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Made For Each Other 14 August 2020: Made For Each Other update Friday 14th August 2020, The Episode starts with Nivedita scolding the manager. She calls Anurag and says he isn’t answering. Anurag bids for 55 crores. Prerna calls Mr. Bajaj and lets the manager talk. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna calls me when the bidding amount is high, let her have the land. The manager says its 55 cr, its double than actual rate. Mr. Bajaj says we can’t stop her. Prerna says thanks Mr. Bajaj. He smiles and says anything for you. Prerna bids for 60 crores. The man asks are you sure, sorry. Kaushik is stopped by the guard. He argues with Kuki. Mohini’s friend comes and asks what are you doing at the door. Mohini takes her in. Komolika says none can win the land auction except Anurag. She doesn’t like the coffee and gets angry on servant. She asks Mohini to make coffee for her. Mohini’s friend says why are you making coffee, don’t you think, she doesn’t value you as much as Prerna did. Mohini goes. Shaumik stops Anurag from bidding further. Prerna wins the auction. Mr. Bajaj sees the auction live. He says now Mr. Basu will know who is standing against him. Prerna asks manager to check formalities. She talks to the media.

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Made For Each Other 14 August 2020: Nivedita’s manager says we have lost. She asks what. He says my journalist friend went there ti cover the auction, he said some lady has bought the lady. She asks who. He says we don’t know the name yet. Anurag says congrats, I didn’t know anyone will be interested to buy it, I had planned something, its okay you broke the dreams, congrats, you got the land, when you make the house and try to sell, none will buy, because I have the other land, if I don’t make the mall, then no one will come to stay there, its a loss for you, you should have done your homework, congrats. He turns to go. She turns to him and says every deal which causes loss to you will be profitable to me. He gets shocked seeing her. They recall the past. He thinks no, I can’t feel weak, else she will understand what I feel for her, why is she here after 8 years. She asks did you get speechless. He asks how did you survive and come back. She says to make your life hell. He says this is your problem to get after me, why did you come here after 8 years, there is no use, no one wants you here, no one, you get that.

Made For Each Other 14 August 2020: She says why do I feel that you got scared, what will happen of you. He says you are mistaken, Prerna, I m not scared, do I need to remind you that I pushed you out of my life. She says congrats for this jerk, you will get many such jerks, I will snatch everything from you. He says so sad, I m not getting tears for your sympathy. She says keep it with you. He says you go back if you want to be happy, its been 8 years. She says I have no advice for you, I won’t give you a chance to be happy. She goes.

He thinks I was right, I felt you are around, I promise you, I will send you back. She thinks I promise you and Komolika won’t be at peace. Komolika asks what. Nivedita says I don’t know, Shaumik said some woman has defeated us. Komolika says I will talk to Anurag. She asks the guests to leave. She asks who can that girl be, who defeated Anurag. Manager says none should expect Anurag to get defeated by someone, Mr. Bajaj had called. She says he is very caring, he would be in stress. Kuki and Kaushik run in to meet Prerna and Anurag. Prerna calls Kuki. Kuki says sorry, I got stuck because of a stupid guy, I m coming. Prerna says we won the land, wait for me. Kaushik and Kuki argue again. Kuki says Prerna has won the auction. Anurag and Prerna get inside the lift. Kaushik says you got after me, like Anurag is tolerating Prerna in the lift, did you notice, why do they come across, they are trying to crack the same deal, why. Kuki says its a small world. Anurag says even I don’t want to be with you. The lift gets stuck. They argue. She says you think I will be at loss, go and make the mall, how will people come, I won’t make the homes, my loss is of 60 crores, your loss is of 300 crores, whose loss is more. He calls for help.

Made For Each Other 14 August 2020: Anurag calls Kaushik. Kaushik asks what, you got stuck in the lift. Anurag says yes, with the person who won the auction, she got much loss. Kaushik asks Kuki to come for Prerna. She doesn’t listen. She goes to help. Kuki calls Prerna and asks when are you coming. Prerna says I m stuck in the lift, call someone. Kuki says don’t worry, I m coming. The light goes off. Anurag and Prerna continue to fight. He says you will tell that you are scared of darkness. She says all fears ended, when a dear person cheated me, my fears got away.

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