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Made For Each Other 14 November 2020: Made For Each Other update Saturday 14th November 2020, Komolika thinking I can’t tell him that Prerna still have feelings for him, else he may tend towards her. She asks what did Sudeep say, will they get the project back or not. Anurag says stop questioning, it would have been good if I died there. She asks don’t you feel bad. He says yes, I felt bad. She says you are the best husband in the world, I have to make you realize that you are guilty. He wears ear buds. He says we will talk later, good night. She says listen to me. She goes. He says thank God she went. Moloy and Mohini argue. Komolika gets angry at him. He acts scared. She thinks maybe Anurag got sense, he went to meet Sudeep to make me happy. Mohini asks Moloy not to tease. He says you are married to me, not Komolika, you both have a soul connection. He goes. Nivedita says we have to be scared of Komolika, as she has all the business, I feel I should get married to a rich guy and leave.

Mohini says I never wanted you to get married to the poor guy Anupam, where did Anurag go. Nivedita says I don’t know. Anurag meets Sudeep and thanks him. Sudeep says I m seeing a person for the first time who wants to get ruined. Anurag says I will tell you everything some day, give that file to Prerna. Sudeep says fine, you still have time, think. Anurag goes. Prerna is on the way. She sees some balloons and recalls the little girl. She thinks I wish I could meet that girl alone, strange, I felt strange peace on meeting her. Sneha is at the shop. Maasi goes for work. Sneha checks the money box locked. She wants to eat some snacks. Prerna passes by and stops. She sees her sad. Sneha asks how did you come, how did you know I m missing you. Prerna asks why are you sad. Sneha says I feel hungry, I have money, but the money box is locked. Prerna gives her money. She asks her to accept it, she would have taken it if she was her daughter. Sneha says fine, don’t get sad like me, stay here. Prerna says I have a meeting.

Komolika says your plan was great this time, Anurag met with the accident. Ronit says talk to him, else the brilliant idea won’t work. She says I think he is feeling guilty, and went to meet Sudeep to give me a surprise. He says sorry, I didn’t see him doing anything to please you. She smiles. He asks how do you know that he will surprise you after the meeting. She says I keep my eyes, ears and mind open too, none can defeat me. He says no, I know you, I can’t read your thoughts, I know you can do anything for revenge. She says the matter should be just between us, don’t repeat it in front of anyone. She goes. Sneha runs on the road. Anurag sees a speeding car and goes to save her. He asks is she fine. She says yes. He asks did you get hurt, this blood. She sees his forehead wound and says its your blood. He holds her emotionally. He asks are you fine, thank God, be careful. She says you are so sweet, I will remember it. She goes. He sees Prerna at the coffee shop and goes to her. He greets her.

She says so you are alive. He orders coffee for them. They argue. She says I have converted the land into partially commercial, are you shocked. He recalls. She says I wanted you to read this in the newspapers, I had to see this pain on your face, now you know why I saved you, eight years ago, you have given me wounds, you had hurt me, its my turn now, you will get the wounds, you will be in pain. She shows the file. He asks what nonsense. She says I m liking it, to see you like this, you have made me like this, I didn’t wish to hurt anyone. He says sorry to hurt you. She says you are saying sorry to me. He says you will never change, you act strong, but my sorry melted you, you actually felt I m apologizing to you, you didn’t change, let me tell you, I don’t regret, you are still an emotional fool, you think you will show this file and I will beg to you, don’t forget I m the same Anurag who pushed you.

Anurag arguing with Prerna. He says you will always be a weak woman, let me tell you, I didn’t get any development plan from my architect, you won’t get the signs on this paper, your company will get down. Prerna says you are right, you didn’t get the papers, I lost the papers in that incident, I will go to Sudeep and it will be signed. He says your life always revolved around me. She says right, I was a fool, but now, game is mine and even the moves, you will be ruined, you always made fun of my emotions, feelings and trust, there is something called Karma, person has to bear the consequences, bad will happen with you, I promise, you will beg to me, you won’t get pity, everything is fair in love and war, you made me cry, now you will cry.

He says the same old philosophy, am I a kid, grow up, I realized, whatever happens in life, why don’t you leave me, if you hate me, then walk off from here, leave, I m talking to you girl. She says stop calling me that. He says relax girl. She says don’t forget to read the newspaper tomorrow. He asks her to check zodiac sign column, I will leave, I will pay the bill, my treat. He goes. She also leaves.

She thinks I hate him, everything was a lie, how can I be stupid, how can I think that he realized his mistake, why did I feel bad when he got worried, why wasn’t I happy. Sneha comes with berries. She gives her kerchief to Prerna. Prerna recalls Anurag. Toota hua to kya….plays…. Sneha/Samita asks her why is she crying, did you lose anything. Prerna recalls Sneha’s death. Anurag looks on. Sneha says if you lost something, then you will get it. Prerna says no, I thought of something that’s not mine. Samita says I didn’t understand. Prerna says I m happy. Samita says you have confused me, its your remaining money. Prerna says keep it. Samita asks her to take it. She says I don’t know who was my mum, maybe I heard this, person has to bear the consequences of his own actions. Prerna says you said you don’t know your mum.

Samita says Maasi says I learnt this from my womb, she doesn’t say about my mum, she says she will tell me when right time comes, she knows where is my mum. Prerna returns the kerchief. She gets Sudeep’s call. Samita asks her to go. She says I like to meet you. Prerna says me too. She leaves. Anurag looks on. Kaushik says I have thought well, I m not her BF, but she told wrong about me. Samita asks Anurag to share the berries. He says no, you are hungry. He says two people can share it. Anurag recalls Prerna. He says the baby and my heartbeat are matching, what can be good if two people share anything, its good if its everything. He says I m feeling hungry, even baby is hungry, come. FB ends. He asks who told this. She says I heard it somewhere, like in my mum’s womb. He holds her.

She says you also cry while smiling. He says sometimes defeat gives you happiness, I got that happiness today. She says you confused me. She gives the kerchief to wipe his tears. He thanks her and returns the kerchief. He says you are really good. She says I know, I will go and have food. Sudeep says I have signed on Prerna’s file, there is no hope for profit in your mall plan. Anurag thinks. Prerna gets sweets for everyone. Kajal asks Mahesh to talk to her, her mood looks good. Prerna asks about Shivani. Veena says everything is fine, don’t worry. Kuki says thanks, you gave me a lovely family, everybody is so sweet.

Prerna says Shivani was just like you, but now, she doesn’t talk, I feel like something is troubling her. Kuki says I was cute before, now I m cute and intelligent. Prerna says you are still a kid, I met a cute kid today. Kuki asks more cute than me. Prerna says yes, she is a kid. She gets Mr. Bajaj’s call. He says congrats, I heard you got the papers, nothing in the world functions without papers, you achieved what you wanted. Kuki says I want to hear his voice. He says you would be at peace today, I think you deserve a celebration, see you. She thanks him. Kuki says it means, its a big success, I will bring champagne.

Anurag and his friend have a drink at the bar. Shivani comes. Kuki says we are celebrating Prerna’s deal. She goes. Shivani asks what did you achieve. Prerna says Anurag’s defeat. Shivani asks how, you really started defeating him, so you are happy. The guy asks why are you celebrating today. Anurag says I wanted someone to celebrate, thanks for coming, I m happy for Prerna. He drinks. Prerna says I should be happy, but I m not. Shivani says when love ends, then there is much hatred, its also a new relation, we like to see them in pain, but we feel bad for the person. Prerna says he cheated me, I m not sad to hurt him, I m happy, cheers, I promise to ruin him.

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