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In Made for Each Other Update Monday 14th October 2019 on Starlife, Madhuri says Anurag has gone with Prerna for a facewash, he got haldi on his face. Mohini says okay. Nivedita thinks Mohini should see them close.

Shivani thinks I had to tell Anurag about the eviction letter, but he went upstairs with Prerna. Anurag says its fine, I can wash it off. Prerna asks him to come. She washes her hands and goes to get towel. Anurag washes his face and removes his Kurta.

Veena looks on and thinks its good Mohini isn’t here, else she would have blamed Prerna. Madhuri thinks there is some connection between them.  It falls in the bucket. Prerna comes to give towel. She says sorry I didn’t see anything. He says sorry, just give me the towel.

Prerna hears the alarm. Anurag gets away. He wears a kurta. He asks Prerna to look at him now, he looks normal in clothes. He asks her about the tradition to wear just one earring. She asks what and looks at herself. She says maybe it has fallen somewhere.

She gets the earring and wears it. He wears his coat. She looks at him in the mirror. Ye kya hua…plays…. He makes her wear the earring. He holds her hand and says when you are in some problem, who do you consult for a solution.

She says I ask the moon for a solution, he guides me. He smiles and says I know, you have told me that. She says I didn’t tell anyone, people will think I m mad. He says you are already mad, we both are mad, so we are friends, you will call me mad knowing when did you tell this to me. She compliments him for being a good person. He says I know that I m good.

She asks have I ever told you that you are boring. He says 99.9% percent of people think the same about me. She asks have I ever told you that I will miss you even I get married and go. He says don’t miss me. She says its not in one’s hands. He says I won’t let you go. She says I don’t think you can do this. He says I m not the old Anurag Basu now, everything is in my hands, I know what I want, if I want something, I will have it.

Mohini says that’s exactly what I meant, any way you called me here. He says no. She says Nivedota told me that you messaged her. He thinks Nivedita would be thinking that we are having an affair. He says yes, sorry, I forgot, I just messaged to ask you, how I look.

She says I m getting married tomorrow. He says I know, but there is still lot of time left. She says don’t do anything that hurts yourself. He says no, I know that it will hurt you a lot, you got hurt when mum slapped me. Mohini walks upstairs. He says I m ready to accept any number of slaps, it won’t hurt me, I m doing all this for a loved one.

She asks how did you get to know that it hurt me. He says you came in my dream and told me that. She laughs. He says yes, what, seriously. She says I don’t believe this. Mohini comes. Anurag sees her at the door and says Maa… Mohini asks what did you wear. He says my Kurta got spoilt. She says yes, but its so middle class. Prerna says its Shekhar’s clothes.

She says you are my son, you will look the most handsome boy always, were you waiting here for this, come, you look lovely. She takes Anurag. He looks at Prerna and smiles. Prerna smiles.

Madhuri thinks that they got missing since some time. She says Anurag has messaged, he is calling you to Prerna’s room. Madhuri thinks it will be fun when Mohini catches Anurag red-handed with Prerna.

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