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Made For Each Other 4 September 2020: update on Made For Each Other Friday 4th September 2020, The Episode starts with Prerna saying you told me to save Anurag, I didn’t think anything and did all that for him, because I respected you and your love for Anurag, please stop calling me a gold digger, stop insulting my love. Shivani holds Veena’s hand and says it will be fine. Veena asks on whom is Mohini shouting. Shivani says that’s Prerna. Veena says I was afraid for this, Mohini is after Prerna. Nivedita says something is wrong. Prerna says I know you don’t like me, like I don’t like Sonalika, I m warning you, beware of her. Mohini says I trust her more than I trust myself. Anupam asks what happened. Nivedita says Prerna is creating some drama in front of the media to insult us. Veena says we won’t go anywhere, let Mohini say. Prerna says we shall go. Mohini says Prerna is jealous of Sonalika and making stories against her.

Made For Each Other update Friday 4 September 2020: Komolika shouts a theft happened in our house, the bag containing 3.5 crores is missing. Everyone gets shocked. Komolika comes to Prerna and says you had the keys of the cupboard, right. Mohini asks servant to call Anurag fast. Nivedita says I can’t believe this Prerna. Komolika says its my mistake, I should have not invited her, I invited her personally, Anurag did mistake to trust her blindly. Prerna says stop the drama. Mohini says shut up, stop making fake stories. Shivani asks how can you say this. Mohini says Prerna had the keys and kept the bag. Servant says Anurag is nowhere at home. Nivedita stops Anupam and asks are you involved in this, no right, then just stand silently and watch this. Veena throws the photographer’s camera. Prerna says calm down, money is still there. Komolika says don’t lie, you were responsible for this.

Veena says this house doesn’t deserve our coming, come with me. Mohini stops them and asks servant to shut the door. She says no one shall leave until police comes. Prerna says please don’t do this, you are doing wrong. Mohini says police will decide this. She asks Debu to get the phone. She calls Mr. Mukherjee and says a theft happened here and thief is here, send the team to Basu house. Shivani goes. Nivedita goes after her. Anurag checks the diary. He is about to see the pic. Shivani calls him. She says Jiju, I mean Anurag, come fast, your cash is stolen, the blame is on Prerna, she will never do this. He says Prerna can never do this. She says Mohini called the police. Nivedita looks on. He says I m coming. He ends call and shuts the cupboard. He leaves. Nivedita scolds Shivani. They argue. Mohini stops Anupam and asks don’t you love Anurag. Anupam says I do, but I don’t think Prerna did this. Komolika says we will prove it to him also. Anupam says Prerna is not such. Veena says let it be Anupam. Komolika says sorry to say, its matter of crores of rupees. Prerna says you know theft didn’t happen. Mohini insults Prerna. Komolika smiles. Mohini scolds Veena.

Made For Each Other Friday update 4 September 2020: Nivedita drags Shivani there. She says Prerna, look at your sister, disgusting. Prerna says you blamed me for theft, don’t treat my family like this. Nivedita says accept that you did this. Prerna says I didn’t do, why shall I accept, go and check. Nivedita says there is no bag and money, Prerna was ready to marry an old man for money, she would be greedy seeing money. Veena says Nivedita, you are becoming like your mum. Komolika asks her to control her daughter. Mohini taunts Veena. Komolika asks how would Anurag feel knowing this. Shivani thinks where is Anurag. Mohini gets Anurag’s call. She shows them and answers. He says don’t call police, please, Prerna didn’t do this theft. Mohini asks do you know the reason. He says yes.

She asks how. The call disconnects. His phone gets off. He looks for charger. He leaves in his car. Prerna and Komolika argue. Komolika asks what will you do of the money, diamond jewellery, luxury car. She insults Veena. Veena recalls Komolika. Prerna says enough, don’t say anything about my dad. Mohini says talk to Sonalika with manners, she is the bahu of this house. Komolika smiles. Anurag is on the way. He says how can anyone think Prerna can steal money, what happened to mum. He thinks Prerna is carrying a baby, she shouldn’t take stress, how can my baby be so insensitive.

Made For Each Other 4 September 2020: Police comes. Mohini says I called you. Komolika says Prerna, her mum and her sister did the theft, please arrest them. Prerna says check it first, bag will be there. Mohini says we have checked well, they are just wasting time. Inspector says you have to come with me, we have to investigate. Anurag speeds up. He hits a car. The men get away. They stop Anurag. Anurag says I m really sorry, there is an emergency at home, I m ready to pay for the damage. The show shows his card and takes him to police station. Someone records this. Komolika says crime is crime, take her. The lady says Prerna is pregnant. She gets handcuffs. Prerna gets back. She sees Anurag standing behind. Komolika says Anurag….. Prerna sees Anurag and smiles. He holds her.

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