Love or Poison 26 May 2021: Sitara apologizes to an unconscious Viraj. Her tear falls on his face. He gains conscious and is surprised to see her leaning over him. She helps him sit. They share an eye lock. Nethra tells Sitara that Samrat is calling her. Sitara leaves. Nethra looks unhappy.

Sitara meets Samrat. Did you call me? He nods. I remember everything that happened in Vishloka but I have started respecting you more after seeing the way you saved all 3 of us. I promise to safeguard this secret always. I am on your side. You can test if you want. She smiles. It isn’t needed. I will know at the right time. Rest now. She is not sure if he is actually on her side or if it is his new plan.

Doc checks Rajguru and gives him an injection. Ratan asks him about Rajguru. Doc says I cannot comment anything right now. He is under observation. I will only be able to tell you something once he gains conscious. It is good that Sitara called me at the right time or it would have been impossible to save him. Ratan is surprised hearing Sitara’s name.

Vrinda says my motherly love and hopes have gone down the drain. This time it is my own daughter who has cheated me but it wont happen anymore! We start another chapter of revenge now. Albeli reasons that they did everything that they could. What will we do now? Vrinda tells her she dint do anything till now. I will start the game and set it as per my wish. I will change all the rules this time. The game will be very dangerous this time! Her sisters are curious to know about it but Vrinda assures them they will find out in 3 coming days. I need a promise from all 3 of you. My daughter cheated me today. You all have supported me till date. Will you support me in future as well? She raises her hand. Her sisters keep their hands over hers to make a pact. We were, are and will always be with you! Vrinda says now the new chapter of our revenge will begin.

Vrinda and her sisters manage to get out of the mystery doors / Vishloka. Vrinda shouts for revenge. That will be our only motto now!

Sitara sets her bed on the floor. She notices Viraj tensed. What happened? He shares that he just met his parents. They are upset because of what has been happening lately. Everyone was so excited about the wedding. Sometimes I feel Ma was right. Someone has cast an evil eye on the house. She advises him to bring happiness in the house then. You are the son of this house. You only have the responsibility to make everyone happy. He asks for suggestion but she tells him to think on his own. You will find a solution.

Vishkanya’s look at the royal palace. They join their hands thereby uniting their powers into one (Vrinda). Now this palace will only mourn! I will not sit at peace till the time I turn this palace into cemetery!

A shadow passes in Viraj’s sister’s room. A vase falls down. She looks up at the window. There is someone waving at her. She tries running out of the room when she collides with someone. She shouts out of fear. Lights come on. Everyone wishes her happy birthday. She cuts cake and feeds it to everyone one by one. Samrat and Aryan apply cake all over her face. Nethra helps her wipe it. Ratan compliments Viraj’s idea of surprise party. Everyone forgot their problems. It is very good. Rani Sa seconds him. Viraj tells them to wait and watch. I have organized a grand party for her. We have had enough. We will only smile now.

Next morning, Sitara wakes up. She panics not seeing Viraj in the room. He holds her hand from behind. You panicked when I stepped out of the room for some time only? Why are you so worried about me? She asks him to leave her hand. He tells her not to say that she is his lucky mascot. Your eyes tell otherwise. He closes in on her. Did I say something wrong? They share an eye lock. Nethra enters and is shocked seeing them thus. She calls out to Viraj pointedly. What’s happening? Sitara leaves. Nethra questions Viraj as to what the hell is going on. What were you doing with Sitara? Say something! Viraj lies that something fell in her eyes. I was just helping her. How come you are here? Nethra replies that she came to help him choose his clothes for evening party. He tells her not to act like a wife. I can manage. He excuses himself. Nethra feels bad. I only will do this sooner or later. I wont let anything affect our relationship. No matter what, you will be mine!

The royal family welcomes the guests. Kuldeep tells the guards to alert everyone. Tell the guards on main gate to keep a tight vigil on anyone who comes. Guards nod and leave. Kuldeep and Sitara smile seeing each other.

A car stops and a lady places her foot on the floor. Sitara feels something strange. How did I feel this suddenly? Is this because of Ma and Massi’s? Are they up to something? Are they trying to come out of south gate? She decides to go there to check.

Vrinda and her sisters step out of the car. Their faces are covered with a small veil.

Padmini’s brothers wish her a happy birthday as she comes to the party. Viraj is looking around for Sitara.

Sitara is on her way to Vishloka. She does not find anyone there. Where are they?

Vishkanya’s step inside the royal palace in disguise.

Nethra compliments Viraj on the party. He thanks her. Lights go off suddenly. Ratan asks Kuldeep to see what happened.

Vrinda thinks this darkness is going to catch them now. Your countdown has begun! You locked us in Vishloka 20 years ago. It is time to take revenge!

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