi is an eye witness to their bond. She sees that the food that she isnt able to feed her son, ishaan manages it with his charm and his bond, as she eyes them from a distance.

While both ishaan and urmi are asleep, one on each side of shaurya, and he has to relieve himself in the night, ishaan doesnt let urmi take care of him, but he himself goes with him. urmi is surprised. As ishaan in the late hours of the night, says that he would return back soon, shaurya is unwilling to let him go, and gets emotional seeing that he has to go. gaurav and urmi eyes the, from the door. He tells urmi that with ishaan around, she never felt the need of a father for her son, as ishaan was always there to cater to every need. urmi is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Lies of the heart 22 July 2020: As ishaan comes down in the morning, rati takes her turn to tease ishaan about his love for urmi. He starts reading the newspaper, while finding that the whole family is missing. Rati tells him that they have gone to urmi’s place for the shagun. he is shocked and wonders what would happen now, as is she rejects, it would be a huge problem.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Gaurav and asha are excited, as damini, anirudh and sandhya come for the shagun. sandhya continues to taunt at the shock that they are still reeling under, and asha continues her nonsensical rant. Anirudh clarifies how they had resented earlier due to societal pressure, but then how ishaan convinced them otherwise. Damini waits tensed. anirudh expresses his excitement at the impending marriage. Asha continues her rant, that gets them all bored, but noone says anything. sandhya continues taunting them. asha wonders what descision shall urmi take. Damini asks where’s urmi, and gaurav goes to get her. He finds her busy on the phone. He tells them that ishaan’s entire family have come for giving her the shagun. she is shocked, that even after she denied, how can they do so. He says that they havent told ishaan, and wanted to surpise them both. She gets tensed. He says that marrying him is entirely his descision, but she should atleast show the courtesy to receive them, and thereafter clear her stance and bare her heart out. She is extremely at discomfort.

Lies of the heart 22 July 2020: Downstairs, Damini is much tensed and curt with Asha. Anirudh cancels other business meetings that were prescheduled. Just then, ishaan comes in, tensedly. They al ask how is he here. He says that he he got to know about the shagun, and anirudh tells about the surprise. He asks about urmi and if they had a talk with her. Sandhya keeps taunting him. Ishaan rushes to talk to urmi, but Damini asks whats the hurry. He turns to go, but just then, he finds urmi coming out with gaurav. They both eye each other tensedly. Anirudh too teases him to sit down, as today they shall talk, and not the couple. Ishaan wonders what would happen now, what would they say, and what would urmi do. damini extends her hand and asks urmi to sit down. Sandhya marvels at Damini’s pretense to care. Anirudh tells urmi, that they all like her too much, and respect her and her firm will, and that she is on her way to become the bahu of this house, and its their pride that this is happening. Damini and sandhya are frustrated. He says that he is happy that all of them know each other and are highly compatible, and they already consider her as her daughter and nothing gives him more happiness than their impending marriage, and he is happy and proud that ishaan chose her as his life partner. He welcomes her with open arms, to their life and their house. Ishaan stands tensed. Anirudh then asks damini and sandhya to proceed with the rituals. sandhya continues to taunt shaurya’s arrival too when he comes, and joins them all. With much resentment suppressd, and barely a smile on her lips, Damini asks her to extend her dupatta. urmi is super tensed, and in a state of shock, at the dilemma that she is placed in. gaurav and ishaan along with shaurya, wait with bated breaths, while her hesitation and pause baffles anirudh and damini too. urmi remembers shaurya and gaurav’s stand on this proposal, and tries to solve this dilemma in her heart, that rises like a raging storm, as she remembers shaurya’s chemistry with ishaan. As sandhya and damini, along with anirudh begin to get ready for the presentation of the shagun, sandhya doesnt leave any stone unturned to taunt her in the garb of happiness. she says that urmi already has the most expensive things of theirs, Ishaan, and what else can she need from them. But amidst all this, Anirudh finds urmi tensed and is concerned. He places his hand on her and gets her out of her stance. She extends her dupatta, and damini places the shagun, while all are overjoyed. The screen freezes on Urmi’s shell-shocked face.

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