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Made For Each Other 27 July 2020: 27th July update Made For Each Other The Episode starts with Prerna saying Shekhar is calling, I will talk to him, I had locked mum at home, you drive to the cliff Anurag, I m coming there. She answers Shekhar’s call. Veena scolds her and says you are pregnant, I care for you and your child, how dare you do this. Prerna says sorry, I would have not locked you if you had let me go. Veena says leave the car and come home. Prerna says you didn’t ask about Anurag. He says you got mad for him, I m your mum and dad now, come home, leave that car, take a taxi and come. Prerna says maybe dad would have understood why I m doing this, I won’t come.

Shekhar says swear and come home, and listen save Anurag and get him home, save your love, take care. She asks him to take care of Veena. Veena slaps Shekhar and says you don’t know this love will never get fulfilled. Shekhar says no, you are wrong here, I know you have all the right to decide for her life, but I m her brother, I also have a right to think about her, I can feel this, that Prerna and Anurag are made for each other, none can separate them. Veena says don’t be blind. Mahesh says yes, he is right, Viraj is a nice man but Prerna is made for Anurag. Shivani says Prerna loves Anurag. Veena slaps her and beats Mahesh. Shekhar asks what are you doing. Veena cries. They hug her.

Shivani says trust Lord, nothing will happen to them. Shekhar says nothing will happen to Prerna and Anurag, Lord doesn’t do wrong with lovers. Anurag says I will manage it, stay behind. Prerna drives ahead. Anurag sees her. She says I won’t leave you easily, nothing will happen, I promise. He says its risky, so much confidence. She says its trust, tell me, will you be with me. He says yes. Ronit gets Anurag’s location tracked. He calls Komolika and says my friend got the info. The guy says Anurag is going towards the cliff. Komolika says don’t disconnect the phone. She thinks did Anurag get mad, why is he going to the cliff. Prerna asks Anurag to come inside her car fast. Anurag says the seat belt jammed. She says we have less time, try. He says I m trying, the seat belt isn’t opening. She says hurry up, don’t give up, there is a cliff. He tries to cut the seat belt with a key.

He says Prerna, its not happening, you know you are the person with whom I wanted to spend the most of my time, maybe life would be longer, but in next birth. She says don’t talk about death, we will live together. He asks what are you doing. She says I will apply brakes and stop your car. He says don’t do this. She says I need you, you can save yourself by my car, at least live for me please. He says okay, I will live for you. She gets her car in front. His car hits her car. She gets dizzy. He recalls his accident. He asks her to open her eyes. She applies brakes. Her car reaches the cliff end and stops. He cuts the seat belt. He asks her to open her eyes, don’t move.

Prerna thinks we can never unite. She says its okay. She thinks maybe I don’t live until you get your memory, I want to tell you how much I love you. He says live for me. She says look at me, I have to tell something. He says we will meet and talk, hold on. He gets down his car and goes to her. He gets some ropes from his car. He ties up to her car. Komolika comes there and sees them. She says I have seen Anurag’s car, I will call later Ronit. She thinks Prerna is here, I wish Prerna dies, Komolika you didn’t answer my call, you were talking to her, she was always imp to you, I hate Prerna, Anurag is my love. Anurag gets Prerna out of the car. Anurag sees her wearing his ring. He says I got saved because of you, you risked your life for me. Prerna faints. He says open your eyes.

Komolika thinks die Prerna. Anurag lifts her and takes her. He tries to take help. Komolika thinks Prerna has to die. Anurag takes lift. Komolika calls Viraj and asks why don’t you answer my calls. He asks are you my GF, how can you expect this. She asks how dare you. He says you don’t know me. She says just call Anurag. He asks is he alive. She says yes, of course, he is alive, sad part is Prerna is alive, he was saving her, I m sure she saved him, they wanted to be together, I have seen love for Prerna in his eyes, I want you to get engaged with Prerna. He says I had explained you, let them come home. She says Anurag took her to the hospital, show love and concern towards her, so that Anurag steps back. He says I will do that.

Doctor treats Prerna. He says she will get conscious, don’t worry. He goes. Prerna gets conscious. Anurag holds her. He says you should have not come. Prerna says I don’t like to come to hospitals, but I feel good now. He says you think its funny, I m asking something, you had fainted, I was so scared, you should have not come. Nurse says come, I will take you for stitches. Prerna says don’t get annoyed, what would you do being in my place, you would have done the same. She goes with the nurse. He thinks I would do this, how can two people do so much without any connection.

Geet update Thursday 6th February 2020 starlife

Viraj calling Anurag and asking are you fine. Anurag says I m fine. Viraj says I got to know about the failed car brakes, I m driving since a long time and trying to help you, I m glad you are fine. Anurag says Prerna is with me, we are at hospital, she is getting stitches. Viraj says I m coming. Anurag calls Shivani and tells everything. Veena is on the way with family. She says we have to make Anurag and Prerna away, if Prerna is fine, then she will get engaged with Viraj in front of Anurag. Anupam and Moloy get ready. They get shocked seeing the news of Anurag’s accident, he is admitted in hospital, his life is out of danger. Moloy asks what, we should go there.

Nivedita and Mohini are on the way. Nivedita calls him and asks for a petrol pump on that route. She says we are going to find Anu. Anupam says he is fine, he is safe, he is at city hospital. Nivedita says we are coming. Viraj hugs Anurag and says I know Prerna doesn’t care for herself when its about you, explain her to think about the coming child, you agree right. Anurag nods. Viraj says I love her a lot. He cries. Anurag thinks he is right, I will take Prerna to engagement venue. Nurse says Prerna got the stitches, she is fine, she is calling you. Anurag says thanks, Viraj you can come, Prerna doesn’t know you are here.

Viraj gets Komolika’s call and answers. She says I m reaching the hospital, don’t tell anything to Anurag and come out. Anurag thinks where is he going, did they shift Prerna to other ward. Viraj meets Komolika. She sees a some guys staring. Viraj sends them. She asks him to call Nitara and ask her to stay there. She threatens him. She says I hate her. He says don’t say anything, she is my wife, I love her. She says ask her not to call me and trouble, she should call you. She leaves. Anurag comes there and just sees her ring. The guys talk and say she is Viraj’s GF, she is more hot than his old GF. Anurag asks are you saying about Viraj. Viraj asks Anurag what are you doing here. Viraj says my mom had come, I had sent her. Anurag thinks. Viraj goes. The media comes. Anurag comes to Prerna. They smile. Viraj comes.

The reporters tell about Anurag’s accident, he is fine now, he just went in. Viraj asks are you fine Prerna, I was crying. Anurag thinks strange, who tells such things, there is something fishy. Nurse gets the discharge papers. Viraj says I will pay the bills. Prerna says we aren’t engaged. Viraj says she is going to be fiancee. He thinks it will be difficult to convince her for marriage. Mohini, Komolika and family comes. Media questions them. Veena and Shivani ask about Prerna. The lady says they have already left from here. Moloy asks Anupam to call Anurag and ask about Prerna.

Mohini stares at Veena. Anurag takes care of Prerna. Viraj looks on. Anurag says dad and everyone reached the hospital, we came here, they will be coming. Everyone comes home. Veena says I m much upset. Prerna says I know and hugs her. Shekhar asks are you fine, Prerna, Anurag. Anurag sees Mohini crying. Komolika hugs him. He hugs Moloy and goes to hug Mohini. He consoles Mohini. He says I m here because of Prerna, it was her idea. He tells everything. Viraj gets a call and says yes mom, okay, I will ask, wait. He says aunty, mom is asking if we can go for engagement, guests are waiting. Veena says yes, come. Mohini sees Anurag. Prerna and Anurag think of each other’s words. Kasauti….plays…..

Prerna says wait a min, I don’t want to do this engagement, I can’t do this. Veena asks why. Prerna says my hand is hurt, I know Viraj won’t force me to wear ring in other hand. Viraj says I won’t. Prerna thanks him. Komolika gets angry and goes. She calls Ronit and asks where is that mechanic. Ronit asks why, is everything fine. Komolika says Prerna refused to get engaged, her finger is hurt, just kill the mechanic, Shekhar has seen him, police can reach us. Prerna comes. They argue. Prerna says I won’t tolerate if anything happens to Anurag. Komolika says he is just mine. Prerna says you don’t know love, people give life in love, they don’t take lives. Komolik says you would have died if you sat in that car, marry Viraj and get away, baby will get father’s name. Prerna says you can’t see it well, my life is beautiful, you tried to harm me, Anurag was there, you tried to harm Anurag, I was there, we are made for each other, he is mine and I m of him.

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