Made for each other february Teasers 2020


Made for each other february Teasers 2020

Below are the written Made for each other february Teasers 2020; 

Monday  3  February 2020 
Episode 214
Prerna and Mr Bajaj arrive in Zurich while Veena disowns her. Later, an enraged Nivedita confronts Prerna.
Tuesday 4 February 2020
Episode 215
After Nivedita berates her, Prerna finds peace in Anurag’s memories. Elsewhere, a tensed Mohini is unable to locate Anurag.
Wednesday 5  February 2020
Episode 216
A heartbroken Anurag sets Prerna’s honeymoon suite on fire. Later, he confronts her about marrying Mr Bajaj.
Thursday  6 February 2020
Episode 217
Anurag slaps Prerna after she makes a shocking declaration. Later, he challenges Mr Bajaj while Nivedita is concerned about him.
Friday 7  February 2020 
Episode 218
Prerna is shocked to see Anurag at Rhine Falls during her boat ride with Mr Bajaj. Later, Nivedita and Anupam get into a dispute at the hotel.

Monday 10 February 2020
Episode 219
Anurag’s obsession for Prerna leads to Mr. Bajaj giving him a stern warning. Elsewhere, Nivedita is enraged over Anupam’s kind gesture towards the foreigners.
Tuesday 11 February 2020 
Episode 220
Anurag tries to defend Prerna while Mr. Bajaj notifies the police about her kidnapping. Later, Nivedita decides to part ways with Anupam.
Wednesday 12  February 2020
Episode 221
Mr. Bajaj interrupts Anupam and Nivedita’s intimate moment. Elsewhere, Anurag and Prerna struggle to escape from Ronit and his goons.
Thursday 13 February 2020 
Episode 222
Mr Bajaj warns Anupam and Nivedita while Anurag and Prerna hide in an abandoned cottage. Later, Mr Bajaj is shocked by Prerna’s confession.
Friday 14 February 2020
Episode 223
A tensed Prerna slaps Ronit when he is about to reveal an outrageous truth. Later, Mr Bajaj takes a stand when Ronit manhandles Prerna.

Monday 17 February 2020 
Episode 224
Prerna takes up Mr Bajaj’s challenge while Mohini is shocked to see a drunk Anurag. Later, Anurag reveals to Anupam about his plan to destroy Mr Bajaj.
Tuesday 18 February 2020 
Episode 225
Abhay Singh and Babli land at Bajaj Mansion to make a Jabariya Jodi. Later, Prerna and Mr Bajaj’s Gruha Pravesh ritual takes place.
Wednesday 19  February 2020
Episode 226
Prerna follows Mr Bajaj as he leaves abruptly after receiving a call. Later, she learns a shocking truth while Nivedita and Anurag join hands to destroy Mr Bajaj.
Thursday 20 February 2020
Episode 227
Mr Bajaj and Prerna are shocked as Anurag plans on acquiring the Bajaj mansion. Later, she calls up Anurag while he is lost in her memories.
Friday 21 February 2020
Episode 228
Nivedita rebukes Prerna for making an insensitive request while Mohini celebrates her success. Elsewhere, the Bajajs receive an eviction notice from Anurag.


  1. Why do made for each other only playing a half hour and kulfi the singing star it is not far to us and family affairs a whole hour no please make it right.


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