Made for Each other 13 July 2020: The Episode starts with Mohini asking Moloy to tell Prerna not to dance with Anurag. He asks are you jealous, you are an over possessive mum, you aren’t a good mom, now go and cry to gain sympathy of your son. He goes. Nivedita consoles her. Mohini says I hate Prerna. Nivedita asks her to relax. Suman says there is much difference in this family and Viraj’s family. Mahesh says yes, they have no pride and accepting Prerna by heart. Anurag takes Prerna. He asks Veena to come. Anupam sees a waiter and recalls Shivani’s words. He follows. Prerna says its a sprain maybe. Anurag massages her foot. Viraj looks on. Anurag asks are you fine. Prerna nods. He says sprains do happen in pregnancy, I read it on internet, just to help you, take care. Viraj asks can I talk to you. Anurag says sure.

Prerna says even if he doesn’t remember, he cares for me. Veena says yes, he is a great man, he always supported you, it doesn’t mean he is yours. Prerna says he will be mine, Anurag will break Viraj and my marriage. Veena asks her to take rest. Anurag asks Viraj to say. Viraj says I don’t know how to say, its about marriage. Anurag asks what happened, did Prerna say something, she is moody and talks a lot, I m sorry, I will talk to her. Viraj says you know her a lot, I m a simple guy, I don’t want to get into complications, do you love Prerna. Anurag says yes. Ronit says I have to kidnap Prerna, what shall I do. He takes a vase and hits on Shivani’s head. He locks her inside the cupboard.

Made for Each other 13 July 2020: Anurag says there is nothing like that, I m married, if this was true, I would have not got you both close, sorry if you were uncomfortable, I m extremely…. Viraj says thanks, I wasn’t accusing you, I like Prerna, I love her, she is beautiful and also beautiful at heart, I wanted to propose her. Anurag says its better to clear doubt. Viraj says its more than arranged marriage for me, I want to propose her. He hugs Anurag. Anurag wishes him. The goon/waiter hides from Anupam. He calls Ronit. Ronit says maybe my phone is left inside. Shivani gets conscious. Ronit takes her at gun point. He takes the phone and answers.

Anupam gets a call. He goes back. The goon says I m outside, a man is following me. Ronit says come quickly. Shivani thinks who is this man, what does he want. Ronit threatens her. Anurag thinks why did Viraj ask that, maybe I m crossing lines, what shall I do, I will try to not get much involved, else their relation will break, I have to stay away from her. He thinks of Prerna. He says I remember. Komolika looks on worried. Ronit asks goon to handle Shivani. He says I have to kidnap Prerna. Shivani shouts. He slaps her and signs her to shut up. He goes.

Made for Each other update Monday 13 July 2020 Anurag says I have seen myself and Prerna, I was asking her not to marry, maybe that man left her, I was telling her that I will stand by her. She throws things to disturb him. She says I was in sleep and much tired, I m good, but not so good that I don’t feel jealous. He says no, I always share things with you, Prerna is my best friend, I don’t remember, but my heart doesn’t forget anything.

Lies of The Heart update Monday 13 July 2020 on zee world

Komolika recalls Prerna’s words. She says I will get your medicines. Anurag says okay. She goes to washroom and screams. She says I have done this, even though it was tough. FB shows…She goes to doctor and shows him the video. He gets shocked seeing his daughter captive. Komolika asks him to give medicine to make Anurag’s brain slow. He says I can’t do this. She asks goons to shoot the girl. Doctor agrees. He says you have to continue the medicine for long time. FB ends. She says now we will see how your memory comes back. Ronit asks where is Prerna. He talks to his goon. He says this is a good chance, we will kidnap her, get the car ready. He asks Prerna to check her car parked at wrong place. Viraj stops her for a talk. She says I was going to see the car. Viraj says I will ask my driver to check. He makes a call and asks driver to check Prerna’s car. He tells the car number. They go. Ronit looks on.

Made for Each other update Monday 13th July 2020 Anurag looks for Prerna. Komolika thinks you are always after Prerna. Anupam thinks where are Shivani and Prerna. He says I have to tell Anurag that Prerna is going to get attacked again. Viraj says I was thinking to cancel our marriage. She gets shocked and thinks Anurag didn’t recall anything. He says it was just a thought, I realized I love you Prerna. She tries to go. He says please let me continue, I have my family a lot, I want to take an empty place in your and baby’s life, but after tilak, I m not accusing you, I feel you like Anurag. She says yes, I do. He says of course, he cares for you, your simplicity is attracting me, I know I can never take Anurag’s place, I m ready to marry you, do you still want to marry me, just remember I love you, take time to think, I will be waiting. Komolika calls the waiter and gets a glass of water. Prerna thinks to talk to Viraj clearly. Ronit takes the chloroform to faint Prerna. Anupam thinks I will handle it, I will not let anything wrong happen with Prerna. He asks Anurag did detective give any info. Anurag says no, he is working on it. Anupam goes.

Komolika adds the medicine in the water. Prerna looks on. Komolika asks waiter to give it to him. Prerna gets shocked and goes to Anurag. Anurag asks Ronit to get a chair for her. Ronit gets the chair. He says one second, your voice is familiar, did we meet before, what’s your name. Ronit says Roshan…. Prerna takes the water glass from Anurag’s hand. Komolika sends Ronit. Prerna coughs. Anurag gives her water. She says not this one. Anupam comes and gives her the same glass of water. She drinks it. Komolika thinks she has drank that water. Prerna says I need to talk to you, come with me. Anurag sees Komolika. She says okay. He goes with Prerna. Komolika thinks Prerna has to bear side effects and do some drama. She smiles. Ronit goes to Komolika. She asks him to go with his men, Shivani is doubting him, Anupam is after Shiva, show Prerna’s pic to someone else and ask him to kidnap her. Shiva ties up Shiva. Ronit says lock the girl in the room and meet me in corridor. Shiva goes.

starlife Made for Each other 13 July 2020 Anurag says I promised to always support you, I recalled that I was stopping you from getting married. Prerna asks who. Mohini asks Anurag to come with her and meet special guests for her sake. He says did I tell you Prerna that my mom does emotional blacmail. Prerna says I know. Anurag says I was stopping Prerna from the marriage, why did she marry. Mohini thinks Bajaj left her, but you didn’t ask her to not marry Bajaj, you are confused. She says you never asked he to leave him. He says don’t you like Prerna. She asks is this something new, I m not interested in Prerna’s life. She goes. He calls her out. Viraj says women have such anger, my mom also gets angry, their love is hidden in their anger, you are the cupid in my story, I have proposed Prerna.

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