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Lies of the heart 2 August 2020: Lies of the heart update Sunday 2nd August 2020 Samrat casually signals a hooligan at the tea stall, and he comes aside with him. samrat gives a hooligan a picture, and some money to break the bones of this person, and that this person lands in hospital. he tries to be indiscreet, and emphasises that only legs and hands should break, and the person should not die. The hooligan says that he shouldnt be bothered with the life, as he wont be implicated at all. He asks samrat who is it. Samrat tells him that its his wife. the goon is shocked. samrat says that he is helpless, and asks him to just stick to his work, and not let her die, as she is the prized possession. he asks him to be careful not to kill her, and just get her multiple fractures.

Meanwhile, Niranjan doesnt find samrat at their meeting venue at the time allotted, and wonders whats wrong. he thinks that he shall give samrat a final dose. he calls him up. samrat picks up frustratedly, and niranjan asks whats the matter. he gives samrat one more hour, to get the money, or else he should be prepared to be exposed. samrat says that today he shant come, and niranjan can go ahead and do what he wants. niranjan is surprised and boggled, and threatens him that he shall expose him to his wife today, and again tries to emphasises him of the consequences. samrat asks him to chill, and niranjan wonders how can he be so casual and careless, and Samrat asks him to go ahead and say whatever he has to. Niranjan wonders if he has gone mad, but doesnt express it. He threatens that tani shall have all evidences in an hour. Samrat says that he doesnt give a damn, and cancels the phone. niranjan wonders whats happened suddenly, and decides to find out. He calls urmi, and she too is shocked and boggled, as to where samrat’s scare vanished. urmi says that something is wrong, as samrat cant be this casual. She wonders if he has already got tani in his grip manipulatively. niranjan too thinks on those lines, and says that samrat is extra conniving. Niranjan says that either tani shall hear the truth, or samrat shall try to murder him, in both cases, its a win-win. He assures her that he shall keep giving her an update and cancels the call. urmi is tensed.

Damini enters the kitchen, and asks the maid about ishaan’s lunchbox, and is told that everything has been prepared today especially by urmi. damini is surprised. Just then, urmi comes with a note, and asks damini if she needs anything. she comments how is she making everything special for ishaan today. urmi says that this is just an attempt to please him, and help him get rid of anger. damini fake praises hr, and thinks that ishaan is being a little too stubborn, and says that she did talk with him, but he was behaving strange. She advises her that she should stop the chase, as then he would begin to chase her. But urmi is unconvinced and says that she made a humongous mistake, and has to rectify, and asks her to pray that everything goes well. damini vehemently says that she would. Urmi begins to pack his lunchbox. Damini finds urmi packing a letter for ishan, in his lunchbox. The maid listens, and urmi sends her out. after she leaves, urmi says that since he isnt talking to her, she can express her feelings in writing, so that her emotions reach him. damini compliments the gesture, while thinking of a plan. damini smiles.

Later, damini sneaks the lunchbox inside the room, and starts reading the letter, in which urmi is highly apologetic to ishaan, asking and begging him to talk to her once, and says that she has made a big mistake, and is sorry, and asks him tp punsih her, but not stop talking, as she cant bear it. In her furious rage, damini tears the letter, and throws it in the litter box. She takes out another letter from the cabinet. She then gives the different letter in the lunchbox, that she intends him to read, on urmi’s behalf. she pakcs the lunchbox yet again, determined to spoil urmi and ishaan’s relation.

Samrat hollers for tani, and finds her coming down. He thinks evilly, that she isan idiot who is so dressed to face her doom, and marvels at his super smartness. he comes to her, with a box of her favourite dessert, cheesecake, and the bengali couple too eye it leeringly. She asks him to eat instead and asks him not to talk to her. He apologises proufsely, while she asks him to stop the drama. He asks if she thinks that he is dramatising, and asks her to hit him, but not stay mad. Shashi and the bengali couple are shocked. Tani tells shashi that she is going out to meet someone. samrat says that he too would tag along. But she insists that she shall go alone. Shashi and the bengali couple try and be extra sweet, and decide to tag along, but he snubs them off, saying that he shall only go with her, and not them. Tani shuts them all saying that she shall go alone and with noone else. He says that he has bad intuitions, and asks her to take him along. but she frustratedly says that she shall go alone and leaves hastily. Samrat wishes that she goes fast, as only then, she shall fall in his trap, and her accident is his life insurance, as once she lands in the hospital, she along with her husband, i.e. him shall be whisked off to mumbai, and then he shall forever live off her money, that was his plan all along.

Meanwhile, ishaan finds the letter in the lunchbox and begins to read it. It reads that urmi has written that she has been trying to hard to get him to forgive her, but he refuses to bow to any apologies. she is trying so hard that now she finds him beneath her, and is completely fed up. she says that the truth is that he doesnt deserve it, and if he doesnt want to talk, then so be it, as he can stay in his ego, as she really doesnt care. he is enraged and shocked, as damini wanted him to be. He thinks that this means he wasnt wrong, and now even he doesnt care.

Meanwhile, tani walks on the road, frustrated that there’s no auto, and thinks that she shall tell samrat to get a car. she finds one auto, and tries to hitch hike for it, but it passes by. she starts walking, thinking that samrat had told there isnt much in Jhansi, and completely oblivious that a truck is coming as earlier decided by samrat, towards her, driven by the paid hooligan. As she turns around, she screams in shock, at the proximity of the truck, to her. The screen freezes on a blackout, as it hits tani.

Niranjan wonders where is she, and decides to call tani, and is more surprised when her phone is switched off.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
samrat puts on a fake pretense, and he along with his family, run her on the stretcher, to be rushed into the hospital theatre. the doctor asks them to relax, and let him check tani. He goes inside. Outside, samrat hopes that tani doesnt die, as everything would be ruiend then. shashi asks whats he mumbling. He asks why is she after him always, and asks her to go pray in the temple. She grumbles, but he sends her off to pray. She resignedly complies. After she leaves, he is tensed.

Lies of the Heart update saturday 1 August 2020 on zee world

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence and in the hospital
Over tea, damini is instigated by sandhya that urmi didnt leave for her house. damini tells sandhya that soon she shall see new drama unfolding. meanwhile, samrat calls up damini and breaks down into sobs and muffled screams, and she asks why is he crying. He pretends to be distraught, and tells them of the accident. Damini asks him to speak up. urmi rushes down and asks how is tani. damini is shocked and gets dizzy hearing the accident. She asks him to speak clearly. He narrates everything, while shashi hears from behind. He starts going berserk. damini meanwhile has a fainting spell. she asks him where’s tani. Damini tells anirudh about it, and all are shocked. urmi says that she shall take the phone and talk. damini gets to know that tani is in the hospital, and again reminds her that he had told her not to send them to jhansi, as this has happened now. anirudh takes the phone, and asks. Samrat gets into fake crying mode, and says that tani is critical and if anything happens to her, he wont spare anyone. he cancels the call. anirudh is distressed. samrat smiles and turns around, and finds shashi, asking why is he overacting, as if their heart fails, he would lose all claims in the property. samrat however is unaffected and smiles and says that now all of tani’s family would come to take them all back, and that their return to mumbai is confirmed. shashi too is happy. samrat thinks that when things didnt turn his way, he made them to. he guffaws, while shashi says that she is scared that if tani dies, his plan would be spoiled, and asks him to take care that tani doesnt die. He asks her to speak nice, and warns her not to do so again.

Damini meanwhile is super tensed, while anirudh asks her to cool down and compose herself. He asks urmi to call ishaan, while she says that she is trying, but isnt going through. Sandhya continues pointing out that since ishaan and urmi got married and urmi stepped in this house, things have been bad for them. sandhya and damini’s husbands reprimand sandhay to stop talking like this. ishaan comes in and rati tells them. they all turn to him, who’s tensed already. Damini goes berserk, asking and pleading ishaan to find out about tani. Urmi tells him that tani has met with an accident, as samrat called. he angrily eyes urmi. ishaan says that happened which he was so scared of, and they didnt listen to him at all, as he knows samrat is an animal capable of going to any lengths, and hence kept saying that tani shouldnt go with samrat to jhansi. He vents his frustration out on all, asking why they didnt hear. He looks at urmi disgustingly, and angrily, and hence had warned against this, time and again. He asks urmi if she is happy and satisfied and did she achieve what she wanted. urmi stands hurt and disappointed, while damini eyes her accusingly and disbelievingly that it was her plan all along. Damini asks ishaan what he means, and if he didnt want to send, then who did. urmi and anirudh stand tensedly. ishaan stands helplessly. urmi speaks up that she had suggested that tani be sent with samrat. damini gets angry and screams at her asking why she did so, forcefully. urmi says that she wanted tani to see samrat’s true side herself, and be free from him, as he is a monster. damini tries to vent her anger at urmi, while anirudh comes in saying that it was his and urmi’s plan, and for tani’s benefit, and convinced ishaan too lately. Damini asks how couldnt he discuss with her, before taking such an important descision, as she is tani’s mother, and asks ishaan how could he not tell her. all are tensed and enraged. Sandhya again says that this is due to urmi, who’s directing anirudh and ishaan, as they both didnt know. Anirudh asks her to shut up, while damini says that she is right, as urmi has already captivated ishaan, and now anirudh too. urmi is shocked. damini bad mouths urmi, while anirudh points out that she did this for the benefit of this house, and damini says that she doesnt need it. damini asks ishaan to go and get tani, safe and sound. he promises her that nothing would happen. ishaan too blames samrat. anirudh asks how can samrat be after this road accident, tani was in. ishaan says that he doesnt know samrat. Anirudh says that maybe he is right, but it could just be tani’s mistake too. damini is berserk for tani. ishaan asks damini to calm down as nothing would happen to tani, and he shall go to jhansi rightaway to get tani.

Scene 4:
Location: In the hospital
In the temple, in the hospital, the bengali wife and shashi are relieved that they didnt go with tani, or else they would be on the death bed too. samrat comes sipping, and shashi says that he should get something for her too. But he says that she wont get anything, as she shall fast for tani. he blames her for tani’s accident, and says that she shall not drink water, till tani comes to to senses. the bengali lady begins to go aside. Shashi asks samrat to get the bengali lady also to do as she took the necllace if she took the bangles. He calls her too, and asks her to keep fast along with shashi. the doctor comes and tells him that tani is critical, and her Bp and pulse is elevated and she shall have to be under observation. he says that they shall have to wait, and finish some formalities in the meanwhile. He asks them to ardently fast, and then goes with the doctor.

Scene 5:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan begins to leave, while sandhya takes care of damini. Sandhya’s husband asks ishaan to leave, as he too shall drop him at the airport. ishaan warns her not to even think lik that, as she wont go anywhere now. urmi tries to stop him. he turns and says that if anything happened to his sister, he wont ever forgive her. Ishaan leaves. urmi is shocked to hear such hatred in ishaan’s voice. All are tensed, while damini eyes her venomously. The screen freezes on her apalled face.

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