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Still playing on Starlife, Below are the written Made for Each Other Teasers January 2020 on Starlife.

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Thursday 1 January 2020
Episode 204

Mohini tells Nivedita to represent Basu Publications in Switzerland. Meanwhile, a furious Veena enters the Bajaj mansion to confront Prerna.

Episode 205

Prerna and Mr Bajaj arrive in Zurich while Veena disowns her. Later, an enraged Nivedita confronts Prerna.

Friday 2 January 2020
Episode 206

After Nivedita berates her, Prerna finds peace in Anurag’s memories. Elsewhere, a tensed Mohini is unable to locate Anurag.

Episode 207

A heartbroken Anurag sets Prerna’s honeymoon suite on fire. Later, he confronts her about marrying Mr Bajaj.

Saturday 3 January 2020

Episode 208

Anurag slaps Prerna after she makes a shocking declaration. Later, he challenges Mr Bajaj while Nivedita is concerned about him.

Made for Each Other Teasers Jan. 2020 on Starlife

Episode 209
Prerna is shocked to see Anurag at Rhine Falls during her boat ride with Mr Bajaj. Later, Nivedita and Anupam get into a dispute at the hotel.

Sunday 4 January 2020
Episode 210

Anurag’s obsession for Prerna leads to Mr. Bajaj giving him a stern warning. Elsewhere, Nivedita is enraged over Anupam’s kind gesture towards the foreigners.

Episode 211

Anurag tries to defend Prerna while Mr. Bajaj notifies the police about her kidnapping. Later, Nivedita decides to part ways with Anupam.

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