Lies of the heart 10 July 2020: Lies of the heart Friday 10th July 2020 Gaurav and urmi are baffled s to hoiw samrat managed all this. ishaan tells them that this is just the loophole they wanted. He says that he must have married her stealthily, as even mukti believed that radha was unmarried, just to get physical proximity with her. gaurav is disgusted. ishaan says that he knows how to use this mistake, against samrat, in the court, very well. urmi asks why would radha give a testimony against samrat, and for them, when she clearly idolises samrat, blinded by his love. she says that radha was protecting samrat, with high love and affection. ishaan compliments samrat’s manipulation on her. Urmi says that she is an enemy, and would never go for them, come what may. ishaan says that he can approach her, as she doesn know him, and she didnt recognise him yesterday, as he was disguised as Santa. He says that she doesnt even know that he is her lawyer. He says that he is a complete stranger to her, and that he can approach her. Urmi says that she wont go against samrat.

Lies of the heart 10 July 2020: ishaan asks that radh would say for samrat, and not against him. shaan tells urmi that they know radha would go to any lengths out of her love for samrt. urmi quizzically asks whats he trying to say. He tells her that radha is mad in samrat’s love, and thats exactly what they have to exploit to thir advantage. urmi is baffled.

Later, urmi is sitting tensed, when sushma comes asking if her phone is off, as annu was wanting to talk to her. Urmi resignedly complies, and sits tensed. Sushma asks her not to worry, as whatever is happening, is happening for the best, and that radha coming here is god’s sign. urmi says that she is right, but wonders how they can use radsha, in their favour. Sushma says that ishaan has assured them. urmi says that she knows, but she is scared, of samrat’s next plan, as he too is being extra cautious. She says that the more this date is coming closer, she is more tensed. sushma says that what shaurya went through, is still terrifying. they are oblivious that shaurya has listened to all this, and rushes to her, saying that he doesmnt want to go there for a single day, and that he wont be able to stay there at all, and hence she would have to win at any cost. Lies of the heart update Friday 10 July 2020 She gets emotional. Sushma assures him that everything would be alright, and that ishaan would make his mother win over samrat. She tells him that ishaan shall defeat his father. she smiles through tears.

The next morning, samrat presents 50lakhs to niranjan. he tries to take the briefcase, and samrat asks if his work would be done, and that his hard earned money shouldnt go to waste. Niranjan smiles evilly, and asks if it actully is his labour or someone else’s. Samrat says that noone has even talked to him like this, and had he not been his lawyer, he wouldnt have borne it. Nianjan smiles, and asks him to rethink, if he has any doubts. samrat denies, and asks him to take this money and go carefully, and asks him to instruct the judge, for a sureshot descision. As he begins to go, samrat asks for a receipt, and niranjan asks if there’s any for this kind of deals, and asks if he can go. samrat complies.

Lies of the heart 10th July 2020 Later, after having done the deal Niranjan tells samrat that now no witness, no evidence, ishaan may fly all that he wants, belittling him, saying that all of his maneouvers would fall flat, in front of them. He says that the verdict is out, and that they have bought the judgement. samrat smiles evilly, along with niranjan. samrat compliments him, and he says that he had always promised a victort, despite him having committed blunders, and that in the money, they have bought the judgement, and not the judge, and that now he can celebrate. samrat is ecstatic, saying that now he feels free to go to his previous lifestyle.

Shashi comes to the agent, and says that she wants to get things done very fast. They decide how to befool her. Shashi asks for 4lakhs more, and the client says that it would be difficult. the agent tells her that the white money cheque he shall receive today, and the extra money shall be given as black money. Shashi agrees. He says that when she gives the cheque in the bank, she would be able to encash it in a couple of days, and they have to get the registration done before that. Shashi receives the cheque and thinks that to withdraw money, she would have to open a separate account.

Samrat comes home drunk and inebriated, talking to himself, about his latest prey in the form of a girl, oblivious that radha is asleep. She wakes jup with a startle, and comes up behind him, asking if he came back. he says that its is evident that he is home. He tells radha that he would ruin urmi. she asks if she should lay out dinner. But he refuses, saying that he doesnt need either her food or her too. she gets tensed. He says that he had biryani, and is sick of eating plain food by her. She doesnt understand the meaning, while he continues to double talk. He asks her whats she doing, and she says that she was waiting. he asks her to stay in her limits, and asks her to get out, and not interfere in his affairs. He asks her to get lost. she silently complies, even though she is hurt.

Lies of the heart update Thursday 9th July 2020 on zee world

Lies of the heart Friday 10th July 2020 Shashi begins to open an account. She isnt able to understand the formalities. Gaurav sees her there, and wonders whats she doing here. He comes to her, and when he knows that she is here for an account, he is surprised. She tells him about the cheque that she wants to encash. he is shocked, to find that its 20 lakhs, and shashi asks him not to interfere, or else she shall complain to the manager, while he says amusingly, that he is the manager. she is flustered, but when she thinks that she needs his help, she starts praising him, and asks for his help filling the form. He asks one of the employees to help her out, and then send it to his table. He leaves.

While radha is purchasing vegetables in the market, they get stuck on loose monmey. Ishaan comes to help, giving her change. She is surprised to see him and then accepts it. Ishaan addresses her as radha and asks her not to thank him, and she surpisedly, asks that she never told him, her name, then how did he know it. he tells radha that samrat married her, hence obviously he told her name too. radha is shocked. the screen freezes on her tensed face, as she is suddenly conscious.

Lies of the heart update Friday 10 July 2020 Ishaan meets Radha as Samrat’s lawyer to talk about the case. Meanwhile, Anu is angry and upset as Ishaan is not giving any time to her. She calls him to talk about shopping for their marriage, but he says he’s busy and they can plan about all this after case is over. Ishaan then clears his doubt about Samrat marrying Radha from Radha and then starts convincing her to come to court and give her testimony which will only help Samrat and Radha herself. Samrat is very self respected person and he will never drag his wife in all court matters, but being a wife, it’s Radha’s duty to help her husband in his bad time. And by supporting Samrat, she will have more respect in front of Samrat, all will come to know about their marriage and she won’t have to hide like now. Radha is somewhat convinced, but says she will first talk to Samrat before making any decision. Ishaan tries to convince her for not telling anything to Samrat, but she says she can’t come to court without his permission and leaves.

Urmi makes Shaurya sleep. Ishaan comes with a sad face. Urmi understands that Radha didn’t agree and is afraid of losing Shaurya’s custody. Shaurya hears it and hugs her tightly. Both Ishaan and Urmi assure him they will win the case.

Lies of the heart update 10 July 2020 Radha waits for Samrat. He finally comes and gets irritated seeing her waiting. He says Urmi left him and now Radha came. Radha turns and sees him. Samrat tells her that he had dinner already. Radha says she wants to talk about something important. Samrat asks what important talk she can have? then tells her to go ahead. Before Radha says anything, Shashi comes screaming and tells Samrat to call doctor as her husband fainted, BP went high. Samrat tells her to relax, it’s just BP went high, roof didn’t fall on him. Shashi tells Radha to bring water.

zee world Lies of the heart 10 July 2020 In morning, Radha comes to a temple to pray for Samrat and his dad. When she’s leaving, Ishaan comes in. Ishaan is relived when he finds out that Radha was unable to talk to Samrat. He once again starts convincing her to come to court and help Samrat, their relationship, etc etc and not tell anyone anything. Radha is well convinced this time.

Lies of the heart 10 July 2020 Later, Ishaan calls Samrat and says he has found out what he’s done and it’s illegal. He will go in jail big time. Samrat gets scared and says he must be just joking. Ishaan says he filed a police complaint and being a friend, he warned him. Tomorrow after losing the case, who knows he might have an heart attack so he’s warning him today. Samrat says what nonsense. After call, Samrat wonders how he found out about bribery to the judge. He calls his lawyer who tells him to just relax. They are purposely doing this because they know Samrat is going to win the case. Samrat is still upset. Radha sees it and decides to go to court for sure.

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