Lies of the heart 18 July 2020: Urmi is pleasantly surprised to find sanay, who is super excited after her meeting with Samrat. She goes on a rant as to how she finally found a man who is mad for her. urmi expresses her reservations, that she doesnt find it okay, but sanaya is blindly in love, sying that this is what she always wanted. urmi finds her dreamy eyed, and smilingly asks her to calm down. Shanaya starts ranting to urmi about how samrat’s flirtatious and corny, cheesy romantic lines have wooed her over and she actually likes this man termendously. Urmi asks her to slow down things a bit. Urmi says that she doesnt like how is this going, and there’s something wrong. She asks who is this man. Shanaya smiles through, naming him sam. urmi smiles as she finds her best friend, totally lost in the glory of her new found love.

Lies of the heart update saturday 18 July 2020: Gaurav and ishaan are tensed that samrat has come in Mumbai. they are tensed if samrat came after urmi, till here, after having come out in Jail. ishaan is tensed too, and says that they shall not say anything to urmi, as she would be unnecessarily worried. gaurav complies, and tells ishaan not to tell this to anyone, as he cant have urmi’s and shaurya’s life getting affected, after they moved on with such difficulty. Ishaan says that till he is here, nothing can harm them. gaurav is assured.

As damini is busy organising her kitty parties, sandhya comes and again pins her on urmi’s friendship with ishaan. damini is disturbed, while she says that urmi is befooling her, and thinking of new ways to captivate ishaan, that one day they might just get married, and then come here. damini is enraged, and sandhya immediately apologises, and says that she should instead understand her situation, so that ishaan doesnt go from his mother to his friend, and then stand in front of her with his wife, Urmi. damini asks her to shut up, and then leaves. Sandhya is amused. She then finds tani, coming down talking on the phone, and tries to find out what kind of a guy does she want for herself. tani taunts her, pretending to fall in her trap, and then teases her as to why is she so bothered, as her type of guy wont be easily available on matrimonial sites. Tani starts explaining how she wants an adventurous partner. sandhya is boggled, with tani’s rants, thinking that her plans fell flat. Sandhya asks what work he shall do. Tani says that he should be super rich, and love her blindly, and propose her specially, and treat her like a princess.

Lies of the heart 18 July 2020: While Sanaya is jogging in the park, she finds a heart shaped petal decoration, with a note written, WILL YOU MARRY ME, SANAYA. She is plesantly surprised, and boggled too, while samrat comes out giving his silly grin. she thinks that he has gone mad, but enjoys the attention. She finds him distracting her from her work too. Then she gets a parcel, with a red saree, and a note Will you marry me, Sanaya. On her way to work, she finds Sam proposing her, on the national Radio. She is overjoyed with excitement, as she finds him taking the extra mile, with a billboard outside her house, asking if she would marry him. He spends the night in shivering cold. As the morning dawns, she finds him like that, waiting for her first look, his silly smile, and the same question on his lips. she is on the seventh heaven.

Urmi finds ishaan waiting for her in the car, and is shocked. But she ignores him and asks the driver to pull her car out. he asks her to get inbside. She says that when the relation is over, then she doesnt need him to do anything. he asks her not to talk, but atleast go with her. She says that she doesnt need him to do whatever she has to, as she can manage alone, and doesnt need a friend who betrays. He says that wherever she goes, she shall have to go with him. She asks whats this new rule and why would she adhere. He wonders how to tell her about Samrat. She begins to go, while he insists that he shall tag along. she again reminds him what she has decided. She demands for hre car keys. He says that he is just insisting, and that it isnt such a big deal, that she is making such a issue. She says that he cant be this possessive, as he knows everything about her, personal and professional, but she doesnt know about such an important aspect of his life, and how she doesnt know about his girlfriend, the love of his life, meaning that she isnt even in the outer circle of his friends. He corners her, asking her to stop, and asks if she wants to know about the girl in his life, the love of his life, and who he proclaims to be his girlfriend. When she nods, he says that he shall tell then. She is surprised and smiles, as she stands cornered against the back of the car.

Lies of the heart saturday update 18 July 2020: The next morning, gaurav is surprised to know from urmi that she has been promised by ishaan, that he would make her meet his girlfriend tomorrow, after he was cornered last night by her. He is amused, while she is excited to meet her, and how after judging her, she shall tell about her to Damini, so that marital relations can proceed. gaurav is excited that finally ishaan shall talk about his love for urmi, to her.

gaurav tells Ishaan that its good that he decided to propose urmi, and wonders why he took this hasty descision. He says that since he saw samrat, he doesnt want to take any chances, as he doesnt trust his motives. Ishaan says that if he marries urmi, many problems shall be solved together. Gaurav says that samrat would be scared to even think of harming urmi, then. He says that this is what he wants, and once he is married, then he can openly take care of urmi and shaurya. Ishaan determinedly says that samrat would have to face him to get to urmi. gaurav asks how would he get his parents to agree, and ishaan says that he would try something or the other to get round to that too. gaurav applauds him for being such a nice man, and such a nice friend to urmi, as he is then a perfect match to Ishaan, and wishes that he had gotten married to her. ishaan asks him not to worry. gaurav says that he is assured that he is there, as got concerned about samrat being back in town. Ishaan says that he wont let samrat spoil urmi’s life. the screen freezes on his face.

Lies of the heart saturday 18 July update 2020 samrat is impatiently waiting for sanaya, as she is late, wondering whether he got her back or not, and how his life is at stake, if he isnt able to repay back the money. He is super frustrated, when she doesnt show up. But he gets excited as he finds her coming. he is tensed to see that her mood doesnt seem quite okay. He pretends to be overexcited, asking what took her so long, as he was waiting for long. She asks him who told him to wait, and if he thought his cheap tricks would work for her. He thinks that this is a wrong answer and he got betrayed. She belittles him, saying that there are lines of lovers around her always, and that the madness that he is doing for her, she never found it anywhere else. samrat feels like he wont the game at the lost move. he is shocked and asks what does she mean. she reaffirms that she has fallen for him, and he is relieved and in his overwhelming nature he hugs her saying that he saved her. When she asks what does he mean, he says that he would have committed suicide, had she said no. He thinks that he should now hasten the marriage too. She asks whats he thinking. He asks if she likes children, and she says that she does. He is excited and he shouts from the rooftop, to all the guests, that he loves her, and wants to marry her. He presents her a beautiful ring, anmd kneels down on one knee, proposing to her. She says that she too wants to marry him very soon. he makes her wear the ring, saying that they are destined for each other. Theyu all slap, while she is in the wave of a whirlwind romance with him. She says that she is so happy, and thanks him for coming in her life. He thinks that he should thank her for coming in his life, as now he too would be rich.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan plans his proposal arrangements, for urmi, and sandhya overhears all this. As he says all this, he says that urmi should know from the arrangements that its for her, that he has planned all this. He expresses his excitement while she thinks that she shall give Damini this shock. She thinks that she came at the right time, and she would have to do something about this.

Late in the night, damini and anirudh are asleep, when the phone rings. He wakes up tensedly, wondering who called. He receives the call and is shocked.

Scene 3:
Location: Police station
Lies of the heart saturday 18 July 2020 update: Anirudh is mortified and embarassed, as the inspector gives him a huge lecture as to how he maybe a big tycoon industrially, but he is a highly irrsponsible father, and explains to him the severity of the situation, as tani wascaught in a drug and booze party, completely illegal. But tani is completely unfazed by what she did, and completely guiltless. she gets bored with this lecture. she tells her father that she didnt take drugs. the police warns him that he is leaving her just because she is his daughter, and the next time, she shall be charged on unbailable warrant. Anirudh apologises and thanks him, saying that there wont be a next time. he is super enraged, and drags her, out, asking her to be quiet.

Scene 4:
Location: The Blue Roof hotel
Lies of the heart 18 July 2020 Sanaya tells everything about her love life with sam, to urmi, who is super amused. Urmi says that Sam doesnt let her think, and sanaya says that she likes this only. she says that his emotions are highly intense. urmi is amused. Sanaya continues gloating about what a wonderful man he is, and praises him galore. She is sure that urmi too shall love him, if she meets him. urmi asks her where’s sam, when she gets a message, and tells to urmi that he is on his way. urmi teases her that maybe she doesnt want her to meet. sanaya says that she has told sam that she wont marry till her best friend’s approval. Urmi continues to tease her. Urmi tells sanaya that she is very happy for her, as she has never seen her so happy. Shanaya glows in the glory of her new found love, and says that she hopes that urmi too would get someone, who makes her believe in love and marriage once again. urmi says that there’s no place for that, as shaurya is her whole life, and that there’s nothing beyond that. urmi asks her to call sam, to find out whats taking him so long. Sanaya asks her to wait for a while.

Lies of the heart 18 July 2020: Meanwhile, samrat steps inside the restaurant, oblivious of urmi sitting with his latest flirt, hoping that he would pass this last exam, before he succeeds in his mission to marry her. He wonders who is this fast friend, who sanaya is talking about, as he would cut her every support system soon. He is sure that he would impress whoever this friend, of hers is. But he is shell shocked, to find that the friend, that sanaya wants him to meet, is urmi. he is dumbfounded at finding her here, and ironically yet again standing in the way of his success. He hides, thinking that sanaya is friends with urmi, and is disgusted with her fate. Sanaya meanwhile makes excuses that he must be stuck in traffic. While sanaya calls, urmi too gets a call, that some staff’s father has had an accident, and she would have to go. Sanaya is tensed, but urmi takes her leave, citing that her work is urgent. she agrees to meet some other day. they wish each other goodbye. sanaya sits down. urmi goes past. He hides behind the pillar, as urmi walks past busy on her phone, while he eyes her with hatred and mixed emotions. The screen freezes on his face.

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