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In Made for Each other update Friday 25th october 2019 on starlife, Navin says yes, Madhuri is my wife, I m married to her, she helps me get rid of all problems, that’s why I call her Jaan, I m marrying Prerna, stop me if you can.

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Anurag catches his collar and says such a disgusting thinking, I can expect this from you. Navin says I m happy to see your desperation, I m enjoying that, what will you do, will you get proof against me, my Jaan has got that from you. Madhuri says he is lying. He says its fine, if Prerna wants to marry me, what will Anurag do. Anurag shouts I will kill you.

Navin slaps himself and says do something else, you kill me, you have no confidence or strength. Anurag says you haven’t see it until now, I haven’t stooped to your level, I will destroy you, I promise this marriage won’t happen, you will pay for all of them, the reason will be Prerna. Navin says did you hear him, I told you this guy lies, he loves Prerna.

Anurag says you behave like him, you guys are just made for each other, you lie the same way and cheat the same way, you are a woman, he made you wear mangalsutra, you know the meaning.

Hesays I have seen you together, what will you say now, I even got your marriage certificate, some woman snatched it away, it was you, disguised as nurse, I had seen you. She says you are mistaken. Navin sings and hugs her. He says enough Jaan, Madhuri is my wife…. Madhuri asks him not to lie.

Navin says you won’t be able to do this, its my work, the truck which has hit your car, I was driving it. Madhuri says he is lying. Navin says no, your fate is good that people came there and saved you, I wanted to see you drying. He gets on yelling on Anurag.

He says you have created a havoc in my life, I don’t give a chance to anyone to ruin me. He stops and says I told him everything. He asks Anurag to go and announce that Navin is a bad man, Madhuri is his wife and he tried to kill you, no one will believe you, even your mom will not believe you, if you come in front of me now, I will kill you. He goes. Anurag stops Madhuri.

He says you are staying with such a cheap man and you are silent, aren’t you ashamed, don’t you have any emotions or feelings in heart, he tried to kill me, he is getting married to someone else. She says he is not my husband. He says he is your husband, but not a good one, he is such a bad guy, he is mad, I don’t know why you are keeping mum, why are you helpless, if its about money, Navin has chosen the wrong girl, I won’t let Prerna become Ronita, explain Navin, he will become the victim, his game will be over this time.

Prerna gets the rose in her book. She smiles. Anurag comes. She says I was thinking about you. He asks why did you think about me. She says you gave me this rose. Jitni dafa….plays… He makes her wear the bangles. He disappears. She gets restless and says how do you do this. Navin comes. She asks you? He asks why did you get uncomfortable seeing me. She says I wasn’t expecting you.

He gives her some papers. He says I have named this house to you, and this is 10 lakhs cheque so that your family feels secure, its a wedding gift from me, please accept it, what happened, take it. She says whatever Anurag told me, is it true? He says I m taking it back, you are insulting me, I m a human, bye. She stops him.

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