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Surprisenly, Prerna in Made for Each other update Monday 21st October 2019 on starlife, summons Anurag who’s driving to stop the car and get out without giving reasons for the act.

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She says sometimes its fun to do wrong things. She asks him to try. He says never. She eats one and feeds him the other one. He says its sweet betel. She nods. He asks tobacco. She says its not there. She laughs. Hawayein…plays… she fools him. Anurag asks what happened. She laughs. Anurag sees his face in mirror. She says no, sorry and runs. He applies betel color to her also. It starts raining. He says come on, get in fast.

Anurag also comes down the car and stands in rain. He plays with rain water. She smiles. He asks what happened. She says nothing. She says I want to go home, its nearby, I will go. He says I will drop you. She goes. Navin praises Mohini. He says I can do anything for you. He cries. She asks what happened. He says the world is jealous of our love and talk rubbish, I feel scared that they can fill your ears against me. He thinks to brainwash Mohini so that Anurag looks a liar.

Nivedita asking Anurag about Prerna. He asks are you upset. She says Prerna is marrying Navin. He says this shouldn’t happen. She asks do you have feelings for Prerna, what’s going on, I knew it, your friendship has gone beyond that, else you would have not gone to drop her, she trapped Navin and now you, she is a gold digger.

He says please, she isn’t like that, I know her more than you know her, you are misunderstanding. She says look at me and tell me there’s nothing. He says there is nothing. She says you can share anything with me. He goes to his room. She says he never did this before, it seems he is running away from this question, I think he hasn’t realized that he has little feelings for Prerna.

She goes. He says you are wrong, if this was true, I would have known. She thinks of Anurag and says he is cute, how can I find him cute, he doesn’t know how to talk, why is my heart drawn to Anurag. She lies to sleep and smiles. Anurag imagines Navin and his Jaan talking and romancing. Navin says once I marry Prerna, there is nothing to worry about.

He shouts to call Mohini, Navin makes the lady run away. Mohini holds Anurag and asks is everything fine. Anurag says Navin. She says he has gone out, what’s the matter, your clothes are drenched, are you okay. Anurag sneezes. She says I will get kada, go and change. He says no, I don’t like it. She says you can’t make puppy face, go.

She says drink kada and sleep, you will also smile in morning. Its morning, Anurag wakes up. Prerna calls him and asks about weather. She jokes on him. They have a talk. She asks how are you, you are from another class, you can catch cold easily, I m feeling guilty. He says no need to feel guilty, last night was one of the most beautiful nights of my life, it was special. She says this line looks incomplete, people say the night was close to heart. He asks her not to put pressure on her small brain. She asks are you complimenting or insulting.

She says I wanted Anurag’s relation to get fixed and your relation got fixed. He says the girl for Anurag wasn’t at pandal, the most beautiful girl in the world Komolika is Chobey’s daughter, she is amazing. She says fine then, invite them, I will see Komolika, if I like her, I will take Anurag’s relation ahead. Prerna sings. Anurag asks do you sing as well. He sings with her.

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