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Lies of the Heart 31 August 2020: Update on Lies of the Heart Monday 31st August 2020, Karan objectifies as to what he did wrong, if he took advantage of diya’s rape, as her rape is done, and what can be done now, since she is already done with the incident. he says that the only thing is he can sympathise with her, and if her tragedy comes to his use, then why not, since they share a relation. shaurya says that he cant believe they love each other and have a relation, the way he speaks right now. karan says that relations are a give and take, and he took his part of use from this relation. Karan callously claims that diya after having been raped, is a used commodity, and a thing is valued only as long as its new and untouched, and diya is no longer that, and no man, definitely not him, can be able to live with that, and even think about being with a girl like that. he callously says that she has been used, and is hence uselss now. shaurya’s blood boils with rage and he grabs karan by the collar. He asks him to watch what he is saying, as diya is the only reason, he is tolerating him so far. he says that he thought they loevd each other, but he was mistaken. karan is unfazed, and says that he shall exploit her, and asks what shall he do, tell diya, and then asks what shall he tell her, as if he does, she would break and fall apart which he wont allow to happen. He asks shaurya to stay quiet, as that woul;d help him too, since diya shall be able to get back to work then, and bring enws for him as usual. karan takes leave, while shaurya stands stunned.

Lies of the Heart update Monday 31 August 2020: Diya’s screams in the night alarm urmi and shaurya. they find her pinned in a corner, scared and terrified, and take her in her arms and ask her to relax and calm down. Anirudh comes in too, along with damini and ishaani. ishaani says that she got very scared. damini says that she is right here and she neednt be scared. damini wonders if this drama shall happen now too. Anirudh, and shaurya alogn with urmi, ask her to calm down and relax, and not be scared. sandhya asks urmi to stay here only, as diya seems scared. urmi too thinks that this is nice. Anirudh asks them to call if they need anything. damini comments that they shouldnt sleep even, as they can be on nightguard as the horror show might begin again, as diya should be safe and sound, even if that means they should be ruined. she asks urmi to get some more if this isnt enough. anirudh asks her to shut up and retire. they all leave, while diya is terrified.

The next morning, diya is brought down with urmi, along with others in the drawing room, to cheer her up, and change her environment so that she interacts with others. urmi asks rani to get tea for diya. damini keeps commenting to make it fast. she asks diya to cheer up and divert her mind, but this shant change a thing, as a tragedy like this takes years to change. shaurya says everything changes if there’s firm will and determination. karan comes in and suspiciously eyes shaurya, and then calls diya. Shaurya is enraged to see him, while diya smiles happily. urmi asks him to come in. karan wishes everyone including shaurya. karan asks how’s diya now. urmi says that its good he came, as they were planning to call him. he asks why. urmi tells shaurya that they can send karan to pick up the clothes, that are at diya’s place. he asks which clothes. she identifies them, asking him to do so, as they are needed for forensic test, which would strengthen their case. karan is shocked, and says that he cant bring it. shaurya asks why. karan says that her parents wont allow him inside. urmi reminds that he was planning to talk to them yesterday, and diya too requests. karan says that today is different, and that when they see him on TV, they would be fired up. He asks why him. urmi says that someone has to go, and sincwe they wont be allowed, he can atleast try. karan keeps grumbling. shaurya agrees to go, and asks karan not to take tension. karan shrugs his shoulders.

Later, while ishaani passes by diya’s room, she finds diya gazing in the mirror, at the injuries healing. she places a hand on her shoulders, saying that soon her marks and injuriesd shall go, and her face would be back to normal. diya says that time shall heal the external wounds, but the internal injuries on her heart and soul shall never heal. ishaani says that she wont say she understands her pain, as what she is suffering is extremely difficult for her, but if will power is strong, she can defeat everything, and asks her to stay strong. Diya thanks her. ishaani says that she can become her confidante, if she wants to share anything. Diya smiles. urmi sees them and gets the wrong impression, and asks ishaani whats she doing here when diya should be resting. Diya begins to speak, but urmi asks her to rest, and asks ishaani to go. Ishaani leaves. urmi asks if ishaani said anything. diya says that she is fine. urmi thinks that she had to do so, as ishaani is unpredictable and could have said anything.

Lies of the Heart Monday update 31 August 2020: While asha serves the men breakfast, nupur comes and begins to sit, but asha doesnt let her till she says good morning. she complies, and gaurav and asha respond back. But when chiku doesnt, she hollers at him. she is about to grab food, when asha teaches her that the food is called breakfast, and forces her to study, if she wants to eat. gaurav and chiku are amused. chiku asks for tea, and asha asks nupur whats it called in english. Chiku starts getting frustrated with these morning lessons, and gets up, while asha asks him to calm down. But he leaves in a hush. Nupur says that he wont melt if he doesnt take tea one day.

Devesh is super furious at diya and his parents too, after the media coverage of diya’s latest appearance, which left nothing o imagination as everyone now knows that its their family involved. her father wonders why is karan behaving like this. devesh says that he is taking his foootage out of diya’s destiny. Nirmala says that his mother is neither talking nor picking up the phone. the doorbell rings, and devesh screams looking at shaurya, asking what he wants now. shaurya asks to be let inside, as people are watching outside. he is let in. Diya’s father asks if he is satisfied now, looking at the tv that shows diya’s footage. nirmala asks shaurya to shut up, while shaurya says that he is not using diya’s tragedy. devesh asks him to come to the point as to why is he here. shaurya talks about the medical and forensic test, and why he needs those clothes. He tries to convince nirmala to give him those clothes, as they are direly needed if they want to see diya get justice. niamal says that she has them and geos to get it. Shaurya is relieved with a ray of hope. As all the men watch the news, nirmala quietly comes with the clothes, and then spraying petrol on them, she sets them afire, in the drawing room. As they start burning, she asks shaurya that he needed clothes for that case, and shows him a burning pile of clothes, the same ones, that diya wore that day. shaurya is shocked. devesh and her father are surprised. the screen freezes on shaurya’s shocked face.

shaurya is apalled at the callounsness with which diya’s mother burnt the only solid evidence of diya’s case. he is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Lies of the Heart 31 August 2020 update: ishaani is called by damini and told that anirudh has selected another guy as a prospective groom for her. ishaani asks damini to talk to him to stop this. she says that he wont listen to her, and that ishaani should herself tell him that she isnt interested rigth now. ishaani begins to speak, but quietens when she finds urmi coming down the stairs. Just then, shaurya enters. urmi asks if he got the clothes. shaurya tells urmi what happened, and she is shocked, as to how diya’s parents can not want justice for their child. She wonders how is this possible, and how could she not understand. Ishaani smirks and taunts her as to how could urmi go wrong in diya’s prediction about her family and be wrong for once. Shaurya asks what happened now, and why is she talking like that. He asks what happened now. She tells how unceremoniously urmi sent her out of diya’s room. urmi immediately apologises and clarifies, but ishaani again taunts that she isnt the godly person sent for the benefit of the world. she again stands up against urmi, saying that just like she neglected her own daughter for the world, years back, she did the same to her father, due to which she snatched her father from her. Shaurya asks ishaani to let it be, as urmi has apologised for her misunderstanding. damini continues to instigate ishaani by telling shaurya as to how he is siding with his mother only, even though ishaani is right. she says that they may have brought diya on their won will, but in its wake, they forgot about ishaani completely, and asks them to do whatever they want, but why are they ignoring ishaani. urmi says that it isnt like that. ishaani shuts her up, while damini continues to add fuel to the fire. She finally takes ishaani away. She doesnt even listen to shaurya calling her. he and urmi are tensed.

Later, Shaurya goes to diya’s room, and finds her staring aimlessl;y out the window. he comes to her, and controlling his emotions, he pretends to be cheerful, and says hi. she wipes her tears and asks whats the matter. he says that he just came to checl on her, and if she is okay. ashe asks about her parents, and if they are fine. He says yes. She asks if their anger has subsided, and that her father must have asked for her. he lies not to upset her, fumbling at the lies. she says that this means he didnt ask, and that he is lying. she asks him about the clothes then. he gets tensed, and then tells that her mother kept them away. Diya is apalled, to hear from shaurya, about the burnt clothes, and says that this means they arent left with any evidence to present or strengthen their case, and hence wont be able to fight the case. Shaurya is tensed, but assures that they shall definitely fight the case, even though it might be a little difficult, but they would find their way to victory, and that she should keep her spirits up. just then, he gets the inspector’s call, saying that he needs to bring diya to the police station rigthaway, as some goons have been nabbed, and she should identify straightaway if the rapist is amongst them. Shaurya hears intently. diya eyes him anxiously. he hears something, and thanks him. he is determiend, while diya is baffled.

Scene 3:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
Lies of the Heart update Monday 31st August 2020: Nupur comes to her room, stealthily sneaking in alcohol, and mxies it with coke, to be able to disguise it nicely. She lustily begins to take the first sip, when asha comes hollering for her. nupur gets frustrated. she composes herself, when asha asks her to come down to help her in making food. nupur tries to get away, but asha insists and pesters on, first with her rant then with her emotional blackmail, while nupur gets irritated and ginally gives in to her request, even though she boils with rage from inside. She gets an idea, and gives asha the lacerated coke with alcohol, and pumps her up and she drinks almost half the bottle. Nupur is amused, while asha starts going dizzy. She asks why is she feeling so dizzy, and by that time, much to nupur’s amusement, she doses off. Nupur finishes the rest in peace.

Scene 4:
Location: Karan’s residence
karan’s mother coems in to find him with a face pack, seeing his own media byte, saying that his face has been stressed, due to the diya incident. His mother again starts reprimanding him, for being so cruel and heartless, to think about whats diya going through right now. She says that he meets her wharever he wants. She asks him why doesnt he let her do the same. he says that she is just like she was, just much worse now, as her face is disfigured now. She says that she wants to enquire about her health. He then casually blurts out that he made her the villain. She is outraged, as to how bad diya must be feeling. He says that he had no other option, as he doesnt want to have diya tied to his neck all his life, and that he is with diya only till the media hype and publicity and after that, he wont even look at her. she says that he has crossed all limits of callousness and brutality. But he is unfazed and says that she should be proud that he is famous now. He then asks for some money for a new shirt, as the same one isnt beckoning on him, to pursue his acting career. She asks him to go to hell. He gets angry at her too. She leaves.

Scene 5:
Location: Police Station
zee world Lies of the Heart update Monday 31 August 2020: The police lines up all the goons. The final person, who’s one of them, tries to hide his face, out of scare and tension. Shaurya and diya arrive. the police asks her to come and identify. She is worried. Shaurya asks her not to be scared and identify them clearly. She starts seeing one by one, all the men and starts to deny. The police continue the trial. Then when a person pulls up a bald guy in front of her, she is reminded of the bald guy who was one of the rapists, and slightly resembles him. She is scared at the nightmarish recollection of the incident, and is shaken. The goon leeringly asks her to go on and identify if he was one of them, as he would love to touch her. the police too asks her to be fearless and identiy. She is scared and tensed, but says that he isnt. then she retreats back a step. the screen freezes on her and the rapist’s face.

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