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Love will never Lie Friday 5th June 2020 update; Love will never Lie update Friday 5 June 2020, The people in the camp thanks Kunal for his efforts. Kunal was gracious for them. Mauli speaks to Kunal that it’s the last day of camp. Kunal says their experience was good, they even lost some; Mauli says she is waiting for the NGO so that they can hand Sahil over. A nurse comes worried that Sahil isn’t in the camp. They head towards opposite directions to look for Sahil.

Love will never Lie update Friday 5 June 2020 Mamma was lost while the tea boiled and she thought about Mauli’s wishes. Dida comes there and watching Mamma occupied Dida asks if she is worried about Ishaan’s mother. Mamma says she is tensed because of Mauli. She thinks it was her mistake to hide from Kunal about Mishti. Dida says it seems Mauli couldn’t forget Kunal and still loves him. She told her already that Mauli still stands where she had been, seven years ago. It’s difficult for Mauli to head into another life, she might never be able to love Ishaan the way she loved Kunal. Mamma says Kunal didn’t love Mauli the respect and care Mauli is worth for; Ishaan will do it. Dida also smiles that Ishaan is crazy about Mauli and Mishti both; they wish Mauli and Ishaan get together. They were hopeful that Ishaan will bring Mauli all the happiness in the world.

Love will never Lie update Friday 5th June 2020 Joy prime Mauli and Kunal looked for Sahil in the camp and tents around. Kunal spots a man running away with Sahil hidden under his shawl. Both Mauli and Kunal chase the man. Kunal grabs him and snatches Sahil. Kunal hands Sahil into Mauli’s hands, then slaps the man for kidnapping a kid. The man claims he is father of Sahil. Kunal calls him a liar; he wouldn’t have to take him this way. The man says he was afraid what if NGO takes Sahil to an orphanage. Kunal inquires if he even realize what his wife went through. The man fells over the knees and explains he left his house to search for work, earlier he was poor and couldn’t afford anything. When he returned, he was only left with Sahil. Mauli says she can’t hand Sahil over to him, what if he again loses work and leaves Sahil as well. The man says he convinced Savitri but she never wanted him to leave for work, and when Sahil had to be born his employer sent him to Jaipur. He can’t live without his son and even fell on Kunal’s feet. Kunal convince Mauli that he got a point, after all he is Sahil’s father; they shouldn’t separate him. Kunal keeps a condition for this.
Ishaan’s mother was selecting card designs for his wedding. Ishaan tells his mother that neither he nor Mauli’s family wants this pomp. Ishaan’s mother was mindful that Ishaan only cared for Mauli and her family, and no more cares for the wishes of his mother. Ishaan turns his mother towards himself and says she is really important for him. He will go to pick Mauli from camp tomorrow, he is sure her happiness would double after meeting her. His mother says Ishaan is already under her control; what if she controls her as well. She then breaks into laughter that it was just to tease Ishaan, after all she will be a mother in law for the first time.

Joy prime update on Love will never Lie 5 June 2020 Kunal and Mauli get the name and address of Sahil’s father, then hands the child to him. The man promises to turn his child into a successful and responsible man. It was night, Kunal and Mauli greet people in the camp. Kunal gets a call. He turns and was about to hit Mauli while everyone else had left. Kunal asks Mauli when she will leave. Mauli says she will go tomorrow, Ishaan will pick her up. Kunal says he will have to stay as well, what if there is another cockroach in the tent? Mauli laughs, then thanks him for saving her. She suggests about going to dinner together, they will end their meeting on a happy note. Both agree to go to a simple place nearby with good food.

Love will never Lie 5 June 2020 Kunal and Mauli were happy to be in the restaurant. Kunal was excited to see the banner with Happy Birthday Kunal on it. He was excited and asks if she really remembered? Mauli says she thought about celebrating his birthday here. Kunal wonders how Mauli can be always better than what he expects, she even astonished him with her mood swings. Mauli holds her cell phone while Ishaan’s call bell rang. Mauli looks towards Kunal.

Love will never Lie Friday 5 June 2020 update Mamma playfully chased Mishti while she didn’t have food. Mishti runs to answer the door bell, it was Pari with Aasha. Mishti was at once upset. Mamma asks Pari if everything is fine, she asks how Aasha brought Pari here at this time of night. Mishti runs into her room. Aasha apologizes Mamma that she brought Pari here, her mother is extremely ill and she has to leave. Pari tells Aasha she already clarified to her that she didn’t want to come here. Mamma instead invites them inside. Dida greets Pari and asks AIW? Pari replies, all is well.

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Mamma comes to Mishti and speaks that Pari’s father isn’t here, it’s so dangerous that she lives there alone. She requests Mishti to allow Pari live here, if Mishti has some other option? Mishti says Pari can stay here, but she shouldn’t touch any of her toys here. Mamma comes out of the room and allows Aasha to go and take care of her mother, they can take care of Pari. Pari turns to see Mishti standing in the hall.

Love will never Lie Friday update 5 June 2020 Kunal was excited to see the cake as Mauli smiles weakly. Kunal says only Pari remembers his birthday and surprises him. Mauli says she never forgets things, though weak memory is at times a blessing and makes life easy. Kunal was intrigued, but Mauli makes it lighter and sings for Kunal. Kunal cuts the cake and brings a bite for Mauli, she instead holds it in her own hand. Kunal complements the Halwa cake as it’s the best. The restaurant waiter tells Kunal Mauli specially cooked the cake. Kunal complements Mauli warm-heartedly. Mauli says the credit goes to Kunal for all this, he really taught her a lot.
There, Ishaan continuously tries Mauli’s number, then thinks she must have slept.

Love will never Lie 5th June 2020 Joy prime The food was served. Kunal complements she did really dangerous planning. Mauli replies she always planned things in life, and it’s rightly said life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans. Kunal says the truth is, they are celebrating his birthday together after years. He asks the waiter to fill her glass. Kunal asks if she is afraid. Mauli says she has ceased to be fearful now, she gained feet after a huge blow; thanks to him. Kunal was distressed as he couldn’t reply her with a welcome even. Mauli jerks the talk and heads to celebrate the birthday. She challenges Kunal that the loser will have to pay the bills. They gulp their shares of glasses, and recall how they got drunk in their college. Mauli remembers how happy they were with each other, Mauli gets weepy that they were extremely happy, but then Kunal finished everything up. May be her own evil eye snatched all their happiness, smile, companionship and love; or maybe it was all only an illusion or false. Kunal says it was all true, don’t say that. Mauli cries and asks why Kunal betrayed her then? Why he left her? If her love was lesser for him? Kunal tries to console Mauli but she pushes Kunal away. She says she hates him, he shattered her, her confidence and her self-respect. He hurt her so badly that he almost took her life; but she wonders why can’t still hate him? Why his presence still affects her? Why he even returned? She had learnt to live without him, and even hated him; but why she still loves him again? She is afraid to fall for him again? Kunal was shocked, while Mauli badly drunk. Kunal takes Mauli back to their camp.

Love will never Lie Friday 5th June 2020 Joy prime In their tent, Kunal brings Mauli to bed. Mauli continued asking Kunal why he left her. Kunal says they will speak about it, but right now she should sleep. He covers her with a blanket. Kunal sits beside Mauli while she had fallen asleep. He feels guilty over her, and cries for breaking her so badly. He silently wish her good night and turns to leave the camp.

Love will never Lie 5 June 2020 The next morning, Mauli wakes up with a banging head. She realizes how she had confessed her love to Kunal last night and regrets having fallen weak in front of him. She calls Dida for some advice, and discuss her dilemma with Dida. She says her heart and mind are opting completely opposite and tells her about her confessions with Kunal. She says she hates herself today, she never wanted to be that person but she is inclined towards Kunal badly. She accepts being mistaken and feels as if she is betraying Ishaan. She can’t even dream of betraying someone as Kunal betrayed her. Dida convince Mauli that she realizes her mistake is the best thing. Kunal is her past, but Ishaan is her brighter future. Mauli understands that she still has feelings for Kunal; but why can’t she still hate Kunal. Mauli cries but Dida calms Mauli down and says she is a normal person after all. Dida says she truly loved Kunal and true love is extremely hard to forget; soon everything will be fine as she gained the best opportunity in the face of Ishaan. Even stagnant water stinks after a while, Mauli must move on. Mauli decides to speak to Kunal right away and clarify that it doesn’t matter she feels for Kunal.

Joy prime Love will never Lie 5 June 2020 update Mauli comes into Kunal’s tent and was shocked to see him hugging a girl. Kunal warmly thanks Mehak for surprising him each year. They turn to see Mauli standing there.

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