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This is Made for each other monday 2 march 2020 update; Made for each other 2 march 2020 Maasi saying Veena doesn’t like Rishabh, she wasn’t happy that Prerna married him, she said she will never accept him as her son-in-law. Sanjay asks don’t you think Veena has made the hanging fall on him and hide the attempt to murder, she hated her son-in-law, she could have gone to any extent to harm him, yes or no. Maasi says yes. Prerna says no, this is wrong, Maasi don’t want to say this, Mr. Ghosh is pressurizing her. Ajit says no questions. Prerna thinks why isn’t he asking anything. Maasi goes thinking of calling Mr. Ajit Deshmukh. FB shows Maasi paying Ajit. Ajit says I know I m getting money to lose. She says good, remember this money is to give wounds of defeat. He says Prerna told me that you gave her numbers, she chose me. Maasi says I gave her three numbers, your landline and mobile numbers, she is worried and can’t do anything. FB ends. Maasi sees Prerna and says sorry.

Anupam calls Anurag. He says I m sitting on last bench, they don’t know about me, Veena’s lawyer is fighting like he wants to lose the case. Anurag says Malkhani is outside the court, ask him to take over, its all planned, sorry I didn’t inform you, I told Nivedita. Anupam says its not possible. Anurag says its all planned, he knows what to do. Prerna calls Anurag. Anurag calls Malkhani and says I m stuck in traffic, its time, you go in and takeover the case, I trust you, yes. Prerna says his number is busy. Sanjay calls the last witness.

Veena recalls the worker. The worker says my name is Rahul, I was doing decoration work, Veena went alone to set the hanging, she dropped the hanging on Mr. Bajaj. Sanjay says you mean intentionally, fine, you may leave. Sanjay says whatever happened that night, everyone has seen it, Veena has dropped the hanging on Mr. Bajaj. made for each other starlife He asks Veena to answer him, does she like Mr. Bajaj or not. Veena recalls Mohini and Nivedita’s words. She says if I hate anyone in this world, its Mr. Bajaj. Sanjay says that’s all, its proved that she hates Mr. Bajaj. Judge says after hearing the witnesses and Veena’s statement that she hates Mr. Bajaj, it proves that she tried to kill him, the court announces the punishment…. Mr. Bajaj comes there and stops him.

Everyone gets shocked. Mr. Bajaj says my name is Rishabh Bajaj, I m sorry to interrupt the court, but I want to hear me out once before coming to any conclusion. Anupam and Malkhani get seated. Mr. Bajaj recalls hearing Mehra on call and getting conscious. Mehra asks how are you feeling now, Veena is charged with attempt to murder for attacking you. Mr. Bajaj gets up. Mehra asks what are you doing. Doctor says I can’t permit you to go. Mr. Bajaj says I will buy your hospital and fire you first. Mehra says this maybe possible. Doctor says I will arrange a wheelchair for you. FB ends. Sanjay asks Mr. Bajaj to tell the court how Veena tried to kill him, he was in critical state. Mr. Bajaj says I m bad with those who do wrong, one who witness the wrong and stay silent are more wrong, I hate such silent people. Prerna recalls Maasi’s words.

Mr. Bajaj says Veena is silent, it doesn’t mean she is guilty. Everyone gets shocked. Mr. Bajaj says she didn’t try to kill me, she doesn’t like me, its her personal choice, I don’t like many people but I don’t want to kill them. He apologizes to Maasi on his family’s behalf. He says I m sure you would also react like this if this happened with your family member. made for each other starlife Sanjay says but she made the hanging fall over you, you could have lost your life. Mr. Bajaj says no, it was my fault, she warned me, but I ignored her, I asked her to use any average quality rope, so she got angry on me and wasn’t talking. Judge says Veena is innocent, court and the court releases her. Everyone smiles. They all hug Veena. Mr. Bajaj stumbles. Maasi holds him. Prerna looks on. Mr. Bajaj falls again in Prerna’s arms. He faints. Anurag comes there and sees them hugging. Shekhar and hospital boy take Mr. Bajaj out. Anurag walks on the road and thinks of Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Dillagi…plays… He sits crying.

Nivedita saying why this traffic jam. She asks who is sitting in the middle of the road. She sees Anurag and asks what happened, get up, come with me. Anurag says Prerna hugged Mr. Bajaj. He cries. She says she is his wife, she will hug him. made for each other starlife He says no…. She takes him. Maasi asks them to be careful. Made for each other monday 2 march 2020 update Shekhar makes Mr. Bajaj sit in the car. Prerna leaves with him. Maasi thinks entire plan failed. Veena is with family. Anupam says where did Anurag go now. He calls Anurag.

Nivedita says your phone is ringing. Anurag cries. Nivedita says answer the call. She sees Anupam’s call and answers. He asks what’s Anurag’s phone doing with you. She says he is with me, I m driving, I will talk to you later. She cries seeing Anurag. Prerna gets medicines. She says there is some blood on the bandage. Mr. Bajaj says its okay, doctor will change it tomorrow, call him. She says you think I don’t know it. He asks did you take nurse’s training. She says no, but I know doing it. She brings the first aid box. She asks shall I ask something, I have to say something. He says yes. She says I have told you a lot, you just wanted to help my mum, I just feel so guilty, you tried to send money to Veena through Mr. Vyas.

He says I gave birthday party contract to them to help. She asks why didn’t you tell anything. He says I tried, you were just blaming me, I don’t explain myself. She says I m really sorry. She changes the bandage. Anurag sits in darkness. He recalls Prerna. Dil tutta ve….plays…. He sees Prerna doing aid to Mr. Bajaj. Prerna gives medicines to Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi asks Maasi to relax. Maasi says we lost a big chance because of your carelessness, Prerna and Rishabh had no feelings for each other, now Veena has no reason to hate him, I m much upset on you. Tanvi says I just went to washroom. Maasi says he will think I blamed Veena, he won’t respect me. Tanvi asks does he love Prerna.

Maasi says no, he can’t love anyone easily, but maybe he falls in love with her. Tanvi says no, I won’t let this happen. Maasi says I have to clean my image first so that he trusts us. made for each other starlife Tanvi says he won’t forgive this. Mohini comes and says very sad, big plans, you lost, Bajaj did what he wanted to. Made for each other monday 2 march 2020 update Maasi says I m going to sleep. Mohini says you played the game and Prerna won, what did you get, defeat, do you want help, you know in which room I stay. She goes. Prerna says you can sleep on the bed, I will sleep on sofa. Mr. Bajaj says no, I m okay to sleep on the sofa. He goes and gets hurt. Prerna says I will help. He says no, I m fine, thanks, don’t feel guilty, I would have not felt good if your mom went to jail, I know she didn’t do anything. He goes to sleep. Prerna thinks even Maasi doesn’t understand Mr. Bajaj.

Its morning, Mr. Bajaj takes his breakfast. Anurag comes from jog. Mr. Bajaj says its good you didn’t deal with London investors, I had told you, I have all the info, you came early, I don’t know why, you would have some reason for it. Anurag says this bandage…. it suits you a lot, I m glad to see you in this broken state, don’t be in any misunderstanding, that I cancelled the deal on your saying, I had some urgency here, I will go and close that deal. Mr. Bajaj says I had that info that I gave you, you can’t ruin me, you may ruin yourself. Anurag says nice, medicines are affecting your mind than body. Mr. Bajaj goes. Prerna says you have seen he isn’t well, you can’t talk to him like that. Anurag asks why, you feel bad, I m not just upset with you, you can’t see my love. Prerna says enough. He says I was in London, I left everything and came there, I arranged Malkhani, I was waiting for your call and then Mr. Bajaj came there.

Made for each other update Sunday 1 March 2020 on starlife

She says keep Veena away from this. He says I know, Veena likes me even today, she wants to see us together, your Bajaj came in between. made for each other starlife She says we are husband and wife. He says of course, you will say the same story again, you should respect him, just don’t love him. She says enough, if you cross limits then I will leave this house. Made for each other monday 2 march 2020 update He asks what would happen by that, Mr. Bajaj will be here. She says he will also leave. Nivedita asks seriously, how can anyone change color so soon, you are after Mr. Bajaj’s money, you have any idea what you did with Anurag. Anurag goes. Nivedita says I don’t want to see your unlucky face. She goes. Tanvi comes to Maasi.

Maasi says I explained Rishabh and did drama to cry, he finally understood me. Tanvi puts eye drops in her eyes. She says Rishabh and Anurag had an argument, there is a love triangle between Rishabh, Prerna and Anurag, Prerna loved Anurag, why did she marry Rishabh, she wants Anurag to move on, but Anurag refused, imagine if they unite, our work will be done, Rishabh will be free for me. Maasi says its tough to separate Rishabh and Prerna. Tanvi says everything will be easy if Prerna and Anurag unite. Anurag sees Prerna and says I had come to court yesterday and wanted to help you. made for each other starlife Prerna says I know it, I called you but your phone was busy then Mr. Bajaj came to help me. He says of course, Mr. Bajaj has a good fate, my fate is bad, i have seen how you hugged him in front of everyone.


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