Lies of the heart update monday 30 march 2020 on zee world


In Lies of the heart 30 march 2020; lies of the heart 30 march 2020 update, mom ads fuel to fire by telling sam that umri doenst listen to her…sam says will teach her lesson… all feeding at urmi place..with love…dad asks umro why thy ca,e bck frm goa so soon…bro comes and says thy are trying for kid…he says dont blame thm…dado says we jst shared our view..

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umri wants to say dad stops saying leave him…dadi says bro will understand…sam says will talk to urmi whe she comes…umri tells her dad regd fight between sam and ishaan…urmi says both didnt reveal regd the fight…umri says sam told all not to talk abt ishaan at home… lies of the heart zee world mom says tamasha will be gd to watch…urmo comes home and sam stares at her…sam says where did urmi go. .she says shed went to parents place after asking his mom… urmi says she didnt meet her mom she went to see her…sam says she us talking a lott…umri says she went to meet her parents..sam says u are arguing with me…sam says stay there dont come here…sam says u r married act like tht… urmi says cant i go and meet thm…he says no …unri says thy gave birth to me..sam says u r arguing with me..sam throws her out of room… Lies of the heart 30 march 2020 update kanchan and divakar see umri..crying…mom comes up and knocks the door of sam room…she says come out of room…dad says what says will u call entire says come with us and sleep down… Urmi sleeping downstairs crying and thinking about her dreams before her marriage for her husband.

Lies of the heart 30 march 2020 update Urmi recalls how her mother warned her to keep so many dreams as it pains more when they are broken. Samrat while playing with his niece asks who bought palna and kept name as its done by bua. Urmi’s mother makes excuse that some other bua bought this. Urmi catches lie and asks her mother in law truth. Urmi’s mother in law talks to Samrat and gets to know that he will let Urmi sleep with him if she says sorry so she inturn ignite Urmi not to say sorry. Trisha visits suddenly to the delight of Anushka and family members.


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