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Lies of the Heart 20 August 2020: Lies of the Heart update thursday 20th August 2020, Samrat is frustrated to see shashi with tani and asks why she came here. tani says that she brought her here. damini watches this all tensedly. Sandhya comes and taunts that now she too shall stay along with her son. Taani asks her to stop. urmi and ishaan come out, and are tensed. Then shashi pretends to be very happy to see both of them. She ogles at damini’s expensive jewellery and samrat snatches her away from there. tani asks samrat to take shashi’s stuff in the room. Once he does so, he reprimands shashi for coming here, and that with such baggage. She says that tani called her here, and conspires as to how she shall fix his and her position in the house. He asks her not to overwork her brain. She is tensed. Tani comes in with breakfast. she asks how can he talk to his mother so rudely and asks him to apologise. Samrat defiantly asks why should he. She pretends to be hurt, and hugs tani saying that he wont. she continues crying, and tani asks him to say sorry. he frustratedly says sorry, in anger. Shashi asks if he shall say sorry like this. then tani gets to her service, and she starts eating. she thinks that tani shall be her ticket to this house.

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Lies of the Heart update thursday 20 August 2020: In her room, ishaan comes while urmi is getting ready, and asks where is she going. she says that she is going to the restaurant, and asks why. He says that she cant leave her lonely husband and go to work. she says that she has urgent work and needs to go. he takes her in his arms and swirls her around, causing her sari to be dishevlled. She frustratedly gets to arranging while he says that if he got it off, its his duty to help her wear it, and says it with innuendo. She is amused, while he keeps trying to do it. He says that he did the pleats, and hence he shall help her wear it too. She teases him not to, and then they both break into a hearty laugh. he asks her not to be scared of anyone, as its her house, and asks her not to be tensed with shashi’s presence in the house, and he is here for her unconditionally. She hugs him.

In her room, Damini is frustrated and agitated that shashi came in unannounced, and anirudh teases her that tani called her and she isnt unannounced, and she should direct her aggression to tani. he assures that shashi wont stay here forever. he is amused while she is furious at him too.

Lies of the Heart thursday update 20 August 2020: On the roof, urmi is working on the mobile, and asks the maid to get the groceries. shashi too comes. the maid asks if she needs anything. shashi says that she just came to meet urmi and catch up. urmi is tensed. shashi asks if she likes her new marriage and new sasural. urmi sends the maid to get the work. Shashi says that she is ruling the house, and how easily she landed another house. she taunts that she landed a good and rich house. urmi says that good people make their way wherever they go, as its due to their good intentions, and good will. shashi is tensed, and then diverts and asks her how long has she been seeing ishaan, and if it happened while she was with samrat. Urmi asks Shashi asks her to give some gossip. urmi says that its her life, and she has no interest in sharing its details with her. Shashi says that she has always been hot headed. urmi asks if she came here to do this. Shashi says that she came to visit mumbai. urmi asks her to do so respectfully and onec done, she should leave, as if she has to take off her respect, then it wont be nice. She says that she shall send her whatever she needs. Shashi angrily says that she doesnt need anything. urmi asks her to leave then. she does so angrily. urmi eyes her tensedly.

Sandhya meanwhile tells damini that she needs to do something about shashi so that she also doesnt become a house guest like samrat. damini is frustrated. they think that urmi is not leaving, and now on top of that, they have shashi here too. damini frustratedly says that ishaan is blindly in love with urmi, and hence its difficult for that to happen. Sandhya tells damini that, urmi maybe out of her reach, but samrat can still be thrown out. damini asks how. Sandhya reminds her, that she can always tell tani, that samrat went to nasik, not for a puja, but to sleep with urmi, to make a baby. She says that this shall be the perfect way to help damini throw samrat out. damini is convinced. sandhya says that as far as urmi is concerned, something will come up. Shashi overhears this and is shocked, thinking that in samrat’s burn, she would also have to throw away these luxuries. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Lies of the Heart thursday 20 August 2020 update: The lab technician waits for samrat on the road, and he comes to him. He asks why the rush and need. The technician says that he doesnt trust him. Samrat taunts him and then gives him the money and shoves him away. he too leaves. Samrat then casts his eye on girls enjoying roadside snacks, in skimpy outfits. He begins to fake talk, on the mobile, glaoting about his luxurious cars, and also dealiong with the purchase of another. the girls are irritated. After cancelling the call, he eyes the girls, and again begins to boast. The girls see through his lies, and then address him as Uncle. he is disgusted. The vendor says that he has lost his sheen, as the girls fall for six packs now. just then, he gets shashi’s call, asking him, to come home soon, as its for his benefit only. She tries to hint that planning is going on against him. He is shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Ishaan drives while urmi is going through the papers. She asks him to come to the restaurant, after finishing his meeting, as they have neglected the restaurant for long. he agrres. he brings the car to a halt in an isolated location. they stop and she asks whats the matter with him. He starts to romance with her, while she is amused. She says that supposedly he was running late. He says that his meeting was postponed. But she amusingly tells him to concentrate on work, and not on romancing. they have a hearty laugh.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
urmi instructs the manager about the party arrangements. Asha comes to her and starts crying. urmi asks her to come and sit down and relax first. she gives her water. urmi asks her whats the matter. Asha continues to cry, citing about gaurav’s alleged illigitimate affair with his secretary, being highly melodramatic. Urmi is shocked. Asha contineus to cry, while she says that maybe she had a misunderstanding. Urmi says that she shall call and find out. Asha asks her not to tell gaurav, and makes him swear on it. asha says that now she shall teach him a lesson. urmi is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Lies of the Heart 20 August 2020: Shashi goes and tells samrat, about damini and sandhya’s planning about his exposing in front of tani, and how he shall be thrown out with much insult and disgrace. samrat is shocked and furious and angered too. She asks why he always thought damini was on his side, and what would he have done without her. He frustratedly asks her if she is sure that she heard it, or else there would be dire consequences. she swears that she did, and on him only, and asks him to believe or not. He is set to thinking. While damini and sandhya are working, trying to decide for a dress for kitty, samrat comes and confront damini why are they preparing as if they are celebrating. Damini says that she wasnt doing anything of the sort. he confronts her pointblank about their planning. She is tensed, but doesnt express it. Samrat reminds damini that if she tries to throw him out, he would show the signed bonded papers to tani, and she shall fall flat. she still pretends to be unawares, and asks what does he try to implicate. He reminds her about the stamp papers that she had signed, and guffaws. damini is unfazed and amused too, as samrat asks her to think again, before trying anything against him, or trying to throw him out. she smirks and tells him why would she be such a fool, knowing that he had such papers. he says that he heard about the planning. She asks sandhya to confirm if they had any such talks. Sandhya says that they dont, but they do think about urmi, as they hate her. Samrat is tensed. damini asks who planted such an idea. Samrat doesnt respond. damini asks him to stop thinking on these lines. samrat warns her that if they havent thought, its good, and they shouldnt even try to, reminding that he has these papers. After he leaves, damini is tensed.

In his room, samrat warns shashi not to indulge like this, in his affairs, saying that they denied outright. Shashi sayss that they are liars. He doesnt understand who to believe and who not to. She tries to keep reinforcing that she didnt lie. he is tensed. he continues to reprimand, when tani comes in and findfs him misbehaving. she comes and asks whats he doing, when he is frustrated with her presence. he makes an excuse that she told him that he has become fat. tani remembers that day she haad said that samrat has gotten skinny. samrat and shashi are boggled.

Lies of the Heart update 20 thursday August 2020: In her room, Damini thinks that samrat is acting real smart, and wonders how she forgot this. tells sandhya that they shall have to find and retrieve the papers somehow, and once she gets them, she would throw samrat out of this house, unmistakably. the screen freezes on her determined face.

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