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Made for each Other 17 July 2020: Made for each Other Friday 17th update July 2020, The Episode starts with Anurag saying you think you will play a game with me, I heard your talk, you have to listen to me, tell me, where is Prerna. The goon says you are mistaken, I m just a watchman here. Anurag says nonsense, you were hiding in the tempo, I have seen you, now tell the truth, where is Prerna. The goon says I don’t know. Anurag beats him. The goon says they have taken Prerna to the cliff, trust me. Anurag says you should have not got beaten up if you told before. He gets a phone and picks. He asks is this your phone. He takes the sim and goes. Jagga says she will get conscious in some time. Ronit says we will be on the cliff in some time, our problems will also end with her end. Anurag is on the way. Ronit asks Jagga to take left turn. Jagga says but the route is shut since long. Ronit says I know, take the left turn. Anurag stops the car and sees two routes. He goes straight. Komolika is at the cliff.

Made for each Other 17 July 2020: She sees Ronit bringing Prerna. She says you had slapped me, I don’t want to punish her in this state, I want to see her dying, get conscious Prerna, you will be in pain. She raises hand to slap. Prerna holds her hand. She says I m not scared of you, you can’t do anything, I m sure Anurag will come to me. Prerna asks are you foolish or act innocent, I get angry on your words, you make me too angry, you won’t be alive now. They argue. Komolika takes her at gun point. Anurag is still on the way. Komolika asks Prerna to go towards the edge, there is a chance to get saved. Prerna gets back. Komolika says its an illness to become a mum, life changes after you conceive, so many restrictions, tell me something, go back and commit suicide. Anurag says I m coming Prerna. Komolika says no one will come to save you. She pushes Prerna.

She says you love your life a lot. Prerna says I love Anurag, my coming child, my family, I have made a mistake to meet you, I wish you never existed. Komolika says I so wish you didn’t come in my life, wish of either of us will complete. She says Ronit, lets try something exciting, tie Prerna with the rope, we will cut the rope, Jagga will throw Prerna down, the end. Ronit gets the rope and ties up Prerna. Anurag is still on the way. Ronit ties Prerna with the rope. He ties the other end to the car. He says we are almost done. Jagga says if you move, then I will push you down, stand right. Ronit cuts the rope. Anurag comes there. He sees Prerna. Prerna, Komolika and everyone see Anurag. Jagga pushes Prerna. Prerna shouts Anurag. Anurag runs to catch her. He imagines this and shouts Prerna. Komolika says Anurag…. Jagga Anurag has come, just push her, don’t wait the rope cutting, do it. Anurag throws the stone at Jagga. Jagga falls. Prerna falls down. Anurag runs and catches the rope. Prerna shouts Anurag.

Made for each Other Friday 17 update July 2020 Komolika and Ronit look on. Anurag jumps and holds the rope. Komolika asks Ronit to leave. Ronit asks why does Jagga have the keys. Anurag pulls Prerna upwards. Viraj also comes there. He sees Anurag at the edge. He shouts Prerna and runs to help. Komolika says relax Komolika… He thinks I don’t know what will happen of Ronit and Jagga, I should reach there and act that I have also come to help. She goes to them. Prerna sees Komolika. Komolika offers help. Prerna comes up. Viraj looks around. Prerna hugs Anurag. Viraj looks on. Komolika sees Ronit’s car and thinks why didn’t goons go from here. Anurag asks are you fine. Prerna nods. He says baby is also fine, right, relax. Ronit runs away. Anurag says Viraj, manage Prerna. Prerna says don’t leave me and go. Anurag says I don’t want to spare those who have hurt you, I will be back. He runs after Ronit and Manja. They hide.

Ronit thinking Anurag has left. Viraj asks Prerna to come. Prerna says I won’t go until Anurag comes. He says now I have to complain about you. He calls Anurag and makes her talk. Anurag asks why aren’t you listening to him, fine, I will come, goon has run away, go home with Viraj, else I won’t talk to you. She says okay fine. Viraj says sorry, you got scolding. She says he just explained that this place isn’t safe. Anurag asks Viraj to drive carefully. Viraj says Prerna is my fiancee, I can take care of her. Anurag says of course. He thinks Viraj would have felt bad, but none can stop me from caring for Prerna. Veena prays.

Twist of Fate update thursday 16 July 2020

Anurag reaches the accident spot again. He sees Jagga lying unconscious. Veena’s hand bleeds. Komolika thinks I have to do a melodrama now that Prerna is back, its good that Anurag couldn’t find anyone. She says Veena aunty, Prerna is coming back home. Everyone smiles. Veena asks where is Prerna. Komolika says Viraj, Anurag and I saved her life, she would have died if she fell down, look she has come. Viraj and Prerna come. Veena hugs Prerna. Prerna sees her hand and worries.

Made for each Other 17 July 2020: Veena thanks Viraj. Viraj says save this gratitude for Anurag, he reached Prerna and held her hand, I helped a bit, thank God Prerna is fine. Anurag gets Jagga home. Everyone gets shocked. Anurag asks Anupam to get a rope. Mohini asks why, who is he. Anurag says he is the same man who pushed Prerna down the cliff, he kidnapped her, he isn’t the real culprit, he did this for money. Veena says he should be at the police station. Moloy says yes, we shall call the police. Anurag says no, he won’t go until we know the truth, I want to know who is doing this, chandelier fell down, then the accident and today this incident. Prerna thinks Anurag noticed everything and always stayed with me. Anurag asks can Prerna and Shivani stay here, I will ask him when he gets conscious, he can’t lie to me if Prerna is here. Prerna and Shivani agree to stay back. Mohini goes away.

Prerna says we will come in the morning. Mohini says Anurag tied the dangerous goon, why is the goon at home, what happened to Moloy, he always opposes me. Nivedita consoles her. She says everything will be fine. Viraj asks for some place for himself. Moloy says its a big house, you may stay here. He asks Shivani to take Prerna to guest room. Anupam says we will record his word. Anurag says yes, we have to find out the truth. He sees Prerna. Komolika worries. Shivani asks why did Jagga kidnap you. Anurag comes and asks will you have anything. He asks Shivani to get milk. Prerna says no. Shivani goes.

Made for each Other 17 July 2020 Prerna says I said no. He says sometimes I decide, my decisions are proved right. She says like you decided to get me married. He asks why, aren’t you happy. She says you have done this for my happiness, you are with me. They smile. He says I will be there even after marriage. Komolika thinks Jagga got caught, Anurag will make him confess truth, I have to do something, what shall I do. He asks are you upset that I asked you to go with Viraj. Prerna says yes, a bit. He holds ear to say sorry. She smiles. Shayad kabhi…..plays…. He holds her hand. He drops her to the room and says shut the door. She nods and shuts the door. He comes back again. They think of each other. He goes. Komolika says I can tolerate Anurag’s love for Prerna, but not his hatred for me. She throws things. Anurag comes and asks what happened. She says I feel scared. He asks why. She says Jagga is here. He asks how do you know his name.

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