Here in Made for Each Other Update Saturday 19th October 2019 on starlife, Veena says I don’t want this engagement to happen, but I don’t want her to run away.

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She says Mohini doesn’t like me, it will be a big issue. He shuts her up again. They fell down. He says see we fell down because of your chattering. They have an eyelock. Hawayein….plays….. He gets up and says sorry. He thinks what was this….

Anurag says its okay, don’t panic much. She says its burning, get me water. He says its okay. She opens tap and gets under shower. He pulls her away. He closes the tap and gets drenched. He asks are you serious. He cares for her hand. She looks at him. Hawayein….plays….They have an eyelock. He removes the tape and frees the ring. She smiles. He says you look good when you smile, keep smiling.

She asks are you mad, if Mohini knows I m with you in bathroom, she won’t leave me, she is scary. He says you are talking about my mum, she is world’s sweetest person, I know her, she is the best person, you will feel the same if you know her.

Anurag says we should go now. Prerna says sorry for this. He says I will get you a towel and hair dryer, come. He asks her to take towel. He sees Navin coming. He takes Prerna back to washroom. She asks what are you doing. Navin says someone was there. Anurag says he is coming. She asks who. He says Navin. She says I m not scared. He says no, I don’t want him to see us together, he will say that we have something going on, confirm, he will think I have some feelings for you.



Navin says Anurag, it was very unfortunate, but I understand your ego problems, you are Mohini’s son, how can I be upset with you, forget everything, I will forgive you. Anurag says you can forget everything but I can’t, why are you doing this drama, this doesn’t suit you, we both know the truth, any ways, enjoy the function, stop dreaming about Prerna, I won’t let your marriage happen with her, I will tell mom, we had spoke about it. Prerna gets Shivani’s call. Shivani asks did you do something of that ring.

They come close and have an eyelock. Music plays… He says you can’t go out, I know you are not marrying by your wish, I have heard this, I have seen your body language and discomfort, I don’t want you to think that I didn’t say this. She asks what. He says I won’t let your and Navin’s marriage happen, break the marriage. She gets shocked.

He says we are talking for the first time, sorry you are talking and I m listening, maybe you talk to everyone so much. She says yes, we can have high five when we become friends. He says yes, I have to attend guests now. Mohini asks Anurag to get some box from room, pandit needs items. Prerna says ring isn’t coming out. Anurag says I know I promised I will always help you, but this is an easy thing. He tries to get the ring out. She says its stuck because of you.

He says I m trying to help you, fine get it off yourself, I have much work. She says sorry, help me, Shivani said someone else shouldn’t make a person wear ring else.. He says else engagement happens with that person, so we got engaged. She asks do you believe in this. He says no, she talks a lot, she is just nonstop, I didn’t meet someone like her. She says she just keeps talking.
He says she will tell everyone, she told me also, thank God you didn’t take my name. She says no. He says we will think how to get this ring out.

Mahesh waves to Tapur. Anupam looks at them. Tapur goes to hug some friend. Anupam laughs on Mahesh and hugs him. He says Tapur is Mohini’s daughter, none will like your love for her, no chance, there are many girls, have a drink and chill. Mahesh says no, I m fine. Anjali waits for Anurag. Sid says I m here. She says you know I love someone else, not you, I love Anurag. Nivedita comes to her and says Anurag has a fan following, many girls dream of getting her, your dream won’t get fulfilled. Sid says Nivedita is Anurag’s elder sister.

Anjali says I m on right track, I have to meet Anurag. Anurag asks Prerna to melt the tape. She says no, my finger will also melt, we will try something else. He says fine, try lotion. Lotion falls on the floor. Pandit asks for puja items. Mohini says I told Anurag, give me five mins, I will check and come. Prerna says its not coming out. Anurag helps her. Prerna screams. He says sorry, its hurting you, relax, the ring will come out. Mohini comes to his room and calls out. He answers and says I m in washroom. Mohini asks what are you doing there. Prerna stops him from saying about her. Mohini asks are you okay. Anurag says yes, I m okay. Mohini says I know something is wrong.

She asks is there anything such. He says no. She asks why are you scared. He says no, he will think wrong about us, Navin will make it a big issue. She says he is my would be husband. He says oh ofcourse, I shouldn’t say anything against him, I didn’t know you trust him so much. She says stop nonsense, I m going. He stops her.

They look other sides. He says listen, I have a solution, we can get the ring out, just say in a line. She says fine. He asks her to come.

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