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Lies Of the Heart 30 July 2020: Lies Of the Heart update thursday 30th July 2020, Damini is shocked to hear about ishaan and urmi’s conjugal status, whn inside urmi is tensed that theyu are betraying his prents. Ishaan asks her not to bother, and not take tension, and asks her to go and sleep with shaurya, as its getting late and she is extremly tires. He stealthily opens the door, and checkes if its safe. when he is satisfied, urmi comes out. damini eyes them both from hiding. Urmi comes out, wishing him goodnight, and then goes for her room. Damini is enraged that urmi is manipulatively using them all. she thinks that urmi is just using him, but she has suffered enough, and that she wont bear anymore, and she shall expose in front of everyone, how urmi took over everything for her and hr son, and didnt let ishaan enjoy his marriage even.

The next morning, sandhya is shocked to hear about urmi and ishaan’s marital status from damini. She sits tensedly. Sandhay wonders whats going on. Damini says that she knows ishaan isnt happy. sandhya says that urmi has taken over ishaan, due to her emotional and manipulative behaviour, over ishaan’s naive innocence, for an ulterior motive. Damini gets tensed to see this. sandhya says that she cant stop it, even if she wants. damini says that she shall expose them all. Sandhya asks how. damini says that she would get urmi to do something for ishaan, which she wouldnt ever do, and when she doesnt, it will itself be proven. urmi and ishaan come down the stairs. Damini requests urmi for a 1000 maha Mrityunjaya Jaap, for ishaan, as this is their first shivratri, without food or water. ishaan says that she neednt do this, while urmi is tensed. He says that he doesnt believe in this. damini says that she does, and sh is sure even urmi realises the importance of this ritual. Urmi stands visibly tensed. Ishaan asks urmi not to do it, if she doesnt feel like it, and asks damini to let her decide. Damini says that it isnt necessary, and its entirely urmi’s wish to do it ornot. urmi stands tensed, while ishaan is concerned for urmi.

Lies Of the Heart update thursday 30 July 2020: Later, anirudh is getting late for business, when damini comes and hesitatingly says that she is tensed for ishaan. Anirudh asks her not to worry, as ishaan is sensible. She says that it isnt like that, and mentions that ishaan and urmi dont have a normal married, conjugal life. He is boggled. she says that ishaan isnt happy. He asks how can that be in an arranged marriage. She says that she too feels the same, and then tells about how urmi reacted to keeping the fast, which she should have as an ideal wife, but she didnt. He asks how can urmi not treat ishaan as her husband. He asks her that if she is doubtful, then he shall talk to them himself, in the night. he begins to leave, when the sound of Mahamrityunjaya Jaap, reaches them, and anirudh goes there. damini goes behind him, shocked. they find urmi praying as damini told her to do. Damini is boggled whats urmi’s new play now. Anirudh retorts back at damini about her earlier allegations. Ishaan is overwhelmed to see this too, saying that he told her not to do, yet she did. sandhya too asks damini how did this happen. anirudh praises urmi galore, and ishaan too says that urmi is the ideal wife, and he is lucky to have her as the perfect wife for himself. Anirudh eyes damini snidely, and says that ishaan is lucky that his wife is doing this for him, but his won wife never did this for him, nor gave it much importance. damini is infuriated but doesnt say anything. she leaves, with sandhya in tow. As damini sits on the sofa, she is tensed. sandhya comes to taunt her on anirudh’s statements and asks her to get habituated to all this. She is angry.

Samrat breifs them all as to whats to be done, for another seven days, when diwaker and kanchan are out of town, in tani’s absence. The bengali fake bhabhi says that she shall go after five days. Samrat gets frustrated at her foolishness. She says that she knows she has to torture tani, so that she runs away from there. samrat emphasises that they have to always speak in hindi and not bengali. They ask him to keep giving money on time, and he says that it isnt a problem as his wife is very rich. Samrat convinces shashi and the fake couple, that they have to torture tani so much, that she would rush away from here as easily as she came. The bengali fake bhabhi is unconvinced about the motive behind all this, but samrat shuts her up. Shashi thinks on her own, that he might convince all that they need, but she shall always be nice to tani, and keep herself in the good book of tani, so that she might benefit.

The next morning, as tani comes to join them for breakfast, the bengali bhabhi doesnt allow tani to eat, as its her Shivratri fast, and she can take neither fruits nor water. tani tries to say that she can have fruits. But she is rudely snubbed off. Tani rushes to ask samrat how does he stand his wife being talked to like this. He tries to tell that there are lots of rituals, during which, tani stealthily hides an apple under her saree dupatta. The bengali bhabhi and shashi try to irritate her, and tani asks how dare she talk to her like this. Shashi intervenes, and asks tani to bear just like they all do. Tani refers to it as disgusting and leaves inside. samrat stands amused.

Ishaan eyes urmi emotionally, as she continues the jaap. he starts to serve fruits to her, while she lovingly says that she shall eat. as she begins, after having completed her fast, ishaan eyes her overwhelmingly unable to take his eyes off her. He suddenly wakes up with a start, and asks why did she do the fast, and if she accidentally fell in love with him. she gets tensed but smiles at him nevertheless. He is amused at her blush, and again asks if bells of love rang. she says that she prayed and fasted for his long life. he says that she did so for her husband’s long life. she happily complies, and says that she did it, for her best friend, which he is, even before her husband, and for a person and friend like her, she can do so a hundred times. He pretends to be hurt that she hasnt fallen in love with him, but then adds that he knows urmi, and one day she shall herself say that she loves him. she smiles at him. Overhearing this from a distance, damini wonders whats this relation, and the weird love that they are talking about, thats there but isnt there too. She wonders what love and romance are they talking about, when they dont share their beds as a normal married couple. she says that whatever be the case, one thing is for sure, that this is a fake, make believe marriage, and she wont let it be hidden for long. She gets samrat’s call and is baffled. She asks about tani, and samrat says that she isnt too good, and tells about the fast. she says that tani isnt habituated to all this, and asks him to take care. He says that he had warned her earlier.

Lies Of the Heart update thursday 30 July 2020: Samrat irritably tells damini, that urmi must be enjoying herself and her honeymoon with ishaan, day and night, while he is stuck her with tani, due to urmi’s evil ideas and traps. damini frustratedlytells samrat that they dont even sleep in the same bed, in the same room, together. Samrat is shocked at this revelation. He says that this means urmi hsn forgotten her. she is shocked. He says that he was just joking. He asks why are they doing this, and again continues to instigate her, that urmi is spoiling her daughter’s life, and has already slaved her son. He says that they could have stayed in different rooms, and differnet houses. She is instigated and says that she would make that happend. she cancels the call. the screen freezes on samrat’s evil face.

Samrat is ecstatic to receive this latest piece of their non conjugal status, from Damini, and smiles evilly. samrat evilly thinks that having known this information of urmi and ishaan’s non-conjugal status, as a married couple, he would use this very info as a weapon against them to spoil their life and their marriage.

This is Fate update Tuesday 28 July 2020 on zee world

Later, in the night, after freshening up, tani excitedly talks about how tired she is, that she kept a fast for him. He says that he is very happy with her. She puts on the AC, and then goes off to rest. Samrat wonders why its taking so long for shashi to get into action, as tani would otherwise sleep peacefully. Meanwhile outside, after much scare, fear and hesitation, shashi pulls off the main switch. tani is incredibly irritated in her sleep, and gets up asking what happened. he starts pretending to lament at the power cuts, while she is shocked to know that it shall come in the night. He says that this was the reason he didnt want her to come to jhansi, and is scared that she might catch Dengue. But much to his surprise, tani begins to get all nice, saying that she can do this for him, after how he has sacrificed for her. She puts him to sleep, while he wonders what a crazy woman she is, to do this for his fake love. tani keeps fanning herself with the newspaper. Later, tani is in sweats, and tries to ward off mosquitoes, and gets irritated finding samrat in a deep sleep, snoring. she finally gets him to wake up, and he is scared. she says that she is very sleepy too, and then she is tired after having fasted for him. He isnt able to react, and is too stunned, while she sleeps. She lies down, and he starts fanning angrily, thinking that this is all due to urmi, and he shall spoil and ruin her devastatingly. He thinks that women these days have ruined him completely, urmi on one side, and tani on the other side.

Scene 2:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
ishaan comes back discussing business with anirudh, while sandhya and damini eye them. Sandhya pokes damini to do something, while she is relieved and tells her that she shall definitely do something, to expose urmi, before ishaan, and in shaurya’s absence. damini asks shaurya to share room with rati, as he might be scared. urmi says that it isnt needed, and shaurya too says that he isnt scared. anirudh says that there’s nothing wrong as then the kids shall get to know each other. Shaurya is excited at the idea of much more fun. They decide to share room. Shaurya takes milk from urmi, and then retires for the night, with rati and ujala. Urmi smiles. damini thinks that tonight she shall amusingly see how she escapes ishaan’s room, and how she plans to expose urmi today.

Lies Of the Heart update thursday 30 July 2020: In the night, sandhya and damini begin with their plan. they find urmi’s room closed from inside, and she happily sleeping away. while urmi is asleep, sandhya intentionally starts to beat the door, while urmi wakes up shocked. She overhears sandhya’s screams that this door is locked, and since shaurya went to sleep in rati’s room, who could be inside, or maybe the door is simply jammed. They continue to take pleasure in urmi’s torment inside, and starts screaming for a thief inside. Damini and sandhya’s screams gather everyone and says that this door isnt opening, as there’s noone inside. She decides to call ishaan, but he doesnt pick up, as she overhears sandhya and damini instigating their husbands to take some action. Sandhya’s husband begins to try and open the door, but anirudh stops him, saying that maybe they should hang on, and call the police to deal with this. Urmi inside is shocked and scared that their truth might be out now and wonders what to do. She thinks that she would have to open the door, while anirudh tries the police’s number. She finally comes out, and all are shocked to see her. Damini and sandhya are amused. sandhya pretends to be horrified, and damini conscious and tensed. She says that urmi should have been in ishaan’s room, then whats she doing here. Urmi stands speechless. Damini questions why is she sleeping separately from ishaan, after their newly wed status. ishaan comes and damini asks him to explain. ishaan says that they had a minor tiff. Damini asks him to stop this nonsense. sandhya says that they cant have that big a fight that led them to live in separate rooms. damini says that she knows that they dont share beds, and hence havent even consummated their marriage. urmi and ishaan are shocked, while anirudh is boggled. Damini asks anirudh to see for himself, and asks ishaan to explain, how a minor tiff can lead to changing of rooms. Anirudh asks ishaan to explain, while damini says that the truth is urmi is driving ishaan around, and he being naive doesnt even realise her ulterior motivs, as she deprives him of marital happiness. ishaan tries to explain, while sandhya instigates her all the more. ishaan asks them to shut up, saying that its a mutual decision that they have come to, and which infact he suggested. Damini asks whats this. Ishaan says that they want to give each other spce for the next three days, which is his decision. sandhya asks whats this now. ishaan asks her not to interfere, as its between him and urmi, and he doesnt find it necessary and good to discuss this in front of all of them. sandhya’s husband agrees with ishaan. urmi is stunned. ishaan asks her to sleep, and wishes everyone goodnight. Their husbands leave too, while sandhya and damini eye urmi angrily.

Scene 3:
Location: Jewellery Shop
As samrat comes in the shop, the shopkeeper asks that he wasnt seen much after coming out of jail. He asks samrat about any new work, and tries to dig up the past. As samrat asks him to show lavish jewellery, he comments on his financial status, as his earlier business got ruined. samrat snubs him off, saying that he has loads of money, evilly smiles and says that his old days have returned. He starts to gloat about his rich and royal wife. Niranjan comes from behind, saying that he did see him once again. samrat turns around and he is shocked, as past memories spring up. niranjan comes amusingly, while samrat eyes him tensedly and angrily. Niranjan leaves no stone unturned to mock him of his case. he talks about his new marriage, saying that he deserves a treat. samrat says that he isnt interested, while niranjan threatens that he can snatch it from him. Samrat begins to go, while niranjan pesters on. Samrat asks him not to interfere in his life, as he isnt doing that to him. samrat gets frustrated with his overbearing blackmailing nature, and asks what does he want now, after having robbed him of everything. He says that he wants just a small share of the lavish lifestyle that he has, due to his wife, on a regular basis. Samrat is shocked to hear his proposal, and asks him to stay in his limits, as he wont get anything. niranjan taunts that tani has a big heart, after knowing what samrat did, and asks if she knows everything about him. samrat complies. niranjan says that he must have given her his version, that got his character faired, but he has the bitter truth and that too with proof, that might sabotage all plans. samrat grabs him by the collar and asks him how dare he do this, and how does he know. niranjan says that he is a lawyer and can sue him for this, saying that he thinks about the far future. samrat asks what he wants. niranjan says that he wants ten lakhs in cash for starters. samrat is shocked. the screen freezes on his face.

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