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Love or Poison 27 May 2021: Lights go off suddenly. Ratan asks Kuldeep to see what happened. Kuldeep asks guards to check what happened and goes in another direction. Vishkanya’s enter as dancers and dances on Ramleela song. Vrinda looks at Viraj.

Sitara does not find her mother or Massi’s in the Vishloka. She runs to inform Kuldeep. Vrinda takes out her dagger. Albeli, Chabeeli and Surili continue dancing. Viraj’s eyes are searching for Sitara. Vrinda puts poison on the dagger using her tongue.

Sitara asks a guard if he saw 4 women coming inside the palace or around the palace. He shares that he dint see them but there are 4 dancers who are performing inside. Sitara wonders if it is her mother and Massi’s. Nethra finds Viraj lost. He excuses himself to go to the bathroom.

Samrat asks Sitara where she was. I have been looking for her. She begins to answer him when she notices Vrinda throwing the dagger in Viraj’s direction. She shouts out to him and runs to save him. She holds the dagger with her bare hand. Kuldeep stands as a shield between the other members of royal family and Vishkanya’s. Sitara says I told you not to even think about it but Vrinda tells her she wont be able to stop her today. Viraj’s time is up! Kuldeep also warns her to stay away from the royal family or she will regret it. Sitara gives him her swear as he refuses to leave. Take everyone inside. Nethra requests Viraj to come but he refuses. Sitara also tells him to go but in vain. Vrinda makes use of this opportunity and throws him high in air. He falls down and is hurt. Sitara’s eyes turn blue. Sitara and Vrinda get into a duel.

Vrinda is pushed behind. Her sisters rush to ehr. Vrinda warns her not to force her to hurt the daughter she loves the most. Sitara tells her she has forced her to choose between her mother and duty. I am a Rajput. A Rajput can kill herself for her duty. She picks a sword in each of her hands. Sitara hurts her Massi’s the moment they try to hurt her. She manages to tie Vrinda also. Vrinda again tells her not to act stubborn. There is still time. Give Viraj to me. Sitara tells her that she cannot hurt the royal family till the time she is alive. I am the protector of royal family! Do whatever you have to but you wont succeed! Vrinda shouts and frees herself but Sitara manages to push her on the ground thereby overpowering her. She aims her sword around Vrinda’s neck. Leave from here or I will do something which we will regret our entire life! Vishkanya’s disappear.

Sitara heals Viraj’s wound using her powers. She tries getting up but is pulled back as her saree is stuck under his pillow. She caresses his head. I vowed to protect you but I will seek revenge for your wound now. I wont let Vishkanya’s come near you. Kuldeep tells her he is with her int his. She asks about the royal family. He assures her that everyone is fine. Viraj wakes up with a start. Is my family fine? Kuldeep advises him to rest but Viraj wants to know who those women are. I cannot see them finish my family right in front of my eyes! Sitara gives him her swear so as to stop him. I will tell you about those women. They are our enemies and want to finish the entire royal family. I don’t know the reason but we will fight with them till the last drop of blood. You trust me this much right? He nods.

Rani Sa tells her husband she wont be able to live without her son. He assures her that he will not let anything happen to anyone. I promise you I wont let Vishkanya’s harm anyone. He prays that Rajguru gains conscious soon. Only he can find a solution to this. His brother and Yamini ask them where they should go. We are not safe in our own homes. Samrat seconds them. Vishkanya’s have escaped now. Ratan tells everyone he will make sure no one is sure. Sitara supports him. I will fight for you all as your shield. They wont come near you till the time I am here! Ratan thanks her. Till now, your Baba has been protecting us but now you are also with him. We will be eternally thankful to you. She calls it her duty. You don’t have to thank me. He blesses her to be successful. Nethra looks upset.

Sitara is loking for her Baba. I should meet him. She stumbles in her step when Vrinda holds her. Thank you. She is startled to see Vrinda there. I told you to let everyone live in peace but you are stubborn! You don’t listen to anyone. You are forgetting that I am your daughter and I have inherited your stubbornness. I will not spare you if you try to harm the royal family ever again! Vrinda calls her Kuldeep’s shadow. You are crazy about duty and dharma just like your father. It is good though. I have kept a test for you. Do you know where your Baba is? He is in a cemetery right now. While we are talking, I am making sure he is buried alive in the cemetery!

Chabeeli throws dirt over Kuldeep.

Sitara calls it a lie but Vrinda challenges her to see for herself. Remember that the moment you step out of this house, I will rein terror on the royal family! You are a daughter and a protector of the royal family. You have to decide if you will fulfil your duty or dharma. Sitara begins to head towards the door but stops in shock. How can you do this? He is my Baba and your husband! You should respect atleast one relation. Baba is right. My mother is dead. A selfish woman like you cannot be my mother! Baba and Maharaj did the right thing with you in the past. They tied you in the past only but I swear upon my mother, I will write your death if you try to harm anyone! Vrinda asks her why she is so angry. You shouldn’t be bothered by any of this as this does not concern you! You should only think about your Baba. Poor Kuldeep, he will be buried alive in the cemetery! Sitara refuses to let anything happen to Baba.

Vrinda says you will lose your Baba very soon. You just said your mother is dead. Sadly, you will also lose your Baba very soon as you are ready to sacrifice him to protect the royal family. I feel so bad for Kuldeep. He must be sad thinking how he raised a daughter who will choose the royal family over him in his time of need! I might not be an ideal mother but you are also not worth calling an ideal daughter!

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