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Lies of The Heart 3 August 2020: Lies of The Heart update Monday 3rd August 2020, Samrat gets damini’s call and is baffled. Before he can get his acting on, she instantly asks him he got her accident done, and he is stunned,asking where she got this idea from. She asks him to clarify, while he continues his emotional acting. Damini warns him that nothing should happen to tani, or else. samrat asks her not to be instigated by urmi, as she would put such ideas into their head. he says that she can ask tani to confirm. damini says that she shall definitely ask, but not her, ishaan, and asks him to remember that if anything wrong happens, consequences shall be worse. samrat meanwhile is overjoyed that ishaan is coming to take tani and him, and then niranjan shall be a distant problem.

In the ward, the bengali couple and shashi find out that tani is out of danger, and shall gain consciousness in the morning. they are relieved that they wont have to fast anymore. Samrat is very happy when they tell him too, and is relieved himself too. shshi takes credit for this too, due to her fast. samrat asks the bengali couple to get lost, while they say that they shall not leave till tani gets conscious. but samrat says that ishaan is coming, and he knows the true diwaker and kanchan. they are thrown out. samrat says that ishaan is coming to take tani and him to mumbai. Shashi says that she should be taken along too. Samrat eyes her evilly, and asks her to sit, rebuking her. She asks if he wont repay for what she helped. He says that it was her duty. se is tensed. shashi gets an idea, that either she too would go to mumbai, or else he too wont go. samrat meanwhile is all smiles.

Ishaan comes and is apalled, to find tani in such a state. shashi tries to be overpampering to him and tani, but he simply ignores her. samrat comes in to find ishaan, and smirks at him. He grabs samrat by the collar asking what he did. samrat says that he didnt do anything, as tani had an accident. ishaan is angry, while shashi says that samrat is being misunderstood. Ishaan however is beyond reprieve, and gets angry at samrat. tani opens her eyes, and calls to them. Ishaan rushes to her. samrat too asks tani how is she. She asks them not to bother as she is okay. Ishaan starts bad mouthing samrat, but tani says that samrat isnt to be blamed, as he too said that he shall come but she denied him. She says that she has no problem here. Ishaan says that she shall come with him. samrat is happy, and says that she has no option but to go, as this would mean they shall be apart forever. ishaan asks him to shut up, for his drama, and asks him to think of the situation atleast. tani says that she wont leave him at all, and shall stay here only. ishaan says that she shall come to mumbai. tani says that if this is the case, then samrat too shall come. Samrat jumps and says that he is ready, but cant take the blame for this big crime. Ishaan says that she will come. tani is adamant. Ishaan complies with her request, and samrat feels victorious. But then shashi begins with her manipulative drama, and gets emotional that she wont be able to live without tani. tani says that she wont leave her. samrat asks her no to be in shashi’s talks, as her treatment is necessary. ishaan insists but then tani says that she is perfectly happy here and cant leave her family now. samrat is super angry at shashi, that she ruined everything. He takes shashi aside, and reprimands her for this melodrama, while she tries to give an excuse, but he sees through her plan, to go to mumbai too. he asks what should he do now. She says that he should have simply taken her. samrat is super frustrated at her idiocy, and asks if she cant see him happy. He is frustrated, and asks her to call the bengali couple once again, and this time she shall pay and not him. shashi is irritated.

Meanwhile, urmi is super tensed, when niranjan’s call or message doesnt get through and hopes that there’s no trouble, and if niranjan is alright. She thinks that ishaan is right as samrat can do anything. She is highly worried, and thinks that in a time like this, ishaan too isnt talking to her, as if that wasnt the case they would have worked together, but ishaan thinks that she is to be blamed for tani’s condition, when the god knows that she sent her only for her benefit.

The next morning, urmi is relieved that tani is safe and out of danger. she gets a call, and finds that its niranjan, and gets startled. she frantically asks where was he and if he is okay. niranjan says that he had an accident, and his phone got lost. urmi says that she had gotten very scared. He asks why. Urmi tells niranjan that tani met with an accient. he is shocked and says thats why she couldnt come to meet him. She says that tani is out of danger, and ishaan has gone there to be with her. She says that she is sure that samrat is behind this, and scared what worse he could do. He is sure too as he says that this only would have stopped tani from meeting him. He says that till the time samrat knows he is here, he wont risk that at all, and in fact they could use this as an oppurtunity. he says that infact he has himself called trouble, and that he smartly thinks that he has played a safe bet, where infact he shall use this against samrat to catch him in his own trap. She is tensed.

Twist of Fate update Saturday 1 August 2020 on zee world

When ishaan returns home, he assures damini that tani is okay. damini asks why didnt he bring her back. He says that she didnt agree, after must insistence, as she is grown up, and refused. Ishaan narrates to them what happened, and they are all frustrated. urmi asks ishaan to atleast tell what caused the accident. He tells, and anirudh deduces that samrat wasnt in it. ishaan tells what tani told about samrat too wanting to go. urmi is baffled. Anirudh says tht they all overreacted, when it was just an accident, and maybe samrat wasnt at fault. Anirudh says that god knows what all people said against urmi, and that he genuinely feels that he should apologise to urmi, and that too right now. urmi is tensed, while ishaan is irritated, and damini is upset. Urmi asks him not to, as the scare caused them to behave like this. he says that urmi has always been a well wisher for tani. before she can react, ishaan curtly apologises to urmi, saying Sorry. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.

tani vehenemently denies going back to mumbai, saying that she lieks it here, and they have to find out, who tried to run her over and why. samrat is tensed and but smilingly complies nevertheless. She then shocks him by asking him to pree her feet, as she has gotten bed sore, in the hospital. He fumes from inside, but frustratedly complies, swearing to have her revenge. He finds that she has fallen asleep, and then remembers about niranjan’s warning regarding the driver. He calls up the driver to confirm, who thinks that he must have killed samrat’s wife, thats why he is calling up, and hence doesnt pick up, and theerafter switches off the phone, leading samrat to believe that what niranjan said was actually true, and that the driver is ginoring him now. he thinks that he would have to definitely kill niranjan now as he has no other option, to solve this problem altogether.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Damini finds the maid preparing ishaan’s tiffin box, and sends her out for an excuse of another work. she then mixes something in it, determined to have urmi out of ishaan ‘s life. sandhya finds her working in the kitchen, and comes and deduces that she definitely is upto something against urmi. Damini confirms it and says that this shall definitely end everything between urmi and ishaan.

Scene 3:
Location: Chawl
samrat thinks that niranjan is growingly becoming a pain in the ass, and hence now its time for him to get rid of him. he meets the gun dealer, and buys a desi pistol from him. He swears that now niranjan shall face his doom, and its time for him to go, and that what wouldnt happen to him that easily, according to Niranjan, would happen so easily, as he wouldnt blink twice before killing him.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s Office
ishaan is surprised to find damini in the office. She says that she came here to give him lunch. ishaan asks why. Damini says that urmi sent her here to ensure that he eats it, after he sent the full tiffin back the earlier day. ishaan is tensed. he refuses. She says that he should for her sake. he says that he doesnt want to. She says that urmi would raise a hue and cry and pick a fight with everyone back home. Damini says that they are reduced to the status of a servant. She manages to convince him to eat. He takes the first bite, and then frustratedl goes for water, while she eyes him evilly. She pretends to ask if everything is alright and if he is okay. he asks if urmi sent this food. She says yes. He says that he doesnt what revenge she is seeking, as she has put a load of chillies. she pretends to be shocked, saying that she cant trust urmi now, as she can go to any limits. he is tensed, while damini stands satisfied.

Scene 5:
Location: An isolated building
Niranjan’s car honking startles a tensed samrat and he ducks into hiding, waiting for him to arrive. He thinks that niraanjan has come earlier, but shall go empty handed. meanwhile, niranjan thinks that he shouldnt die today, as he has come with the full possible measures to prevent himself. As niranjan comes, samrat eyes him from hiding, thinking today he shall lose his life, as he gave challenge to the wrong person. Just then, niranjan gets urmi’s call, and tells her that samrat located a very isolated and dangerous building, and as they suspected samrat shall plan to kill him. urmi asks if he has come with all prepartions and says that he has come with a bullet proof jacket, and hopes that he hits in those areas only. samrat hears all this and is shocked. niranjan continues talking, oblivious that samrat is hearing them. He says that samrat has no idea of their plan, and that today he would definitely want to kill him, as thats the kind of place he has brought him to. urmi says that she has seen enough, and doesnt want tani to suffer. samrat listens to all this, while niranjan gives out entire plan, that once he hits niranjan, they should drag him to the court with this, and then also expose him in front of tani. he thinks here samrat shall be captive, and tani shall be free in Mumbai. urmi asks niranjan to be safe, and expose samrat to tani. Niranjan asks her to cancel the call, as samrat might come anytime. samrat understands that this is urmi’s plan all along, and she co-conspired niranjan also in this. samrat thinks that he would have taken care of niranjan today itself. samrat is determined that he shall change the game such, that they would be tormented solid. The screen freezes on his angry face.

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