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Made For Each Other 11 September 2020: Update on Made For Each Other Friday 11th September 2020, The Episode starts with Komolika saying maybe Anurag left for the office, I should also leave for the mill. Ronit calls the driver to the mill. Anupam follows and says Anurag, he might be going to the mill. Anurag says I m coming. Shivani calls Ronit and says I have seen you at the hospital, you tried to kill Prerna. He says so what, do people go to hospital to kill others, my hand is much hurt, I went for aid. She says you should have not become fake doctor, I m going to complain to police, you were involved in the accident and came there to kill her, right. Ronit asks why do you do this. She ends call and sees Prerna.

Prerna says Ronit tried to kill me and my baby. She recalls seeing Komolika in between the crowd and at the hospital. Shivani says we have to file complaint. Prerna says Komolika is the main culprit, stay here, its my fight. She goes. Pandit says try to stay at home. Moloy says Anurag and Nivedita already left. Pandit says its fine, but you all don’t go out now, Rahukaal just started, why are you worried. Moloy says I m worried for Prerna, give me a black thread for her. Mohini asks are you going out. Komolika says yes. Mohini says Pandit said rahukaal started, you can’t go out. Komolika says I don’t believe in this, I have imp work. Mohini says I said you can’t go, else I will also come with you. Komolika says its okay. The driver says maybe this car is following me. Anupam says why is he taking left. Anurag asks him to stop the car, maybe driver is doubting. Anupam stops the car. Driver says he will follow me if he is following me. Anupam says he is going towards the main road. Anurag says great, follow him, maintain distance. Komolika says I m stuck here, don’t worry, I will try to come soon. Ronit says I m with you. She says you left your work incomplete, you know whom I dislike the most. He says Prerna. She says Mohini, she didn’t let me go out, she thinks it will be a bad omen if I go out. She sees Mohini at the door. She says Shilpa, I will talk later. Ronit says understood, come there when you get a chance. Mohini says I heard everything. Driver parks the truck and calls Ronit. Anupam asks where are you Anurag.

Anurag says I have reached. He also reaches there. Mohini says its bad to go out at this time. Komolika says my friend Shilpa is calling me. Mohini says go but tomorrow, you respect me right, you love me. She ties the black thread to her hand. She says pandit gave this for my children. She goes. Komolika gets angry. Anurag says you were right, the driver came to meet someone. Anupam says we have to be careful. Anurag says he has seen you, I will go, I will know if he is lying. Prerna comes home and shouts Sonalika. Mohini asks what do you want. Prerna goes upstairs. Mohini says stop. Anurag comes to the mill. Anupam comes to hold him. Anurag gets scared and asks what are you doing here. Anupam says we don’t know if he has a gun, its better we stay together.

Ronit comes. He locks his car. He calls the driver. Anupam says there are two people here, car sound came from that side and phone ring is coming here. Anupam goes out to see. Driver says I m standing inside the mill, come. Driver sees Anurag. Anurag acts normal. Driver recalls Anurag. Anurag thinks if he runs seeing Prerna’s pic, it means he is the same man. He says actually, I m finding a girl, did you see. He shows Prerna’s pic. Driver pushes him and runs. Anurag catches him and beats him. Ronit gets shocked and stops. He says Anurag won’t remember my face, I have to save Monty. He sees Anupam and hides. Anupam sees him and runs after him. Anurag asks why did you do this accident, tell me. Komolika hears Mohini and Prerna arguing. Prerna comes to the room and slaps Komolika. Anurag asks the driver why did you do this accident. The driver says I don’t know and runs. Anurag says that girl will identify you now. Mohini runs shouting Debu…

Prerna says you should have hurt me, but not my baby. Komolika says your baby has to die. Prerna puts knife at her neck and threatens her. Prerna says you will know the power of a mother, you came to the hospital as nurse to harm my baby, tell me, if you try to harm my baby, I will not leave you. Komolika says I will get hurt. Prerna says let it happen, I m not weak, you will see my strength now, you think I m that Prerna who just loves Anurag, who is emotional and scared, no, I will kill you if you think of harming my baby. Mohini says if Prerna tells Sonalika about Anurag and her…. She shouts to the servants. She runs to Komolika. Prerna asks will you run away. Mohini knocks the door and says open the door, are you fine. Prerna says go and tell Mohini, else I will tell everything.

Prerna getting Anurag’s call. She says I think I shall take this outside, else you will hear our talk. She opens the door. Mohini asks what did you tell Sonalika. Prerna says you will know it soon. Mohini asks Komolika what did Prerna say, its all a lie. Komolika says nothing, do you want to tell me about Anurag and Prerna’s past, she came for some work. Mohini says nothing. Komolika asks her to go. Mohini thinks to do something to stop Prerna from coming here. Prerna sees Komolika and shuts the door. Prerna calls Anurag. He says I m showing you that man, who did the accident, can you identify him, I m connecting video call. Prerna says yes. Komolika thinks what is she taking, she can’t take a big risk with his life. Rohit hides from Anupam. He calls Komolika. She disconnects. Anupam goes back. Anurag asks will you identify him. Prerna asks where are you. She sees the man and says yes, its him. Komolika looks on. Driver runs. Anurag beats him. Prerna asks him to be careful. Ronit gets his car there and shouts. Driver runs to the car. Anurag shouts stop. Driver gets inside the car. Ronit drives out.

Anurag stops them and pulls the driver out of the car. Ronit shouts Monty…. Anurag sees Ronit. He recalls Ronit and holds his head. Driver gets in the car. Ronit leaves. Anurag’s phone falls down. Prerna sees Anurag falling. Anupam comes. Ronit and driver run away. Anupam gets shocked seeing Anurag. He goes to Anurag and asks what happened. He sees Prerna on video call. He asks her not to worry. Anurag says I m happy. He says we have to catch him soon. Mohini says Prerna… Prerna says sorry to not listen to you. Mohini says don’t act good, you are showing you are a sacrificing idol. Prerna says I left the house for Anurag, he is my child’s dad, I will not leave the child’s rights, you talk of love for Anurag, you can do anything for his happiness, understand where his happiness lies. She goes. Komolika looks on.

Anurag and Anupam follow the truck. The truck stops at the signal. Anurag goes to catch driver. He asks who are you. The man says I got this truck as gift, they gave me the keys outside the mill. He recalls Ronit giving the keys to the man and asking him to keep driving it. He says one who wins will get 1 lakh. The man says give me the money. Anupam says he fooled you. Anurag and Anupam meet the detective. They say about the attacker. Detective says I will meet you with proof. Anurag says I want to know Prerna’s husband, it will be great if you find out, just come to me with info. Detective says have faith, everything will be fine. Driver says you said I will get money, they tried to catch me. Ronit scolds him. Komolika recalls the slap. Ronit calls her. He asks her not to come to the mill. She asks him to be quiet. He says I care for you. She says Prerna was talking to Anurag on video call, I know everything. She throws the phone. Ronit says you want money right, come, I will give you.

Prerna says shall I call him or not, if he is sleeping, so what. Anurag says someone is trying to harm Prerna. Komolika says Prerna won’t get any rights. Prerna says I have right to call him. Anurag calls her. She says you won’t believe it, I was going to call you, what happened there. Anurag says I saw some guy, I felt I knew him, I felt dizzy, I couldn’t recognize him. She says please be careful, I was worried for you, at least for my sake. He asks why are you saying this, why this worry for me. Komolika asks do you really worry for me. Mohini says I will find a solution. Komolika says Anurag isn’t away from Prerna, she is everywhere. Mohini gives her the keys. She says its our farmhouse keys, its time we go there to stay, we will handle everything, you and Anurag will unite there.

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