Lies of the heart friday 12th update June 2020; Lies of the heart update friday 12 June 2020, As urmi serves tea to sushma and her husband, yash comes asking if they called him. He tells yash to get the papers in which he wanted their signatures, and that they both have agreed to sign the papers. Yash expresses happiness and that ravi would be happy to hear this. Sushma says that she did so to get rid of him, and his tantrums. Yash goes to get the papers. urmi is tensed.

12th Friday on Lies of the heart 12 June 2020 update In his room, Yash thinks that he too isnt interested to stay here, and that once they sign off the will papers, he would be gone forever, never to show his face again, and that urmi shall never know what happened. urmi stands stoical, as yash comes out tog ive a pen to sushma and her husband and shows them where to sign. Sushma complies and signs. As yash tries to get the othjer papers to sign, urmi again asks whats she doing, as without reading the papers shouldnt be signed. yash frustratedly asks her whats she doing, as she has already checked the papers. urmi says that they checked yesterday however she is signing today. Sushma too asks urmi to stop talking, and gets to signing. Yash tells her the details. Sushma says that its okay but why is he so hesitant to verify the papers. Sushma starts reading and is shocked to find that its her will, and her husband is tensed too.

Lies of the heart update friday 12 June 2020 yash is very tensed and scared. Susham hands over the papers angrily to her husband, asking him to go through these papers, so that his love for his son is finally over. he goes through the papers, and wonders why are they being tortured by having a son like this, and how did they have given birth to him. Yash urgently says that these papers arent theirs, and that maybe somebody else’s papers are with them, by mistake. urmi snatches the papers, and asks if its a mistake, and if the will papers belonged to someone else, as pointed as an excuse by yash, then why is sushma and her husband’s name on the will. Yash tries to clarify by giving another feeble excuse, but sushma gets angry and slaps him tight across the face. He gets jilted and is angry at urmi. Sushma asks if he wasnt ashamed to do this, and by emotionally blackmailing them, they tried to get them on the roads, and tried to take this house too.

Lies of the heart friday 12 June 2020 update Sushma and her husband blame him and for people like him, people have stopped having trust, and praises urmi for saving them. Urmi too evnts out her frustration at yash, asking how could he actually get down to doing this, and how he couldnt change himself, after he lived with them, and saw their financial conditions. Susham and her husband is tensed. urmi says that he wont even get a place in hell. susham asks urmi to let be, as their own son is at fault, and after all he has been sent by their son only. She says that she lost the final ray of hope too. she laments that fact that they sired a son like this.

friday update on Lies of the heart 12 June 2020 Later, sushma and her husband express grief at their condition, and that they should have been childless instead of having a child like this. Urmi is apalled to hear this. Sushma breaks down thinking about what ravi did to them. urmi says that there are many such relations, that arent related by the blood, and just a bond develops, if it has to, even if they arent directly related. urmi tells sushma that she shouldnt stop trusting people and relations, and hope to live on, just like her, when her own people left her, she stood because of them, even if she wasnt related to them. She requests them not to be bothered due to this, and forget what happened. she is about to leave, when susham tells her that she is right,a nd addresses her as urmi for the first time, shocking her and sushma’s husband too. she smiles and looks back at her. Sushma thanks her forb saving their lives from ruining, even when she wasnt related to them. Urmi comes by sushma’s side, and takes her hands, and thinks that she has always considered her as her mother, and expresses her wish to be received as a daughter and gives them the faith that she wont leave their sides, till her last breath and that she would take care of them always.

Lies of the heart 12 June 2020 When shaurya is in the school studying, samrat comes in with lots of gifts, saying that its his son’s birthday and tries to get the teacher on his side, by giving her a gift too. shaurya is amused. He too plays along with samrat. the kids and teachers wish happy birthday to shaurya. samrat gives shaurya to serve doughnuts to the kids. He complies excitedly. All the kids love the doughnuts. The teacher after much reluctance, agrees to take the gift. Samrat then insistently gets shaurya to give return gifts to everyone too. samrat sneaks in the chance, and gives her the latest expensive android mobile and she takes it hesitatingly. samrat creates his impression, and leaves, while all the kids throng Shaurya.

Lies of the heart friday update 12 June 2020 While asha continues with her doll and motherly chores, granny and saroj are frustrated. Granny asks about urmi, and saroj says that she is alone coping with all the problems, and then says that she doesnt need to be bothered. granny is angered at saroj, for insinuating that she just shows fake pretense along with devi, for urmi, whereas actually they dont care for the daughter of the house. Asha continues with her rant on nonsense, while granny looks to saroj for reprieve. saroj agrees to asha’s wishes just to get her to be quiet.

As urmi comes to take shaurya back from school, she is pleased to find shaurya with a gift of choclates yet again. One of his friends wishes him goodbye, and then wishes him Happy Birthday again. urmi is shocked, while shaurya is scared that his secret is out in front of urmi. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

As urmi gets down to asking shaurya about the birthday confusion, he lies through his teeth, remembering samrat’s encouragement to do so. urmi falls for his lies. they get in the auto and drive off. Shaurya eyes urmi tensedly.

Age is Just a Number update friday 12 June 2020 on zee world

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Lies of the heart 12th June 2020 Rudra and shashi are having their usual bickering. Samrat comes down attending to a call related to getting payments. He notices rudra tensed, and asks whats the matterr. shashi informs him that his BP is high. samrat asks if he has medical insurance, as he might have an attack anytime. Rudra asks him not to bother. Kanchan asks him to think before he speaks. samrat says that he is just being practical. just then, samrat’s manager comes in with gifts, saying that they got to know that its shaurya’s birthday, and came to bless him. All are confused to hear this. samrat gives an excuse that they arent celebrating. They say that they just came to give blessings. They ask for shaurya. samrat says that he went for a party. The manager says that he just said that they werent celebrating. Samrat says that he went with his mother for party. They begin to go, while rudra asks them to sit and be nice. But samrat thwarts them off. After they leave, shashi asks whats the matter. samrat asks him not to overthink, and instead look at the gifts. kanchan and rudra ask whats the matter. samrat defiantly says that he can do whatever he wants for his kid. Rudra is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s and samrat’s residence
Lies of the heart friday 12 update June 2020 urmi is in tears, at her pregnancy, and thinks whether to go ahead with it or not. sushma finds her crying and comes and asks why is she crying. urmi says that its nothing important. Sushma asks whats the matter, and if her husband bothered her again. urmi says that she doesnt know who to blame, and that sometimes she feels that whetever is happening to her, is the fault of her destiny, and that life has changed so much, that she is considering to do, what she thinks is a crime, and starts doubting every move that she made. Sushma is apalled at her situation saying that she understands her problems.

Lies of the heart friday 12th June 2020 urmi says that when she wakes in the morning, she isnt able to belive her condition, and wonders whether all this is a dream or reality. sushma says that this is the reason dreams shouldnt be seen, and the future shouldnt be planned. urmi says that she didnt dream big, but a normal dream, that she has a nice home, and a loving husband, and playful kids. Sushma is apalled for her and her trauma. She tells urmi that not everyone gets what they want, and destiny plays its role, and the best is not to expectr anything from anyone and one should do whats right for him/ her, and some descisions are hard but one has to steer ahead with them, with steel nerves. She tells urmi to compose herself, as she has to take care of herself and shaurya too. Urmi says that she is right, and thanks her for her advice. Sushma caresses her face. She begins to leave, when urmi asks her if she would do a favour, and asks her to take care of shaurya, for 2-3 hours tomorrow. she agrees and asks urmi not to irritate her much, teasingly. Sushma hesitatingly asks her not to call her sushmaji as she doesnt like it, and can call her aunty if she wants to. urmi is overwhelmed and smiles at her, and she too smiles back, when urmi addresses her like that. She leaves.

Lies of the heart update friday 12 June 2020 the next morning, urmi is gone, and shaurya wonders how to irritate sushma. But then he eyes the phone, and places a ring to samrat, who is busy getting his pimp, to arrange a new girl for him today. He takes shaurya’s call, and is shocked to hear from him. Shaurya secretly calls samrat that he is at home today and is getting extremely bored, hence called him, secretively, without urmi knowing it. Samrat smirks and thinks that he finally achieved what he wanted and that shaurya wants to talk to him, behind urmi’s back. But samrat gives an excuse that he is sick, and wont be able to come today. shaurya asks him to get well soon and then cancels the phone. samrat is super happy with the plan’s success.

Scene 4:
Location: Hospital
Lies of the heart 12 June 2020 urmi sits impatiently and nervously outside the gynae’s clinic, eyeing other couples, happily expecting, and laments at what she misses in her life. the nurese comes and asks if anyone came with her. Urmi refuses and she is asked to fill a form. she enquires about it, and is told that its a formality before abortion and she should complete it, since noone else is there with her. She eyes it distraught, while the nurse leaves, finding it to be a consent letter for abortion of the pregnancy. She is apalled. As she enters the chamber, she is surrounded by child’s pic, which tense her all the more. the nurse comes in with a change of clothes, asking her to be ready, so that when the doctor comes, they can begin with the procedure. She takes it with shaky hands.

zee world Lies of the heart 12 June 2020 update After changing into the medical gown, she sits on the bed, her head still whirling from the impact of what she is about to do. she stretches out her hands and starts imaging happily, how she would take care of this new born and starts smiling to herself, as she remembers her time with shaurya. She breaks into inconsolabe tears, as she places her hands at her belly, and shakes her head. the nurse comes and says that the doctor has come to start the procedure. Urmi says that she wont be able to do this, as a mother cant kill her own child, and that she wont be able to do this, and that noone can separate them, and that this is her child, and she would give birth to this child at any cost. the nurse is shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

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