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Lies of the Heart 24 August 2020: Urmi is apalled as ishaani continues to blame her, for her taunting past. Anirudh however, unable to believe that she has turned like this, reprimands her for behving like this with her mother. He alo reprimands damini for having instigated ishaani so badly that she cant even stand her mother for a single second, and that she must be feeling an incredible sense of achievement that she managed to distance the mother-daughter duo so apart, that the daughter hates her mother. Urmi, being docile, is highly restrained, and still apologises if she felt bad, but ishaan maintains a curt face and leave from there in a huff. Anirudh and urmi are tensed.

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The next morning, when shauarya wakes up, he finds in the newspapers that the proper coverage of their high profile hit and run case hasnt been done and is boggled why.

While cheeku goes to check on diya, in her house, he along with diya and her family have a light banter.

Diya lands in karan’s house, and his mother comes to receive her. she talks about how upset karan was yesterday and hence she came over to apologise to him in person. She asks her about karan’s whereabouts, and gets o know that he isnt awake yet. Diya suggests that she shall take tea for the fiance. She complies. Diya goes and tries to get Karan’s mood cheered up. He finally looks up, and then notices the bandage on her head. He immediately gets concerned. She keeps assuring him that she is fine. He is still unconvinced. He asks her why she didnt inform him about this, and she talks about her phone loss yesterday. They both finally patch up.

Shaurya discusses with his team, on the media coverage regarding Jaamdaan case, when diya walks in. Diya vehemently accuses the reporter of having been bribed by jaamdaan, but sahaurya asks if she has any solid proof, regarding it. She says yes, but then remembers how she doesnt have the phone that contains the recordings. The reporter is relieved. Shaurya takes this turn to lash back at diya, saying tht he doesnt need a reporter like her, and that she needs to go immediately. She is hurt, apalled and shocked, as she turns and begins to go. The screen freezes on her face.

Urmi comes and eyes ishaani, who’s asleep in her room, still haunted by her words’ bitterness last night. she sits by her side, and caresses her face, thinking that fate is playing a cruel game on her, that she cant even hug her tight or kiss her, and wonders why god punisjhed her so badly, that she cant even love her own daughter. she says that she years for a little love on her side, and a small rendition of mother, and wonders how to assure herself that things will reverse. She thinks that she resigns herself, to thinking that ishaani is happy, but she cant stand this anymore, and her patience is breaking now. She wonders how long would this continue and then leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Awaaz’s office, Diya’s residence
Cheeku angrily comes to shaurya and asks why he fired diya. Shauray talks about her recklessness and frivolity. He clarifies everything. Shaurya asks if he has any proof. Cheeku says that he has all recordings of jaamvaad with the bribed staff. Diya’s innocence is proven when cheeku makes shaurya listen to the recording, and also diya was speaking the truth about her accident the previous night. Shaurya is tensed as he hears the entire recording. Shaurya is shocked and enraged too.

Meanwhile, Diya is super angry at shaurya, for being so brash and not even giving her a chance to clarify. Karan angrily vents out his frustration at her boss, asking how can be so inhumane. but her father stands up for her boss, along with her mother. karan says that if he actually cared, then he wouldnt have thrown her out, in front of everyone. diya too decides to give shaurya the benefit of doubt. karan asks her to look for a job somewhere else. Diya gets shaurya’s call, and gets worried. Her father asks her to pick up. Shaurya says that her amount is oending, and asks her to come and collect it, while she lashes at him anrgily saying that she doesnt need it, and he can keep it to himself. but on her parents’ insistence, she calms down and agrees to go.

When finally diya arrives, shaurya turns around to face her tensedly, as she stands with karan. She comes and asks for her cheque. He hands it to her, and then wishes her all the best. she begins to leave, and he asks her to check the amkount. she says that she deosnt need to, and retorts back with a taunt. karan however asks her to check the amount, and diya complies resignedly. She takes the check out and finds that sorry is written on it. She lashes at him asking whats this. he barely manages to speak, while chiku enjoys it. She asks him to repeat his apology again. He says that her made a mistake. she continues to retort at him, while he says that since he insulted her in front of everyone, he apologises in front of everyone. Chiku tells how shaurya got to know everything. karann says that whatever it is, diya wont work here anymore. shaurya says that its just a misunderstanding, and that he and Awaz both need her. She agrees, but karan is shocked. she asks him to catch his ears and say sorry. He is outraged but complies nevertheless. diya happily and amused, agrees to join back. shaurya leaves. Karana is angry and asks what does this mean. She happily waives off his concerns.

Scene 4:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Gaurav suggests a bizzarre idea to urmi, that they should get Rashmi’s daughter to their house, from where she is currectly residing. urmi is outraged at what he suggests. gaurav says that he may not be the father, but he can do atleast this much, as even if one girl is svaed, he would find his life worthwhile. he says that he owes Roshni this much atleast. urmi is tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Jail
jaamdaan’s son is finslly taken into custody, while the police thank shaurya and diya for their thorough investigation. jaamdaan gets down behind the police jeep, from his car and angrily eyes diya and shaurya walking past him. The screen freezes on the trio’s face.

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