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Friday 1 November 2019

Scene 89

Anurag Enters the Burning House,On discovering that Prerna is stuck inside the house, Anurag races to spare her. Afterward, in the midst of the flares and burning warmth, he admits his emotions.

Scene 90

Sad to see Anurag conveying an oblivious Prerna in his arms, Mishka scrutinizes him for putting his life in danger. Further, Anurag spots Naveen with Prerna

Saturday 2  November  2019

Scene 91

Mishka is shaky about Komolika’s developing enthusiasm for Anurag. On Anupam’s recommendation, Anurag chooses to propose to Prerna, while Komolika catches their discussion.

Scene 92

Goons snatch Prerna. Afterward, Anurag gets genuinely harmed while attempting to pursue down the criminals.

Sunday 3  November 2019

Scene 93

Anurag recaptures awareness and hurries to the police headquarters, in this manner breaking his guarantee to Mohini. In the mean time, Naveen powers Prerna to wed him.

Scene 94

Prerna indications Anurag about where she is caught. Afterward, Anurag fools Mohini and hurries to spare Prerna.

Monday  4  November  2019

Scene 95

In spite of discovering that Prerna cherishes Anurag, Naveen constrains her to wed him. Could Anurag get Prerna out of Naveen’s grip?

Scene 96

Prerna feels defenseless when Naveen takes steps to hurt Anurag on the off chance that she will not wed him. Will she get an opportunity to surpass Naveen?

Tuesday 5  November  2019

Scene 97

Anurag admits his adoration to a troubled Prerna. Somewhere else, Komolika is arranging her future with Anurag. What’s available for the youthful love winged creatures?

Scene 98

With the cops hot on his trail, Naveen attempts to shoot Anurag. Afterward, Prerna and Anurag’s difficulty isn’t finished at this point, as their families are anticipating some troublesome answers.

Wednesday 6  November  2019

Scene 99

Anurag and Prerna share a minute prior to taking an essential choice. Afterward, Mohini witnesses Komolika’s impossible to miss association with Anurag.

Scene 100

In a horrible endeavor to destroy Prerna’s notoriety, Komolika harms Mohini! By what method will Anurag face Prerna?

Thursday 7  November 2019

Scene 101

While a sentimental Anurag placates Prerna, Komolika deceives Mohini about Prerna’s goals. Somewhere else, Moloy learns reality behind Mohini’s harming.

Scene 102

An incensed Moloy slaps Komolika for harming Mohini. Afterward, as Prerna and Anurag approach each other to share a kiss, Veena spots them.

Friday 8 November 2019

Scene 103

Veena slaps Anurag when he attempts to help Prerna. Afterward, Komolika appoints an assignment her to thugs when she ends up cornered by Moloy and Rajesh.

Scene 104

Mishka is stunned to figure out how Komolika is associated with Moloy and Rajesh’s homicide. Afterward, a down and out Mohini considers Prerna to be unfortunate for the Basus.

Saturday 9  November 2019

Scene 105

Komolika plans to take Moloy’s life as he endures the mishap. Somewhere else, Moloy attempts to uncover reality to Anurag.

Scene 106

Komolika guarantees the Basus of monetary guide, if Anurag weds her. Afterward, something powers Anurag to call Komolika.

Sunday 10   November 2019

Scene 107

Rajesh’s family is crushed after his death. Mohini guarantees Komolika that Anurag will wed her. Then, Anurag visits Rajesh’s family bearing some uplifting news.

Scene 108

Anurag advances an interest before Komolika and makes a declaration about their commitment service to the visitors. Afterward, he hits the dance floor with Komolika, envisioning her as Prerna.

Monday  11   November  2019

Scene 109

Prerna goes into a condition of stun when Nivedita illuminates her about Anurag’s commitment. Afterward, Shivani demands Prerna to stop the commitment. Will she?

Scene 110

Prerna grabs the wedding band from Anurag and separates before him. Incensed, she later slaps him. What did he do?

Tuesday 12   November  2019

Scene 111

Prerna blames Anurag for manhandling her affection, while Komolika has an intriguing discussion with him. Afterward, a hesitant Anurag gets connected with to Komolika.

Scene 112

While Anurag is troubled during his haldi function, Komolika consents to hand over the property papers to Prerna. Afterward, Anupam visits Prerna with a frantic request.

Wednesday 13   November  2019

Scene 113

Anupam begs Prerna to stop Anurag and Komolika’s wedding. Afterward, a discouraged Anurag participates in his marriage ceremonies while Prerna surges out of her home.

Scene 114

Prerna meets with a mishap on her approach to stop Anurag’s wedding. While Anurag leaves the ceremonies halfway, Prerna learns a stunning news!

Thursday 14   November  2019

Scene 115

Anurag consents to wed Komolika, however on a condition. Somewhere else, the updates on Prerna’s pregnancy summons some ambivalent recollections for her.

Scene 116

Anurag and Komolika’s families celebrate as the two get hitched. Afterward, Anurag is stunned to discover Prerna lying oblivious out and about.

Friday 15 November 2019

Scene 117

Anurag and Komolika take an unconcious Prerna to the emergency clinic. Will Anurag become more acquainted with about Prerna’s pregnancy?

Scene 118

Mohini blacks out as Anurag challenges her for Prerna. Afterward, Anurag and Komolika go to their wedding gathering while Prerna needs to confront her mom.

Saturday 16  November    2019

Scene 119

Anurag reluctantly participates in the post wedding ceremonies with Komolika. Afterward, in the midst of the service, Prerna lands at the setting and makes a stunning disclosure.

Scene 120

Prerna stuns everybody by pronouncing herself as Anurag’s first spouse. Afterward, she acquires an improbable observer.

Sunday 17   November   2019

Scene 121

An enraged Mohini falls oblivious subsequent to finding out about Anurag’s first marriage. Afterward, Anurag is stunned as Komolika uncovers her barbarous goals.

Scene 122

Veena is angry at Anurag and Mohini in the wake of finding out about Prerna’s marriage. Afterward, as Mohini takes steps to call the cops, Prerna turns the table in support of her.

Monday  18   November    2019

Scene 123

Anurag educates Anupam concerning the understanding he marked with Komolika. Afterward, on finding out about Prerna’s arrangement, Mohini chooses to execute the ‘special first night’ plan.

Scene 124

With concealed expectations, Anurag consents to take Komolika on their special night. Afterward, Prerna challenges Komolika of demolishing her first night.

Tuesday 19   November    2019

Scene 125

Anurag and Komolika are en route to their special night when their vehicle stalls. In the mean time, Ronit stalks Shivani.

Scene 126

Edgy to prevail upon Prerna in the special night challenge, Komolika makes a dangerous stride, which may reverse discharge whenever!

Wednesday 20   November    2019

Scene 127

On their first night, as Komolika attempts to tempt Anurag, there’s a thump on the entryway.

Scene 128

Prerna comes to police headquarters, where Anurag is made to put sindoor on her temple. Afterward, Komolika gets captured. Why?

Thursday 21   November    2019

Scene 129

Komolika vents her outrage on the cop. In the interim, Prerna gets into a warmed contention with Mohini and Nivedita. Afterward, Anurag is glad to invest some energy with her.

Scene 130

Trapped in the affection loathe unrest, Anurag and Prerna land in a spot on Holi. Somewhere else, Komolika plots her retribution on Prerna.

Friday 22 November  2019

Scene 131

While the celebration of Holi brings vicinities as a present for Anurag and Prerna, it brings a slap for Komolika.

Scene 132

At the point when Komolika discovers Anurag stowing away under Prerna’s bed, she requests him to demonstrate his dependability. What will Anurag do now?

Saturday 23  November    2019

Scene 133

Mohini gets irritated viewing Anurag and Prerna play Holi. In the mean time, Komolika plots to toss Prerna out of Anurag’s life. Will she prevail in her arrangement?

Scene 134

Komolika gets a noteworthy stun when Mohini dislikes her arrangement. Then again, Anurag attempts to control an inebriated Prerna.

Sunday 24   November   2019

Scene 135

While a chafed Nivedita recognizes another lady in Anupam’s arms, Prerna uncovers her pregnancy to Anurag, affected by bhang. Will he acknowledge reality?

Scene 136

An irritated Mohini slaps Anurag after he gets hitched to Prerna. Afterward, Komolika stunts an inebriated Prerna to sign the legal documents.

Monday  25  November    2019

Scene 137

Anurag and Prerna come to think about their Holi goofs, while Komolika demonstrates her triumph pass to Veena.

Scene 138

Prerna stuns everybody by grabbing the admission papers from Komolika. Afterward, Anurag chooses to win Komolika’s trust while she requests a kiss from him.

Tuesday 26   November    2019

Scene 139

A group of personal assessment officials, driven by Mr. Singh, attacks the Basu chateau. In any case, Komolika smells a rat.

Scene 140

While Prerna otherwise known as Mr. Singh figures out how to get his hands on the legitimate papers, Anurag learns reality. Will he uncover Prerna?

Wednesday 27   November    2019

Scene 141

Anurag battles to deal with the circumstance as Prerna otherwise known as Mr. Singh is caught in the act by Komolika. Afterward, he reassures Komolika while Anupam and Nivedita share a minute.

Scene 142

While secured a room, Prerna stands up to Anurag about his befuddling conduct. Afterward, a suspicious Komolika looks for them.

Thursday  28   November    2019

Scene 143

Anurag plans to deceive Komolika so as to escape unnoticed from the preliminary room. Afterward, he and Prerna are trapped in a furnished theft.

Scene 144

Komolika is infuriated on discovering that Anurag betrayed her is still infatuated with Prerna. Afterward, Prerna fans the flame by uncovering a mystery to her.

Friday 29 November  2019

Scene 145

While Prerna makes jokes about Komolika, the last is by all accounts on top of things. Will Anurag back her up this time?

Scene 145

In an offer to demonstrate his faithfulness to Komolika, Anurag lies. Somewhere else, Ronit holds Aryan and his family at gunpoint.

Saturday 30  November    2019

Scene 146

The Basus plan a gathering to observe Prerna’s capture while Anurag visits her in the jai

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