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Lies of the Heart 12 September 2020: Update on Lies of the Heart Saturday 12th September 2020, Sumit calls up Damini, who is tensed for the tickets, asking about the same. She tells what happened, and says how she fixed it. she asks him to go and get the tickets from the travel agent. he complies.

In her room, diya is surrounded by ladies along with asha, teasing her about her marriuage with sumit. just then, damini comes in, and finding diya sad, again reminds her to be happy, and not carry this sad, morbid and dreary look on her face, thats a dead giveaway. urmi comes in with the puja thali, that she had prayed for diya’s happiness, and asks diya to have the faith that the lord shall never do wrong for her, and she shall be safe from all troubles,a md evil spirits. damini smiles otherwiseh, thinking that an evil spirit has already cast it effect on her and her happiness. She presents her wedding dress, thats come from sumit’s place, and asks her to wear this only. meanwhile, accidentally, diya turns around, while damini keeps asking her to smile, and collides into urmi, who spills the lighted diya on the dress, and the wedding dress, bursts into flames. the ladies start commenting as to how bad an omen this is, that the wedding dress got burned. urmi douses the fire, while damini smiles evilly. diya is distraught. Urmi wonders what shall diya wear now. ishaani and shaurya come in with a new dress, that she says her brother had asked to prepare as a wedding gift, and its good that she designed, since it came in handy, now that her dress is ruined. Urmi is relieved. diya smiles, while shaurya eyes her lovingly. Anirudh comes in saying that there’s an urgent call for her from the hotel, on his cell. She takes and excuses herself. the manager of the hotel tells her that her signatures are needed on the tax return papers, as today is the last day. She reprimands the manager for keeping things pending at the last minute. He suggests that he shall fax them, and then she can sign them and get it sent back to the rstaurant. urmi agrees. urmi decides to go to the study to sign the papers and finish the work. she arrives and then tries to fax machine but finds that it isnt working. she finds the switch unplugged, and plugs it back in. When the machine works, some papers come out. Urmi finds that they are tickets for sumit’s family, to europe, as they arrive in the fax. she wonders who might have gotten them fazed here. She is boggled, as to how is this possible, as that very night, sumit has to get the baraat for diya. She is boggled and extremely tensed as to whats going, and if sumit shall come tonight or not. she says that she shall not let this injustice happen to diya, as this marriage shall take place, at any cost and whatever it takes.

In the evening, the mandap is set, while the priest makes all the arrangements, with the help of the ladies of the house. Asha asks shaurya if the gajra is here. he says that chiku shall get it. damini oversees it from the balcony. meanwhile, urmi tries to go out, but alok stops her. Alok says that the baraat shall come any minute, and asks if diya is ready. urmi says that she shall be, as asha is with her. Shaurya too stops her and asks where is she going. She says that there’s no reason in giving him tension, and decides to check it herself first. He senses her tensed, but doesnt persist. Urmi accidentally throws the papers on the floor. Damini picks them up and asks what are these papers. she lies that she is going to the restaurant. damini asks how can she go to file tax right now. urmi takes the papers the first chance she gets and leaves. damini is relieved that urmi didnt the fax of the tickets.

In her room, diya is dressed up by the chatty asha, who keeps giving her marital advise. Diya is amused, and then asks about urmi. Asha says that she only sent her, to dress her up. Shaurya comes with the wedding jewellery. asha gets diya to try it on. Shaurya begins to go, while asha teases him to get married now too. he starts blushing looking at diya, while she tries on the jewellery. asha asks him what kinda girl he wants. he then begins to describe the exact opposite of diya, as he eyes her lovingly. asha asks where would he find such a girl. he says that if diya can find sumit, he too can find the girl. diya says that he shall definitely get the exact kind of girl he wants. he eyes her emotionally. asha continues to dress up diya, and then she finally looks at herself in the mirror, dressed as a pretty bride.

Scene 2:
Location: Sumit’s residence
Urmi arrives at sumit’s house, and wonders why its so silent and lonely, as if its the marriage house, then why is there no baraat ready. she deduces something amiss, and knocks on the door, after noone responds to tbe doorbell. Finally, the servant opens, and she asks about sumit and his family. he says that he doesnt know where they went. She tries to ask him where they went. he says that they went abroad, and asks her to come after a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, urmi hears the voice of someone asking for help, but the servant wards off her concerns. she says that sumit is supposed to get married, then how can they go like this. she again hears the voice for someone asking for help. The servant starts fumbling. urmi rushedly and insistently gets inside, throwing the servant aside. She finds a door locked, and opens it to find rani, tied in ropes. she is shocked and asks whats all this. she unties her, while rani then narrates her the entire story, of damini’s evil plan with her friend. rani hugs her and cries. urmi understands that diya’s marriage is a sham and a fraud, to spoil her prestige, and that even her apology to diya was fake. She says that she wont allow this game to continue anymore. urmi tells rani that she shall not allow damini and her evil intentions to win, and that she shall see to it, that the marriage happens. She is determined. the screen freezes on her and diya’s face.

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