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Lies of the heart update wednesday 3rd June 2020; Lies of the heart update wednesday 3 June 2020, Samrat’s apology in the paper, raises a furore and debating amongst saroj, anu, devia nd granny as to what prompted samrat to do this, where devi and granny praise samrat for turning over a new leaf, anu and saroj tell that there definitely must have been an ulterior motive involved. just then, shashi calls them saying that she wanted to come and talk to them, if they are free today. Devi readily agrees. saroj is tensed as to whats this new turn now. Devi and saroj reprimand her for not being able to see the positive in anyone.

Lies of the heart update wednesday 3 June 2020 Shashi comes, and all surprisingly as to whats the matter. Shashi says that she had been wanting to come for quite some time. shashi says that just talks cant end relations like this. granny agrees. saroj and anu are tensed. Shashi tries to compliment and praise urmi for her ability to handle the house and samrat’s temperament. she starts praising them for having given such good manners to their children, and then takes the blame that there must be some deficiency in her upbringing, that samrat turned out to be like this. Devi tries to please shashi too. Shashi says that samrat isnt like gaurav, and starts praising gaurav galore, and that gaurav may be rough, but he isnt an idiot like samrat. Anu tells saroj that shashi must have somne work that she is praising them. shashi hesitatingly tells devi to request gaurav to leave samrat, as people cant take advantage of their own relations. devi and granny and others are confused. Shashi relates the entire story. Saroj tells everyone that there must be a big reason or else samrat cant do things like this. Shashi is baffled.

Lies of the heart update wednesday 3rd June 2020 Anu shows her samrat’s apology. she starts thinking that its waste to butter them, as gaurav has already done what he wanted to, and he is an idiot that he didnt demand for anything and wasted his energy on something this petty. She starts reprimanding gaurav for this kind of blackmail, and then takes a u-turn onm all the praises that she was showering on them sometime back. granny asks her not to get angry and shashi takes a reverse turn, saying that she only wanted to resort to her wishes, hence was talking politely. saro0j shows devi that this was what she had been talking all along. saroj asks how can she be so hypocritical, and shashi says that it was here helplessnes, that caused her to talk to them. shashi says that had she known that gaurav has already done what he wanted to, she never would have come here. She starts storming out. on her way out, shashi is confronted by gaurav and leaves angrily. gaurav is reprimanded by devi, and he asks devi to shut up, and not talk, as its between him and samrat, and adds that when he didnt say anything for his daughter, then he shouldnt side for samrat. He leaves. devi and granny are tensed.

zee world update on Lies of the heart wednesday 3 June 2020 samrat is fuming at gaurav’s threatening and what he is getting him to do, while his lawyer sympathises with him. samrat starts venting out his frustration at him too, when the lawyer tries to reassure and express his concern for samrat. Samrat irritatedly tells his lawyer to find out a loophole, as tomorrow gaurav might just go to the police and blabber what he saw. His lawyer asks him to get gaurav to give a statement to the police, that he doesnt remember the number plate of the car and cant recall or recognise it, and then get a photocopy of that statement, and he would take care of it from thereon. Samrat thinks that gaurav made him do enough, but not anymore. He is in a rage.

Lies of the heart wednesday 3 June 2020 Sushma reprimands her husband as he tries to help her but causes her more trouble everytime. She asks him to search for the electricity bill instead that he has kept safely, but forgotten where he kept it, as the last day for payment is today. they both get to searching for it, while sushma continues to reprimand her husband for his carelessness. meanwhile, Urmi pleads her to open the door now atleast, as the entire night has gone. but they ignore her, and continue to search instead. shaurya says that he has an idea to get sushma’s residence, and then starts throwing things outside through the window, and grab sushma’s attention. He tells sushma to open the door if his mother has told her to open the door. Sushma opens the door, and asks whats she and her son doing, and why has her husband not come to pick her up. Urmi tells her that she has left her husband and has noone to take care of her. Sushma asks what would happen to their money. urmi promises that they would be paid back, and asks for some days. urmi tells about her plight, and says that when she has some money, she would return it back. but sushma is adamant that till they dont get the money, she wont be allowed to go anywhere. Shaurya asks urmi to stop pleading as they have no place to go as it is. urmi tells sushma that she will stay here only then. Sushma and her husband tell her that she wont be allowed to stay for free, but everything would come with a charge. urmi is surprised, while sushma is determined.

Lies of the heart wednesday 3 June 2020 update Gaurav is amused as samrat comes cautiously, and tells him that he wont send him to jail so stealthily, but when he does, it shall become the headlines for the next day’s newspapers in Bhopal. samrat starts fuming in a rage, as gaurav takes plasure in teasing and torturing him. samrat angrily tells gaurav that he did what he asked him to do, now he has to go to the police and tell them that he didnt remember the number of the car, and give it in written and stop this case. gaurav asks why is he in such haste as there are lots of episodes left. samrat gets angry but then backs down, saying that he shouldnt take advantage just because he had some weakness of his in his clasp. Gaurav says that he had himself wanted to end this case today. he tells samrat that his mother spoiled his mood today. He tells samrat, about what happened at his house today. he tells samrat that his mother came and said wrong things today, and its proven that shje is his mother after all. samrat is shocked. He adds that the mistake done by the mother, shall be rectified by the son.

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Samrat is frustrated and irritated while gaurav is amused at his bewilderment. samrat tries to tell him that he knows his mother. Gaurav says that his mother wanted good for him, and hence he would have to bear her brunt. Gaurav asks him to step aside keeping his ego past. samrat frustratedly asks what else would he have to do now. Gaurav is amused and starts teasing him. The screen freezes on samrat’s tensed face.

Lies of the heart wednesday update 3 June 2020 Sushma tells that she would charge 4000 for lodging and food, while urmi tries to negotiate, but seeing that she is unrelenting and they have nowhere else to go, urmi agrees. sushma Urmi goes out with shaurya. sushma says that the child shall stay here only, or else she would run away. urmi says that her stuff is here too. But sushma says that it isnt much worth, and hence she wants to keep shaurya as her safety deposit so that she knows urmi would come back. urmi tries to convince them that she wont run away. sushma says that when blood relations can break trust, they why should she trust strangers and adds that she wont and cant trust. She snatches shaurya and says that he shall stay here. but he insists that he shall go with her. Urmi tries to plead with sushma but she is adamant, despite shaurya’s rants. urmi finally explains to shaurya that she would be back soon, and asks him to behave nicely here only. he refuses. but urmi finally makes her understand. shaurya is determined to irritate them all.

wednesday on zee world Lies of the heart update 3 June 2020 When urmi is gone, Shaurya gets to irritating them, asking for water, and threatening them that he would throw everything down, and asks them not to scold later then. As sushma’s husband tries to rest, shaurys doesnt let him to. sushma gives him water irritably. He starts drinking, and takes just a sip. He asks them to play now with him. Her husband asks sushma why did she invite this trouble. He starts playing and throwing things around, and both of them are horribly frustrated with his naughtiness. Sushma gets angry with him.

Lies of the heart 3rd June 2020 Shashi starts glaoting in front of rudra and aditi, as to how she reprimanded urmi’s parents today. aditi tells her that what she did isnt right. but shashi says that its completely right and samrat would praise her for this. kanchan gets her water. samrat comes angrily, and shashi eagerly gives him water. samrat remembers gaurav’s statements regarding shashi. He starts venting out his frustration. she says that she just reprimanded them, and is asked who told her to do this. Samrat vents out his frustration for gaurav, at home, and starts lashing out at shashi for spoiling his work, and trying to be oversmart and ruining things for him all the more. All the family members try to stop him, while shashi pleads for forgivesness, but samrat is adamant and takes her forcibly and locks her inside her room, asking the family members not to dare to open the door, till his case is solved. shashi is distraught and starts beating the door to let be let out, and pleads to samrat to let her out. Kanchan and rudra get to advising him, but he shuts kanchan, asking what do the women in his life want. He shuts shashi too. shashi continues screaming but in vain. All are tensed.

urmi identifies herself as the person who had told him about crystal cakes, and asks if he needs a person, then she would present herself for candidature. he excuses himself for a minute and she hopes that if she lands the job here, it would be perfect. He comes back tensed and disturbed. He says that she was a little late as they appointed a girl yesterday only. urmi is disappointed. She leaves.

Lies of the heart update wednesday 3 June 2020 Urmi comes back to find shaurya’s hands tied and sitting glum. She opens his hands and then finds that room is completely strewn around. Sushma tells her that he did all this. urmi reprimands shaurya for this, while he adds that sushma broke it and is blaming him. sushma and her husband are shocked. urmi asks her not to bother as this wont happen again. they are shocked to know that shaurya hasnt even been admitted to school, yet and on top of that she didnt land a job. Sushma tells her about her impending bills now, and then asks her to land a job asap. shaurya again insults sushma, and then sushma again reprimands urmi that one day he would leave her, asnd then she would continue regretting. urmi is baffled, as she gets confused. Sushma remembers her tragic personal life, and leaves. her husband is tensed too.

Urmi, in the night, tries to make shaurya understand that he has to behave or else she would be worried for him always, and wont be able to concentrate him on his work. Shaurya complies and then promises to behave. then he excitedly asks about his school, and is assued by urmi that soon he shall go, but he shall have to get lots of preparations first. Shaurya complies to do them. They both hug each other.

Lies of the heart 3rd June 2020 zee world gaurav gets samrat saying that he has to speak just as he told him to. samrat is furious as gaurav enjoys every moment, casually threatening him. samrat tries to get into a rage, but gaurav again puts him down. just then the manager comes, and identifies samrat and greets him. He gets tensed seeing gaurav and asks him whats he doing here. On gaurav’s prompt, samrat tells the manager that he is herw with him. The manager gets them both inside his cabin. the manager asks what happened and why is he here today. samrat tells the manager irritatedly that it was a huge mistake for him, that he got him out of the job, and when gaurav continues to instigate him, he adds that he wants gaurav to be recruited back, and owing to his talent and hard work, he should be promoted along with an escalation of a notch in his job position. He also adds that he made a mistake and took out his personal grievances on the professional front, and realised it now. Gaurav is amused as he watches samrat squirming, having been tightened into a corner. gaurav continues to instigate him to speak more. samrat speaks highly of him, and adds that gaurav demands the hike in salary. the manager says that this cant happen.

zee world update on Lies of the heart samrat starts lashing why cant this be, and the manager says that gaurav may join back from tomorrow, but an out of the turn untimely promotion is against the rules of the bank. samrat asks the manager to do whatever he can, and that he shall take care of the rest. gaurav instigates him all the more, and then samrat says that there’s one more thing, which is, that in future, if he again asks him to remove gaurav, then he shouldnt be paid attention to. the manager is baffled but complies nevertheless, as samrat frustratedly adds that this may happen as he is mad, and cant be trusted with descisions. Finally gaurav gets up, while samrat storms out of the house. Gaurav is amused. the screen freezes on his face.

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