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Coming on December, below are the Made for Each other Teasers December 2019 Starlife.

Sunday 1 December 2019

Episode 149

Anurag, komolika Play a Game! During the housewarming party, Anurag and komolika participate in an exciting ritual. Later, a drunk komolika tries to force herself on him.

Episode 150

Anurag’s Secret Meeting! What’s on Anurag’s mind when he secretly meets a renowned lawyer? Later, komolika tries to brainwash Prerna using a misleading story.


Monday 2 December 2019

Episode 151

komolika is infuriated upon learning that Anurag met Prerna in prison. Later, a dejected Veena is offered consolation when she gets a helping hand.

Episode 152

Prerna’s Unpredictable Move! Recently freed from prison, Prerna brings home a mysterious guest, much to the Basus’ dismay. Elsewhere, the Sharmas are worried about her whereabouts.

Tuesday 3 December 2019

Episode 153

Amidst the tension, Anurag tends to Prerna, with an irked komolika watching their every move. Elsewhere, Veena visits Aryan’s family with a desperate request.

Episode 154

As the Basus fix Sahil and Tapur’s marriage, Prerna triggers a fight between komolika and Nivedita. Later, she learns about Ronit’s misdeeds.

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Episode 155

Anurag Embraces Prerna! Anurag and Prerna find themselves drawn to each other in spite of resistance, while komolika breathes fire. Elsewhere, Moloy gains consciousness!

Episode 156

komolika Hires an Assassin! komolika hires a contract killer to get rid of Prerna. But, she is left baffled when Mohini gives her a news.

Thursday 5 December 2019

Episode 157

While Prerna informs Anurag about Moloy’s recovery, komolika strives to kill him. Later, Anurag’s suspicions shock Prerna.

Episode 158

Moloy brims with happiness when Prerna informs him about her marriage while komolika blurts out the truth. Elsewhere, Anurag decides to seek komolika’s help.

Friday 6 December 2019

Episode 159

komolika Threatens Moloy! Prerna and Anurag have a huge argument while komolika threatens Moloy at knifepoint. Later, she divulges all her previous acts to Moloy.

Episode 160

Prerna meets Moloy and reveals to him about her marriage with Anurag while komolika hides inside a cupboard. Later, the doctors announce a shocking news to the Basus.

Saturday 7 December 2019

Episode 161

Moloy Returns Home! While the Basus are overjoyed at Moloy’s return, komolika loses her temper. Later, Prerna and Anurag share a moment.

Episode 162

Anurag flirts with Prerna while komolika is furious with his attitude. During Tapur’s engagement ceremony, Prerna dances with Vikrant making Anurag jealous.

Sunday 8 December 2019

Episode 163

In the party, komolika bribes a waiter. Later, she and Prerna engage in a riveting dance. What’s on her mind?

Episode 164

Mohini Slaps Prerna? komolika shows a shocking video of Prerna and Vikrant, which makes an enraged Mohini slap Prerna.

Monday 9 December 2019

Episode 165

When komolika traps Prerna, Anurag makes his choice clear. Later, in a fit of rage, he attacks Vikrant.

Episode 166

Unable to stand any more insults directed at Prerna, Anurag resolves to reveal the truth. Will komolika let this happen?

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Episode 167

While Anurag digs deep into the events to find out the truth, komolika brews another plan. Will he expose her?

Episode 168

Anurag comforts Prerna when they get stuck in a room. Meanwhile, Vikrant makes a big accusation on komolika.

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Episode 169

Vikrant to Expose komolika? Nivedita spots Anurag and Prerna sharing a moment. Elsewhere, Vikrant meets with a fatal accident after he threatens to expose komolika.

Episode 170

Prerna gets suspicious of the similarity between Vikrant and Moloy’s accident. Later, komolika makes a shocking disclosure.

Thursday 12 December 2019

Episode 171

komolika senses something wrong when she spots Anurag and Prerna together. However, she unwittingly falls prey to their trap.

Episode 172

Mohini slaps komolika while Anurag asks her to leave the house. Later, a furious komolika attacks Prerna. Will she accept defeat?

Friday 13 December 2019

Episode 173

Anurag plans a romantic surprise for Prerna while komolika returns to the Basu mansion with the police. Why?

Episode 174

The Police arrests komolika after Anurag turns the table. She threatens the Basus while a drunk Ronit visits Prerna’s house.

Saturday 14 December 2019

Episode 175

Anurag Rescues Shivani? Anurag rescues Shivani from Ronit’s attack. Later, he and Prerna get worried after a businessman plays an evil trick, who is he?

Episode 176

The Basus host a party for Tapur’s future in-laws. Meanwhile, an unwanted guest gatecrashes the party.

Sunday 15 December 2019

Episode 177

A furious Mohini falls unconscious after learning about Anurag first marriage. Later, Anurag is shocked as komolika reveals her cruel intentions.

Episode 178

In a fit of rage, komolika pushes Prerna off the roof. Will Anurag save her?


Monday 16 December 2019

Episode 179

End of komolika? Unable to find komolik, Anurag ends up in a duel with Ronit. On the other hand, Mr. Choubey makes an evil plan. Is komolika dead?


Anurag is delighted when a concerned Prerna tends to him. Elsewhere, Ronit recalls his memories with komolika while Veena receives an unexpected news.

Tuesday 17 December 2019


Prerna Is Abducted! Prerna and Nivedita go shopping for Tapur’s wedding, when Ronit and his goons kidnap Prerna. Can Anurag save her?


Ronit slaps Prerna and kidnaps her. Meanwhile, Anurag and Anupam meet with an accident. Later, Ronit threatens to kill Prerna.

Wednesday 18 December 2019


Prerna struggles to escape from Ronit’s captivity. Later, Anurag sets out to save her, disregarding all warnings.


Ronit confronts Anurag as he tries to save Prerna. Meanwhile, Nivedita and Shivani seek the help of the police.

Thursday 19 December 2019


Anurag holds Ronit at gunpoint while Mohini confronts Veena. Later, Prerna and Anurag reinvigorate their memories.


After escaping from Ronit’s clutches, Anurag and Prerna take shelter in a deserted barn. But, their troubles are far from over.

Friday 20 December 2019


Nivedita chides Mohini for not accepting Prerna. Meanwhile, Anurag and Prerna share a romantic moment as they plan for their engagement party.


Anurag, Prerna spend some romantic time. Later, Anurag notices something fishy about his company’s shares.

Saturday 21 December 2019


While Anurag and Prerna’s engagement is in full swing, Mohini is still sulking over his decision. Later, Anurag learns the truth about Mr Bajaj.


Anurag proposes to Prerna, while Moloy brings Mohini to her senses. Later, Anurag is enraged on learning about a huge financial problem.

Sunday 22 December 2019


Mohini creates a scene at Anu-Pre’s engagement. Meanwhile, the most dreaded businessman, Mr. Bajaj makes an entry.


Anurag is worried about his company while Prerna motivates him. Later, she hatches a plan to gather information about Mr. Bajaj.


Monday 23 December 2019

Episode 193

Mohini humiliates Veena by presenting the expensive gifts to her while Shivani tells Prerna about the same. Later, Anurag learns about Mr. Bajaj’s evil deeds.


Anurag sneaks into the Bajaj mansion and comes across some disturbing facts. Later, he and Mr Bajaj get into a fierce verbal tussle.

Tuesday 24 December 2019


Anurag defends Veena when Mohini accuses her of theft. Meanwhile, Mr. Bajaj desperately looks for a lost record.


Veena recalls a shocking fact about the stolen necklace while Mr Bajaj stirs more trouble for Anurag. Later, the police take Veena into their custody.

Wednesday 25 December 2019


Veena is against Prerna and Anurag marriage while Mr Bajaj plots against Anurag. Later, Mohini has a private meeting with Veena at the police station.


Mr Bajaj reveals a shocking fact about komolika to Anurag. Later, Prerna questions Mohini after learning about her wicked intentions.

Thursday 26 December 2019


While Anurag has a surprise for Prerna stressed upon learning Mohini’s intentions.


Anurag reveals some shocking facts about Mr Bajaj to Prerna after being arrested. Later, he is accused of murder.

Friday 26 December 2019


Prerna consoles a dejected Mohini and vows to save Anurag. Veena meets Anurag in jail. Later, Prerna shoots sharp accusations at Mr Bajaj.


Mr Bajaj makes an unexpected proposal to Prerna. Later, she makes some shocking revelations about Ronit in court.

Saturday 27 December 2019


Mohini apologises to Veena and confesses about trying to sabotage the wedding. Prerna bumps into a disguised Ronit. Later, Anurag reveals his honeymoon plans.


After the court’s shocking decision, Prerna reveals her pregnancy secret to Bajaj. Elsewhere, Anurag and Mohini share a nostalgic moment.

Sunday 28 December 2019


Prerna does the unthinkable when Ronit’s lawyer demands a death penalty for Anurag. Later, she puts forth a secret request to Mr Bajaj.

Episode 206

Mohini prepares for Anurag and Prerna’s wedding. Later, Anurag and Mr. Bajaj get into a verbal spat when the former invites him for the wedding.


Monday 29 December 2019


An emotional Prerna recollects some fond memories of Anurag as she leaves to marry Mr Bajaj. Elsewhere, Anurag prepares for his wedding, unaware of her actions.


Mr. Bajaj brings gifts for Prerna while she confesses her love to Anurag over the phone. Later, as Prerna does her mehendi, Mr. Bajaj does the unthinkable.

Tuesday 30 December 2019


Ronit shows the video of Prerna and Mr Bajaj’s wedding to Anurag. Baffled, Anurag rushes to stop it.

Episode 210

Anurag reaches the wedding venue to stop Prerna from getting married to Mr. Bajaj. But, fate has something else in store for him.

Wednesday 31 December 2019


Prerna is shattered to see Anurag’s condition while their families carry on with the wedding celebrations. Later, Shivani accuses Prerna of betrayal.


Mohini is shocked to learn about Prerna’s marriage while Shivani rebukes the latter over the phone. Later, Mohini’s violent outburst stuns Veena.

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