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Made For Each Other 16 November 2020: Made For Each Other update Monday 16th November 2020, Komolika shouting Anurag, he has done this intentionally. Prerna asks Shivani what’s the matter. Shivani says nothing. Prerna says you always supported me, what happened today. Kuki takes her. Moloy asks what’s happening. Komolika asks him to read it, KBP industries is converting their partial land commercial, Anurag has ruined my plan, shut your mouth Nivedita. Mohini says he can never cheat the family, we will make the mall on the land. Komolika says I know, we can have buyers for the mall, but Prerna couldn’t convert the commercial land without Anurag’s help. Moloy jokes.

Komolika asks Mohini to explain her, she isn’t arguing with Moloy, since he has heart issue. He goes. Mohini and Nivedita ask him not to irritate Komolika. Moloy says why not, she humiliates you both in front of me, I m taking revenge and balancing everything. He goes. Nivedita asks Mohini is this true, did Anurag help Prerna. Mohini says no, Bajaj has done this, he has power, money and connections, he can do anything, Veena is lucky, finally her dream got true, she got a super rich son-in-law, my fate was bad to get a poor groom son-in-law.

Made For Each Other 16 November 2020: Nivedita says he isn’t your son-in-law. Mohini says don’t say that. Nivedita asks till when will they taunt me for the mistake. Bajaj comes. Manager says we can’t step back once we declare this, its total loss if we keep such a low rate for the flats. Bajaj asks who is your boss, do as she tells. Prerna asks don’t you want to know the reason. Bajaj says I completely trust her judgement. Prerna says Basu city future will be ruined once this launch happens. He says I m with you. He goes. Komolika calls Prerna. Prerna asks her to come in the Bajaj city inauguration party. She says I have lowered the selling rates, its a 3 day offer, you also buy. Komolika says you will regret, you know that I can hurt you. Prerna says I know, we shall talk when we meet in the party tomorrow.

Anurag drives and smiles. Kaushik says wow, you have real smile on your face, please tell me. Anurag says I won’t say it today. Kaushik says you did something to annoy Komolika. Anurag says no, she did something eight years back. Kaushik says your marriage doesn’t love arranged or love, none would force you for marriage. Anurag says right, sometimes we have to go against our wishes, we reached the college, go. Kaushik asks what did you say, someone was pressurizing you. Anurag says life becomes a teacher, life gives us experience, we keep learning, as of now, get lost, learn in your classes. Kaushik says I love you, bue…. Anurag leaves. He thinks I married Komolika by my wish, but I was helpless, I couldn’t see Prerna in jail, marriage can happen forcibly, but love can’t.

Kuki says dad came home at night. Anushka asks why are you upset. Kuki says I m happy, dad doesn’t love me, everyone says my life is perfect, but it isn’t, Prerna understands me. She cries. Kaushik comes and says why is she crying. He joins her. Kuki says I m fine, leave us alone. He says you are making me feel bad. She says so sorry, I don’t like talking to you, I will maintain a distance, so bye bye. He says by the way, you like me or dislike, I…. He smiles. Kuki asks what. He says leave it. She says complete it. He says next time. He goes. She asks is he mad, weirdo. Anushka says I guess he likes you. Kuki says I don’t think so. Anushka says every girl likes her. Kuki says I m not like every girl, I m Kuki. Kaushik says I need someone extraordinary, not this Kuki, I will show that I like her and then give lift to Anushka, Kuki will get jealous. Kaushik goes.

Made For Each Other 16 November 2020 starlife: Anurag comes to office and sees Komolika in his cabin. He asks how did you come. She shows the newspaper. He reads it. He says what nonsense is this, how can this happen. She asks him to come home soon and not get drunk, they have go to a party at Prerna’s place, she invited the entire family, we shouldn’t miss the party, so come soon, love you. She thinks Komolika doesn’t lose so easily, tonight is the special night, I m coming to make your success dream a nightmare. He thinks she knows Prerna can’t achieve this without my help. Kuki checks arrangements. She calls Anushka and asks her to come soon. She collides with Kaushik and falls over him. She asks what are you doing here. He says I m invited here. She says its my house party. He says you welcome the guest like this, we both know whose mistake was it, any way its okay. He goes smiling.

Prerna sees the saree and recalls Anurag. She says what all did I think, I just want to see tears in your eyes. She thinks I want to snatch everything from you so that you know the pain of losing, how will you react today, I want to see how you look after failing, I will see what you lost and because of him. She says Anurag, you will get many such shocks, I don’t think you can handle yourself, you will really fall down, on your face, in front of the world, you have hurt me a lot, its your turn now, I should enjoy this moment of ruining you.

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