Lies of the heart 4 July 2020 on zee world; Lies of the heart 4th July 2020, Samrat asks how dare urmi and her sister have the guts to hit him, and she silences him saying, that not only would they hit him, but also make him a joke in the society as then he would realise what being vulnerable and gullible means. She tells him that the list is so long, that one of his sins shall surafe before her, which she would use to annihilate him in the court. urmi tells him to save his life now, as she would also see how long he can save himself. She storms out with urmi, while samrat is angered and frustrated.

Lies of the heart zee world update saturday 4 July 2020 Radha is in the market, when she starts to eye the Mangalsutras and thinks that now that she is married, she would need one. She starts bargaining but gets jumbled up in the cost, as the shopkeeper tells the cost of the money in english. Ishaan, in the same market, overhears radha’s confusion, and then clarifies it. Ishaan wishes her a very happy married life. Outside, shashi too is talking to the neighbourhood ladies, advertising for Zee Rishtey Awards.

Niranjan is amused listening to samrat’s plight while he asks him to use it in the court. Samrat asks niranjan to use it as domestic violence, and adds that he has evidence too in the form of CCTV footage. he tells niranjan that there’s everything in the CCTV footage. Instead of being happy, niranjan gets upset, at samrat, and Niranjan tells samrat that the girls walked in there, as a well said plan, trying to manipulate him, so that he can confess his crimes, and they can have a record of it. samrat is tensed, as niranjan says that its very easy for samrat to get instigated. He says that they were actually trying to get him to brag, instead of having a heated verbal arguement. He asks if he didnt say anything about the MMS on the CCTV cameras. samrat is shocked and boggled, unable to answer. Lies of the heart 4 July 2020 He gets frustrated when he has to listen to Niranjan’s reprimands.

Annu is beyond reprieve, despite urmi and saroj’s attempts to cheer her up. Ishhaan arrives, and anu immediately rushes inside, and locks the door of the room. She doesnt open the door, despite ishaan and urmi telling her to do so. ishaan emotionally manipulates her, saying that she can meet her sister but not her best friend. this works and anu opens the door, and hugs ishaan, while he too consoles hr, apalled and distraught himself. Urmi thinks that due to samrat, her annu is like this. She is determined tht she wont ever forgive him for this one.

Lies of the heart update saturday 4th July 2020 While shashi is celebrating for the new possession of the entire property, samrat comes and asks why the dessert preparation. rudra asks how can she be so callous, that her son committed such a crime, and she plans to celebrate. samrat asks him to stop lecturing as he didnt do it with any evil intentions. Urmi comes in clapping, and samrat asks how dare she enter, and she retorts that she has learnt this from him only, entering in unannounced, and has the guts to stand in front of him. samrat says that she cant be in the house, and asks her to go somewhere else. Urmi gives him a CD, as a gift for him, and he is puzzled, and is shocked to know. Samrat asks whose is this. She says tht its of his sister, Aditi. Urmi says that she just wanted to make samrat realise how he shall feel, when his own sister becomes the hot property of the town. Samrat asks how she made it, and urmi says that after he threw her out, she knew exactly where aditi lives. He asks how dare she, and she says that she neednt shout, as she too didnt have any evil intentions. He asks how dare she do this, and she says that she has the most valuable thing of his life, and if he tries to act smart, she would get it distributed in the market, and is ready to be uploaded in the market, and once that happens, he would be famous, and his sister shall have her rate decided. The screen freezes on samrat’s stunned face, while all others are mortified.

gaurav is furious when ishaan asks him to calm down as they are giving samrat the right treatment. gaurav says that samrat escaped, since he wasnt here. He is super furious at him. Ishaan asks him to cool down, saying that he understands, and he shall get him punished, but they would have to get the law to punish him legally. Gaurav says that he wouldnt have waited, if urmi and annu werent involved. But gaurav is bubbling with rage, despite ishaan’s efforts. gaurab asks for urmi, and just then, she comes in, and says that she gave him that CD. ishaan says that samrat must hve gone into a fit by now. Urmi says that she didnt give him time to react, but now he would realise what he did. gaurav too is amused as to giving samrat a dose of his own medicine. urmi says that the treatment should be given that affects. ishaan says that this step would shake his family too.

Lies of the heart update Friday 3rd July 2020 on zee world

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Lies of the heart 4th July 2020 All are shocked and in grief, when radha comes and comments that urmi was wrong, and hopes that noone gets a bahu like this. Kanchan gets angry and asks her not to poke her nose, and go inside. Samrat says that radha was right, as urmi can make the life hell. Shashi goes berserk, and starts blaming urmi as samrat’s wife. He starts blaming them and then aditi, for thr foolish girl that she is, whose acts always caused him shame and insult. Rudra asks why didnt samrat think, when he made annu’s MMs, and he instigated urmi, and diwaker too agrees. Shashi tells samrat how he could have made an MMS, and then says that there’s a limit to the kinds of sin a person can commit, and how much they have to suffer due to the arrogant woman.

He asks her to shut up, saying that this is their fault, to bring defame to the family, and that she is the worst mother possible, but this time she doesnt, and reprimands him severely, that some sins are definitely beyond forgiveness, and this is one of them. She tells him to mind his language as he is talking to his mother. she says that its her fault, as she never gave him any lessons, in the childhood, or else they wouldnt hae had to see this today, her and the entire family due to him. all are shocked to see her talking like that to samrat, who himself is shocked. Shashi is fuming with rage, asking them what happened to her. She wards him off. Kanchan says that shashi owns the property and hence asks him to think nicely. Lies of the heart 4 July 2020 He threatens to cut her down to size. diwaker asks them to shut and find out aditi. samrat says that they made a fault, as they should have disowned her earlier only. Samrat says that he knows what he has to do, with annu now.

Scene 3:
Location: Niranjan’s office
Whiloe niranjan is dealing with another client, samrat wlks in impatiently, saying that he needs to talk to him right now. Niranjan is furious as he thwarts his clients outside. Niranjan reminds and warns him that he cant do this, while he blurts out that urmi mnade an mms of aditi. Niranjan is shocked to know what urmi did, and thinks that she is a strong contender. Samrat asks him to stop praising her, and use this info. Niranjan decides to find out the potential calibre of the cd. samrat gets furious that he would see the DVD of his own siater, and defame his family. Niranjan says that this can be solid evidence to the case, but samrat is adamant that he wont let him see it. He says that she should be punished for what she did. Niranjan asks if it wasnt a crime when he did the same. samrat says that he has proof in his CCTV footage, and hence asks him to take this golden chance. niranjan agrees.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Lies of the heart 4 July 2020 Ishan tells urmi that they have just 4 days left for the hearing and they need a strong case against samrat. urmi wonders what can they do. He points out that he tried to malign her chareceter time and again, but samrat is actually characterless, and they just have to prove it. She says that this would be easy, as he has cheated her several times, and she can tell about his past. he says that wont be solid proof. She says that even diwaker also knows this. He says that this wont help, as he wont testify, and asks her to think of a future plan. She asks what to do then, and he thinks that something shall definitely have to be done. Whiule they are discussing, a courier comes from the court, that urmi reads and is shocked, that the hearing has been preponed to tomorrow. ishaan is surprised too. They are both tensed what to do now.

Scene 5:
Location: Samrat’s residence
In the night, radha comes shyly, while samrat gets impatient. He hastily shuts the door, and begins to get intimate, when she insists to get him to make her wear the mangalsutra that she had bought in his name. Samrat, in his lust, agrees to do this too, when he isnt able to coinvince him otherwise. Then he takes her to bed, and she silently complies.

Scene 6:
Location: Jhansi Court
Lies of the heart saturday update 4 July 2020 The judge tells them that today’s hearing has been preponed by niranjan’s pleads who had something important to show to the court. Niranjan points out that there was no MMS, and the cyber cell gave a clean chit to samrat, after checking everything, and presents a copy to the judge. He then points out dramatically, how urmi got down to the lowest level, of dignity. Niranjan points out to the court, that urmi made an MMS of samrat’s sister, aditi, and is now blackmailing samrat for shaurya’s custody. Niranjan presents the Cd, asking how can woman like this, be given custody of an innocent child, and keeps accusing ishaan and urmi of this, and that samrat and his family are shocked and in a trauma, and they shall fire a case for that later on. niranjan says that its his appeal to the court, that the court should keep urmi away from shaurya asap, and hand over his custody to samrat. urmi is tensed as she eyes the judge for his reaction. The screen freezes on his face.

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