Lies of the heart update thursday 5th march 2020 on zee world


This is Lies of the heart thursday 5 march 2020 udpdate; Lies of the heart 5 march 2020, the game finally begins, samrat rudely says that this game wont decide on his life, as it isnt a toss, and ishaan makes up for it, by lightening the mood, and converting samrat’s statement into teasing. Samrat’s mother too agrees. samrat asks them to progress soon so that they dont lose much time. Lies of the heart zee world Samrat’s mother gives urmi’s hand in his, and asks her to open the sacred thread. She complies.

Lies of the heart zee world, Later, urmi’s bhabhi gets nostalgic with her husband about their first night after their wedding, and how they overcame their initial nervousness, and went on to become lovers. Lies of the heart update Thursday 5 March 2020 They both say how the other have completed each other, and both are lucky to find one another. They hug.

In her room, urmi is sitting with the ghunghat taken properly, awaiting samrat’s entrance anxiously and nervously. lies of the heart march teasers 2020 Samrat finally enters and urmi looks up shyly. He bolts the door, and turns around to find urmi, looking away shyly. Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 5 March 2020 He smirks and moves closer to her. She awkwardly raises her eyes to meet his. He lifts the veil and uncovers her face, while she looks away nervously. He cups her face and turns towards her, while she starts smiling in nervousness. Lies of the heart 5 march 2020 He gets into a poetic mode, and recites lines in her beauty. she looks up at him, and enters into a romantic eyegaze. he gives her a gift, which is an expensive piece of jewellery. she says that its very beautiful. Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 5 March 2020 He says that its less beautiful than her. She thanks him for the gift. she says that she too got something for him. He asks what. she shyly takes out the sweater for him, and he compliments tht its very beautiful.  She says that she herself made it. he says that its priceless for him then. she asks if he liked it. he says thats not an option. Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 5 March 2020 He excuses himself, and goes onto wear the sweater over his sherwani, and asks her how he looks wearing the sweater that his wife made for him. She comes and says that he’s looking very handsome. He thanks her yet again for it. Lies of the heart update Thursday 5 March 2020 She hesitatingly goes to try on her set. Lies of the heart update Wednesday 4 March 2020 But he stops her with his hand and says not right now. She asks him why. He lifts her on his arms, and teases her for whats to follow. He takes her on the bed.

lies of the heart march teasers 2020, On the bed, finally samrat gets intimate with her, as he starts kissing her, on the hand, around the nape of her neck, and she shivers with a sensation that runs down her spine, and is filled with ecstasy at the physical proximity with him. He takes off her anklets kissing her feet, and she closes her eyes as she shivers. He takes off her dupataa and kisses her on the forehead as she smiles with her eyes closed. He takes off all her jewellery one by one, following it wih the kisses at the place which it adorned. Lies of the heart zee world A sudden voice calls out to her, and she is broken from her dreams, and she realsies that she had been dreaming, and finds that samrat is calling to her. He asks her to go change and not sit in this filmy style. urmi is shocked at her romance having been crushed brutally. she eyes him shocked. he asks how did she fall asleep. she said that she didnt realise that she dozed off. Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 5 March 2020 She still smiles as he takes off his watch. But he is disappointed when he asks her to go and change, and himself puts on the news and sits down to watch. Lies of the heart update Thursday 5 March 2020 He indifferently asks her to and change while she is sad and disappointed that all that she dreamt of, isnt turning to reality. she eyes him hurtfully one last time, before going to the suitcase to get a change of clothes. She takes out a nightie, and goes to the bathroom to change.

Lies of the heart march teasers 2020 on zee world

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s residence
Trisha again gets into a conflict with her mother, who also agrees that samrat’s words maynot be good, but his character is. Trisha tries to show the truth behind samrat’s noble seeming deeds. But her mother doesnt hear anything, and asks her to put down the phone. Before trisha can explain, nirmala cancels the phone, while still in frustration that one day trisha would land them in deep trouble. she leves the room. Trisha tries her number again, as saroj walks in the room. Triahs calls up her mother, but saroj picks it up instead. Triahs doesnt realise it and goes onto vent her frustration, that even she wanted to be in urmi’s marriage and be happy for her. And because she wanted her happiness, Lies of the heart 5 march 2020 thats why she didnt want him to get married to samrat, as only she herself has seen samrat’s real ruthless side. Lies of the heart zee world Saroj is shocked and tensed to hear this. trisha says that samrat isnt a good man, and very soon they would see it too, and that this marriage wont give anyone anything except for regret. trisha cancels the phone, while saroj is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
lies of the heart 5 march, As urmi goes onto take off her dupatta and starts taking off her jewellery, Lies of the heart zee world as she had imagined samrat would do, she remembers her dream and a tear escapes her eyes, as she is sad at her dream having been shattered, and samrat’s indifferent behaviour towards her hopes and expectations of him. Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 5 March 2020 she starts crying incoherently. The screen freezes on her sad and distraught face.

It is night.. Samrat is watching the news,sitting on his bed.. Urmi changes and comes.. Samrat sees some sweater lying on the bed and throws it away! Urmi remembers how lovingly she had made that sweater for Samrat and becomes upset.. lies of the heart thursday 5 march 2020 Samrat asks her to come closer as it is their Suhaag Raat and the night fades. lies of the heart thursday 5 march. Next morning,Urmi gets up and gets ready.. She looks at Samrat fondly as he sleeps but is afraid to approach him ..

She comes outside her room.. She sees Samrat’s father talking fondly to his plants She introduces her to the plants Samrat’s mother comes just then and they go inside.. Meanwhile,back in Urmi’s house, her mother worries over Trisha’s behaviour but Trisha consoles her saying that Trisha was being childish.. Lies of the heart update Thursday 5 March 2020 Urmi’s mother worries why Trisha doesnt like Samrat and blames Trisha’s mother for not talking about this before.. lies of the heart thursday 5 march Trisha’s mother consoles her that Samrat has been a very good son in law from what they have seen but the latter still worries.. They get ready to make preparations for Pag phere rasam.. Lies of the heart zee world

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Lies of the heart update Thursday 5 March 2020, Urmi is serving food at her Sasuraal.. Samrat;s bhabhi notices her hands having some marks from the previous night when Samrat had pressed on the bangles but Urmi tells them that it happened while she was removing it.. Her bhabhi teases her! They all prepare to eat but Urmi tells them that she would eat later.. She gets teased again..

Ishan comes just then and remarks that Samrat would be sleeping but he comes just then! Ishan remarks over Samrat having gotten up early.. He takes Samrat to the room..Urmi looks on..They ask Urmi to get ready for Pag phere rasam and tell her that they would accompany her too.. Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 5 March 2020 In Urmi’s room,preparations are being made..A light hearted banter between the family ensures .. Anu hopes that Urmi stay for a day but her Dadi tells her that Urmi’s house is her Sasural..

Gaurav comes.. He asks Urmi if she is fine.. Samrat’s mother remarks that they would take care of Urmi..Back in the room, Ishan asks Samrat if he is happy with Urmi ! Lies of the heart 5 march 2020 He tells Samrat that with Urmi,all his difficulties would reduce and his life would seem beautiful ! Samrat laughs and replies that this is not filmy duniya and he wont change just because of anyone and it does not make any difference.. Urmi ,who has come just then,hears all this..


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