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In Made for each other 31 march 2020; Made for each other tuesday 31 march update, The Episode starts with Komolika says if the dying person doesn’t know who killed her, it will be injustice, at least she should know this. She asks Prerna to sit in the car, she is going to get medicines for Anurag, she will drop her. Prerna says its fine. Komolika insists. Prerna sits in the car. Komolika drops her home. She thinks it was my house, I gave it to Anurag, he donated this to you, no worries, I have come back and I will take my things back. Prerna gets her bag. She thanks Komolika. Komolika asks about the u turn ahead. Prerna says yes, its there. Komolika sees the dirty mud and thinks I have to do something. Made for each other 31st march 2020 She makes the dirt fall over Prerna. She sees Prerna and laughs. She says so sorry, I didn’t see you. She cleans her face with a tissue. Prerna says its okay, it may happen with anyone, I m fine. Komolika says you are sweet, I have made dirt fall over you, even then you aren’t upset. Prerna says you should get medicines and go to Anurag. Komolika says take care. Prerna goes inside the house.

Komolika says I will make you out of everyone’s life. Shivani serves food. She sees Prerna at the door. Prerna cries. Shekhar asks what happened. Prerna says Anurag has come back. Suman says its a good thing, but you here, is everything fine. Prerna says Anurag… I can’t stay there. Shekhar asks what happened, tell us. Prerna says Anurag came back, I can’t stay there, everyone wants me to leave Anurag, he doesn’t remember anything, whatever happened in last two years, he doesn’t remember me. They get shocked. Prerna says if I try to remind him, then …. They ask what. Prerna cries and runs to her room. Shivani says Mohini would have asked Prerna to leave, those people have to answer me now.

Made for each other tuesday 31 march 2020 update Komolika asks Nivedita not to worry, everything will be fine. Mohini asks what does your dad go. Komolika thinks questioning started. She serves tea. She says dad had business in press and media. Nivedita says really, we also have Basu publications. Shivani comes asking for Mohini. Mohini goes to her. Nivedita takes Komolika. Shivani says its wrong. Mohini asks guards to throw out Shivani. Moloy and Komolika look on. Mohini asks her to get out. Shivani says you would have much money, but not a heart, Prerna was busy in taking care of you all, she was staying here as your son. Mohini says none can take my son’s place, Anurag was missing because of Prerna, he used to do aarti, Prerna was taking his place, my soul burnt when she lit diyas.

Shivani says she has done a lot for you. She asks Moloy how could he get this done. Komolika thinks lovely, its his turn now. Shivani asks Moloy to answer. Komolika this this little chilly is also spicy… not bad. Mohini says I have made Prerna out, this was imp. Moloy says try to understand, Anurag has lost his memory of last two years, doctor said its fine if he recalls on own, we cant remind him, he might go into coma. Shivani says you worry for him, what happened about sister. Mohini says his life got risked many times because of her, I can’t take more risk, its better Prerna stays away, you don’t try to come here, we have no relation with you all. Moloy stops her.

Made for each other 31 march 2020 update Mohini says other people will be imp for you, my son is most imp people for me. Shivani says we will try our best that Prerna forgets you all. She goes. Komolika thinks you all are my puppet now, Prerna you will be in bad state. Suman says you have kept good relations with them, let Veena come, I will tell her. Prerna says I will talk to mum, go and sleep, I want to be alone. Suman says stop being sad, its not good for you and baby. Shekhar says tell me if you need anything. They go. Prerna cries. Shivani comes and says Mohini will remember it. Prerna asks what did you do. Shivani says I went to Basu house. Prerna asks why, this happened, as its right, you couldn’t bear my tears. Shivani says Anurag has forgotten you, he got married. Prerna asks what’s the use to say this, I m already in pain. Shivani says I want to see you happy. Prerna says my heart says Anurag will remember everything, I left that house, not hope, I m waiting for the time when we meet again, my heart says that moment will surely come.

Made for each other update friday 20 march 2020 starlife

Made for each other 31 march 2020 update Mohini happily does aarti. Moloy says you did puja today, I slept well after many days, why did you do puja today. Anurag comes and hugs Mohini. She says I told you, I will do puj when my son returns. Anurag says you didn’t change in two years. Moloy says she won’t change even in 20 years. Anurag says you also didn’t change, I have an odd feeling, I feel much has happened in two years, good, bad… I don’t remember, tell me about it. Kumud blesses him. Moloy says doctor asked us not to tell him, we will tell him imp things. Mohini says we can’t tell about Komolika, that was the worst part of his life. Anurag asks them to say. Moloy says well, Tapur got engaged. Anurag asks really. Moloy says Anupam…. I started liking him, business is okay, I fell ill. Mohini says Moloy met with an accident, he was in coma and got paralysis also. Moloy says I was on wheelchair, Rajesh is no more. Anurag asks what, how. Moloy says he was with me in the car, we met with an accident.

Moloy informs to Anurag, Rajesh is no more and says accident parly happened because of him. Mohini gets shocked and manages saying mistakes may happen. Everybody copes up with it. Anurag agrees.

Made for each other 31 march 2020 update Kumud asks Sonalika to perform Aarti to Devi maa. Sonalika agrees and Mohini observes them. Mohini praises Sonalika look. Inturn Sonalika praises Mohini saree.
Mohini asks Anurag to to visit Kuldevi temple to perform pooja with his wife Sonalika. Anurag tries to deny but Sonalika interrupts him saying mom’s are always think for their betterment so they must go to temple to seek blessings. Mohini gets impressed with Sonalika behaviour. Prerna at Kuldevi temple says thanks to Devi maa for Protecting her Anurag and questions how will she live without Anurag. At that time Anurag enters the temple and Pandit welcomes him. Prerna gets stunned and Pandit says everything is ready for pooja. Anurag signs to come. Prerna thinks he is calling her than notice Sonalika behind her.

Prerna thinks she don’t want to spoil things more meeting Anurag. Prerna watches them hiding and she remembers her marriage with Anurag seeing him performing parikrama to Devi maa with Sonalika. Anurag turns back feeling someone is watching them. Prerna hides immediately.

Pandit says their parikrama is interrupted and it’s not good sign. Anurag says they will do Parikrama again but pandit denies and says they have to start pooja again to perform Parikrama. Sonalika says they will perform pooja again in some other day. Pandit agrees and ask them to come for daan. Anurag thanks for Sonalika to escape them from second time pooja.

Anurag donates food boxes to poor people and Prerna saree pallu touch his face and he gets some flash of their previous moment. He tries to call her but she left.

Made for each other tuesday 31 march 2020 update Prerna gets hit by Anurag’s car. seeing Anurag she thinks to leave before he saw her. People creates hungama blaming driver and Prerna tries to stops tgem but thei won’t listen. Anurag comes out from car and He apologizes to Prerna and everyone clears the situation saying he knows her and asks Prerna how is she and her Family. Prerna thinks previous moments are happening again. Anurag introduces Sonalika to Prerna.

Made for each other 31 march 2020 Prena tries to leave but she can’t move because of her leg and Anurag offers his help and gets her to home. He says Sonalika, Prerna can talk nonstoply without taking breath. Prerna walks slowly but she can’t and seeing her he again lifts her in his arms and takes her to their house. Sonalika gets irritated.

Veena opens the door and everyone gets shocked seeing Prerna in Anurag arms.


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