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Lies of The heart 5 July 2020: sunday update on Lies of The heart 5th July 2020 samrat tries to get close to urmi, but she runs off in shyness. Samrat’s mother is fuming over urmi and her family, that they are unperturvbed that they were insulted and then apologised to. samrat’s bhabhi says that they dont want to let go of this relation easily, as its such a huge and famous family. samrat’s mother agrees and goes on to crib how the girl’s side should always be kept under control.

Lies of The heart sunday 5th July 2020 dance practises are going on in urmi’s house, amidst much fun and frolic. urmi comes in looking for her mother, while trisha and anu come in to dance. She insists trisha to dance too, while she is tensed. Trisha says that right now she isnt in the mood. But still trisha isnt able to do properly and is pointed out for that. Granny recounts her days. trisha leaves from there saying that she doesnt want to dance. All are tensed.

inside her room, trisha is asked by her parents what happened. She says that this marriage is a sham, and that samrat isnt the right person for urmi. trisha says that samrat isnt the right person, as wronbg intentions are forcing him to marry. Her mother closes off the doors, and asks her to understand whats she trying to say. Trisha says that they dont know, that she heard everything when samrat refused to marry, and whatever happened after that. They are tensed to hear this. but her mother is adamant that maybe samrat did realise it, but his male ego came in to ask for frogiveness from trisha. but trsiah says that he just wants to have an upper hand in this. but her mother says that he could have blamed this on trisha, and then that would have been awkward. Lies of The heart 5th July 2020 on zee world she says that marriages are made in heaven, and if it has to hapen it will. trish tries to argue, butr her mother silences her saying that they have discussed enough, and that she should behave with samrat, so that ujrmi’s life isnt hampered. she says that she must have had a misunderstanding. her father too gives in while trisha is tensed. while her mother leaves, her father asks her to calm down and leaves too. trisha is tensed.

urmi is surfing through samrat’s pics in her mobile, and remembers her encounters with him. The servant is about to take the flowers away, but urmi says that she would always keep them, as they were given by samrat. The servant says that samrat is one lucky guy. urmi messages samrat, a romantic one, which asks if he’s missing her, while he doesnt care to pick the phone, and evn see. finally he does after much insistence and is irritated. he gives it to ishaan, who actually finds it sweet. they are at contrasting views about the sitaution. she is playful irritatad. Lies of The heart update sunday 5 July 2020 ishaan asks him to respond to the messages, but he doesnt care. Meanwhile, urmi is sad. She is very excited when she gets a wonderfully romantic message from samrat, and is overjoyed at that and screams scaring the people around. she sends the servant off, and closes the door, and starts dancing around. she says that she didnt knw he was so romantic. meanwhile, ishaan assk samrat to understand and learn this, as he’s getting married and not him, and that he wont do this again.

Lies of The heart update sunday 5th July 2020 samrat’s mother is tensed and calls up urmi’s mother, who’s surprised to get a call this late and asks her to meet her, so that she can talk to her, about something really important. samrat’s mother says that she would come over to their house tomorrow and talk. urmi’s mother is tensed. she tells about this to urmi’s father and he gets tensed too. they wonder what could this be. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

the marriage preps and discussions are going on, amidst all the family members. Urmi’s mother is tensed as to what samrat’s mother wants to talk about. Her sisterv wonders whats she thinking and goes over to ask whats the matter. urmi’s mother is tensed, and tells about the phone call last night. She asks urmi’s mother not to get tensed. She says that maybe its for the dowry, and this happenes generally. Lies of The heart 5 July 2020 Buaji comes in taunting saroj, urmi’s motherb about the delay in work. but she is assuered that things would work out soon. Granny calls out to the girls with urmi too, as its her ritual today to start the ceremony by beginning to serve.

Lies of The Heart update Saturday 4 July 2020 on zee world

In urmi’s room, trisha is tensed, while anu is taking away urmi’s phone from her, and urmi is hassled. Urmi talks to trisha that she is always sad nowadays. Urmi tells that she isnt taking the least interest. trisha asks her to let anu talk, whats the big deal. urmi is cornered. urmi warns anu that if he feels bad, then she wont spear her. as anu calls, urmi is tensed. Ishaan picks up, while anu pretends to be saroj. They try and joke around with him, as he gets tensed talking to anu, like her mother. they start laughing giving their secret away, while anu gives tips to ask ishaan to come over soon, but ishaan finds that its anushka. anu is disappointed that her gig is up. Ishaan teases her that he found out about their secret. then urmi takes over the phone, saying that anu is to be blamed fort his. while urmi is called, urmi keeps the phone, and attends to masi, who comes in calling for her, and takes the girls outside along with urmi.

urmi’s mother is still tensed thinking about the phone, while she becomes careless in the kitchen. urmi comes and asks whats the matter. urmi’s mother tries to distract her, but urmi realsies that she is lying. she asks urmi to leave for the ritual. urmi is tensed but leaves. saroj is tensed still.

Outside the ceremony starts, with urmi beginning to serve. Anu is hungry, but is teased that she wants to get married the first. Trisha says that she doesnt want to sit, but is teased and insisted to attend the ritual. merriment and a grand feast begins. Ishaan comes and surprises urmi. All get excited seeing him, and tend to her. anu tells them that they had only called her. They ask about samrat, while urmi is shy. zee world Lies of The heart 5 July 2020 anu says that he must be busy in work. ishaan tells them that he has gone to the mandir to perform a puja, for his new phase of life, to keep urmi happy. urmi is shy while trisha is tensed at samrat’s mention. Ishaan is amused and teases everyone, when they ask him to sit on the chair, that mayeb he wont even get married then. Buaji too teases her, while rashmi too teases him with urmi’s sisters. trisha says thatv she doesnt want to get married. isdhaan says that he too isnt interested. Granny and buaji ask whats his type of girl. rashmi asks ishaan what kind of a girl does he want for his wife. Ishaan says tensedly that he wants a girl just like urmi. urmi is surprised. Anu says that urmi is a single piece only, and he would have to change his choice, and ishaan pretends to be dramatic and hurt at this. all have a good laugh, while saroj is still tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: In the temple
samrat is performing the rituals of the puja in the mandir, along with his family. The phone begins to ring. all notice but he doesnt attend to it. His parents grumble about it. Samrat stops the priest midway from his chants, and picks the business call. He tells everyone that he would have to go, as there’s some important work. the priest says that the puja would be incomplete. samrat says that he doesnt care. the priest tries to make its importance clearer. Samrat says that he has done enough, and his father will take on from now on. samrat is reckless about his puja’s outcome. After much insistence even, he doesnt give in and begins to go. Samrat’s mother finding no option, gives in, as usual. the priest’s mouth is shut by bribery, and samrat walks off, without caring any lesser.

after having performed the puja, samrat’s father begins to go with his mother, but his mother sends him off in another car, while she goes alone in hers, saying that she has an important work.

Scene 3:
Location: urmi’s residence
Lies of The heart 5th July 2020 update While all are engaged in fun and merriment, urmi’s mother is tensed for samrat’s mother and tells everyone when asked about it. Just then, samrat’s mother arrives. The screen freezes on saroj’s tensed face.

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