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In Made for Each Other update Saturday 26th october 2019 on starlife, Anurag says I tried to explain Prerna to back out from marriage, she didn’t listen to me, so I have kidnapped her.

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Madhuri says Navin you didn’t ask me anything what I want, you just ordered me, I was helpless to take risk, you didn’t care for me, we have done so bad with this guy and he is asking us… Anurag says this matter is related to you, but I had no other option, sorry, my intentions were always right. Madhuri says nothing, you can tell them.

FB shows Anuragl going to see Madhuri. She cries. He holds her. She gets shocked. He says you are crying, what happened, is everything fine. She says yes, I m fine. He says I understand, your husband is marrying someone else. She says Navin isn’t my husband. He says I know, you got married to him, if this marriage happens today, your life will be ruined as well, if you be silent, the truth

Navin says I won’t sell Prerna now, I m so lucky that she is becoming mine. Madhuri hugs him. He says stay away, it will be a disaster if anyone sees us, I can’t afford to lose Prerna. She asks what are you talking. He says I m in love with Prerna, don’t cry, Prerna is everywhere in my heart and mind, I promise I will come to you when I get bored of her. FB ends. Anurag asks can I discuss this with everyone.

Navin asking where is Prerna. Shivani says she is at home, Anurag tried to kidnap her, but didn’t take her away. Anurag says I tried to convince her, but she didn’t back out, she said she was helpless, I had no other option than this, sorry, my ways was wrong, but my intentions was right, Madhuri helped me today, this happened suddenly.

Anurag says it was imp to save Prerna’s life and exposing your true face. Navin says they are lying. Moloy says if they are lying, you are only one to say truth, Anurag has seen you making Madhuri wear mangalsutra, Madhuri is saying she is your wife, she isn’t lying. Navin thinks I just want Prerna, I don’t care for them, its good Prerna isn’t here, everything will be fine, Prerna will come with me, if Anurag can kidnap her, I can’t spare her, how shall I go to her.

Prerna looks for her phone. Veena says thank God, our daughter got saved, she didn’t marry this man, thanks Anurag. Rajesh says we didn’t wish this to happen, Navin doesn’t deserve any girl. He scolds Navin. He asks Anurag to call Prerna, she should see Navin’s poison. He gets shouting in anger. Everyone holds him and calms him down. Prerna calls Shivani and asks her to answer.

Anuragsays go and get her, she should know this too. Shivani goes. Anurag says relax uncle, Prerna got saved. Prerna asks Shivani to come and unlock the door. Shivani goes to window. Prerna asks her to open the door, she has to get married, Anurag has locked her. She scolds Shivani for telling truth to Anurag. Prerna says its my marriage, open the door, people would be finding me. Shivani says Navin has got married, nobody is finding you.

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