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Lies of The Heart 13 September 2020: Update on Lies of The Heart Sunday 13th September 2020, All the wedding celebrations are in full swing, when damini comes dressed, saying that she has waited tremendously, for this unique wedding of diya, that shall soon turn to ruins. The reporters throng the residence and then ask damini what are her views on diya’s marriage. damini starts being noble and says that diya came in broken and depressed, and they tried to help her in whichever manner they could, and its good that they organised a wedding for her, as they had promised her one. They ask about shaurya and she says that he must be around. they then ask about diya, if they can have some pics of her too, but she asks them to wait till the groom arrives. The reporters ask when shall the baraat come. she evilly smiles and says that she is waiting as impatiently for it, as they are.

In her room, diya is highly nervous and tensed, as she sits in front of the goddess. she asks if she wont come to bless her, as a mother’s blessing always counts, and that she shall have to come to give her strength, as wherever she is, power comes itself. A girl starts coming. She goes to diya, and tells her that her baraat came, and that its a big, grand one. diya smiles. The dupatta of the girl falls on her head by the wind, and she takes it as a sign of the goddess, as the girl runs away from there. In the hall, there’s a buzz about the grand baraat and all rush to the door, to check it out. damini is shocked and boggled as to how the baraat came. she turns around and is shocked. She rushes out, and finds a groom coming in on the horse, along with the baraat, while the family greets them happily. she wonders how did it come, as her plan couldnt be ruined, and this cant happen, as there’s definitely some problem. she is determined to find out. she comes inside to find out that urmi is in the way asking why is she so tense. Damini hastily rushes to go in. But urmi asks her to welcome the guests. damini refues asking her to do so. urmi reminds that she is the elder of the house, and hence its a ritual that she has to do. Urmi reminds her that nothing is more imp than the marriage. damini says that its related to marriage only. she goes inside. In her room, she wonders how could she face such a betrayal, and starts getting berserk and frustrated as to why the baraat came. She starts dialling sumit and his family’s number. She hollers at sumit, and is shocked when he says that he is already boarding along with the parents. She wonders who is here then. urmi comes in asking who is it that failed her plan so terribly. damini eyes her angrily, while urmi comes in asking who is that, and asks if she actually thought she would be able to pull this evil prank. She asks how could she play a pawn of every relation. damini waives her off.

Urmi asks her to shut up, as rani told her everything. Damini confronts her, while urmi asks her to say something. She says that she cant imagine she could kidnap rani, and asks how could she do this, play with emotions with a paid marriage. She reprimands damini profusely. urmi says that she cant kill diya, as the lord doesnt want that. She says that they take the seven pious circles with the person who is a match made in heaven. Urmi says that she is disgusted at what she did. Damini says that she can stoop far lower and yes she tried to kill diya, so what, without the slightest hint of regret. urmi says that she should be ashamed. damini asks if they are ashamed, anirudh didnt feel shame when he slapped her, she didnt feel shame when she brought a rape victim here. She says that they started questioning her existence. damini says that she wont let diya stay here and she would have to stay out of her life and her house. she says that she would have had urmi thrown out too, had she not contained ishaan’s child. She says that she should be fortunate, that she is still here. Urmi asks that she should thank he lord instead. She sayss that today if she told about what she did, then what about her existence, as anirudh shall throw her out. damini asks her to stay in her limits, and she says that she is, but the time is here, when she needs to be reminded of her limits. She warns damini that she shouldnt do anything wrong as if that happens, then she would forget everything and cross limits of age, relation, respect. Damini says that whatever ahppens to her isnt important. she says that she wanted to send diya. she says that she is finally out of her life, as frankly, she can get married to anyone, but be out, and that finally happened what she wanted.

meanwhile, downstairs, the marriage happens, as the jaimala is done. Then finally, the pheras, after which the mangalsutra and veremillion is done too. the reporters leave after their media byte. the priest asks the couple to take blessings of the elders. diya desnt find sumit’s parents. anirudh asks where are they. Urmi comes down with damini saying that they arent here, as their son isnt. this shocks everyone. Anirudh asks if not sumit, then who is it. Diya is extremely nervous and tensed. urmi comes and says that its shaurya. this shocks everyone, while chiku is pleased. Diya turns around to find shaurya having taken off his sehra. All are super shocked and stunned. the screen freezes on diya’s face.

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